Renders Compare Rumored 5th Gen iPad to Current iDevices

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An increasing number of rumors and leaks suggest that the next full-sized iPad will adopt the same relative proportions as its smaller iPad mini sibling, including a significant reduction in thickness and weight, along with thin side bezels. MacRumors and CiccareseDesign have teamed up to produce some interesting and high quality renders of what a fifth-generation iPad could look like.

5th Gen iPad RenderingImage by CiccareseDesign for MacRumors.

Due to the adoption of thinner side bezels, the fifth-gen iPad could be up to 4 mm shorter and 17 mm narrower than the existing form factor without a reduction in viewable scree size. New display technology will also allow the device to be up to 2 mm thinner, making it approximately the same thickness as the already svelte iPad mini.

MacRumors has a full selection of renderings comparing the potential iPad to current models and other devices. Check out their report to see them all.

With the release of the 128 GB fourth-generation iPad on Tuesday, February 5, Apple is now not expected to update the iPad line until the fall of 2013.



This is so likely to be the direction iPad 5 will take that the mini holds no interest for me. The fall is the timing for me as we’ll.


Although I think the mini is interesting, I really really love the size of the current iPad. It could be lighter, It could be a bit thinner, it could be a bit smaller, but the screen size is optimal for our family. It makes it easy to replace the family netbook.

The mini is interesting primarily ‘cause I can see a use for it as a universal remote. The iPhones are just too small for that function IMHO, while the full iPad is just a bit ungainly.

Each size has it’s own merits and uses.

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