Rumored iPad Mini to Have Production Split Between Foxconn/Pegatron

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A report out of Taiwan has production of the rumored iPad mini being split between two manufacturers. Until now, Foxconn has been the sole producer of Apple's existing iPad line, but Pegatron will reportedly be picking up 50-60 percent of the production of the iPad mini.

Foxconn & Pegatron!

Foxconn & Pegatron...Together!

The Economic Times of Taiwan reported that Pegatron was able to break into the supply chain for the iPad and garner as much as 60 percent of the production. It also expects production to begin this month and that 5 million units will be assembled.

Pegatron is also reportedly to begin manufacturing iPhone 5 units in the fourth quarter as shipments of that device are expected to reach 53 million units.

Of course, the iPad mini has not yet been officially announced—unsurprisingly, there was no official comment from Pegatron, Foxconn, or Apple on this report. The story seems to have originated from two local security firms as part of a legal report.


Lee Dronick

Do we know where is Pegatron’s factory?

Julie Kuehl

Pegatron has several manufacturing facilities around the world, including Mexico, the Czech Republic, and two in China. (See their website:

However, there is one report that they are being built at “secret” factories in China (

With no official word, we can’t know for certain at this point.

Lee Dronick

Thanks Julie. The military guy in me deems it prudent to manufacture somewhere outside of China, and not just grow our economy.


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