Redesigned iPad May be Coming in Spring

| Rumor

Reports from insider sources claim Apple is prepping to launch a fifth generation version of the iPad in March only months after the fourth generation model hit store shelves. The new model is expected to be thinner and lighter than the third and fourth generation models it will replace to closer match the iPad mini's design.

New iPads this spring? Maybe.The Japanese news site Macotakara said its sources claimed Apple is targeting March for the new iPad rollout, which would be in line with every iPad launch up until the fourth generation version's October 2012 release. The fourth generation iPad launched at the same time as the iPad mini and offered a faster processor along with a Lightning connector instead of the now defunct Dock connector.

Apple also released the iPhone 5 this fall, raising speculation that the company has moved its annual iOS device launch cycle to the fall. Shifting the iPad back to spring would help spread the company's income back out across the year instead of pushing even more of its revenue growth into the end of the calendar year.

The unnamed sources allegedly spilling the beans on Apple's iPad plans didn't offer up any other details, like exactly what new features the fifth generation model will include, nor did they offer up any information to back up their claims. For now, we're calling this report nothing more than an unconfirmed rumor.


Lee Dronick

“Apple isn’t bound to follow any product release schedule and by rolling out new gear when it wants instead of when it feels it has to will make it hard for competitors to leapfrog over the latest iPhone and iPad models.”

As any hack tech reporter will tell you “You should hold off on purchasing that Apple product because So and So is working on an iPad killer.”


I am convinced that the endgame is to align the iPad generation with the iPhone. So come March we will have iPhone 5 and iPad 5. Next release will be iPhone 6 with iPad 6 and so on.
I fear they may well want to keep the iOS major builds aligned too, if I’m right iOS 6 will be with us for a while yet…

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