Super Monkey Ball Returns to iPhone With a Sequel

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SEGA has announced the release of Super Monkey Ball 2, the sequel to a game that was one of the first to appear on the iPhone when the App Store debuted in the summer of 2008. As in the original, Super Monkey Ball 2 challenges players to guide their character through a variety of airborne tracks without falling off the edge.

Players control one of four characters - Aiai, MeeMee, Baby, or GonGon - by tilting their handheld as they make their way through 115 stages full of obstacles to overcome and bananas to collect. They can also try out a mini-game, Monkey Bowling, and engage in multiplayer sessions with up to three others over local Wi-Fi. SEGA said it plans to make more mini-games, including Monkey Golf and Monkey Target, available early next year.

Super Monkey Ball 2 sells for US$9.99 and requires iPhone OS 2.2.1.

Other new games now available at the App Store include: Joovia Extreme Sports, a tennis game with a dangerous twist; Balloon in a Box, in which players guide a balloon through mazes without letting it get popped; and Extreme Sledding, staring a young Yeti who wants to show off his skills at alpine racing.

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