Sculptor Videos Creation of “Plato’s iPad” Sculpture

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Adam Reeder, a Bay Area-based artist, created a sculpture of Plato with an iPad, and he captured the entire creation process on digital video. Both the sculpture and video are part of a series the artist is producing called “Socio-Technic Evolution” that explores, “how technology changes the way western culture interacts with it’s world.”

The video was sped up so that whole thing can be watched in 4:30, which makes for some very cool watching; and, since there’s an iPad being used as a stand-in for technology as a whole juxtaposed against an ancient thinker such as Plato, we get to show it to you.

Adam Reeder’s “Plato’s iPad” Video

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Lee Dronick

Very skillful


“created a sculpture of Plato with an iPad”...
I watched half the video asking, “so exactly how did he use an iPad to make this sculpture?”

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