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RE: The Golden Age of Mac Upgrades is (Once Again) Upon Us

I'd like to add to what my esteemed colleague has stated and suggest that, while an SSD is certainly a worthy upgrade, considering what many refer to as a hybrid drive is another option. Right now I'm aware of two major players in this space, the first being Seagate, with their Momentus XT drive (of which I have the 750 MB first generation in my current MacBook Pro with a 1.5 Gbps SATA bus) and the second being Toshiba. While they are rotational drives, they incorporate an SSD-like cache which gives one performance better than a rotational drive, but not…

RE: Brendan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla Amidst LGBT Equality Controversy

To me the real question should be does Mr. Eich let his personal beliefs impact his ability to be an effective CEO? Based on what I've read, the answer is no, in that there were no policies at Mozilla that discriminated against people due to their sexual orientation. For example, their health coverage is offered to both married and same sex couples. He goes into more detail here, I'll let you read for yourself:

RE: Cloud Storage Price Comparison

A relative newcomer to the space that I recently became aware of via one of our Mac Geek Gab listeners is Bitcasa. I've basically used them to replace SugarSync since they terminated their free plan. Bitcasa offers synching, up to 20 GB of free space, but what I think makes them stand out is that if you really need a ton of space, they offer an Infinite plan for $99/month or $999/year.

RE: What Apple's Goto Fail Security Bug Means to You

Thanks, adamC, in that I've seen a lot of reports concerning this issue, and there's lots of hysteria, and just plain misinformation out there. This bug does NOT mean that your traffic is unencrypted, but if someone takes the right steps, they could inject their own private key into the equation, and with the corresponding public key, could then potentially decrypt your network traffic. This write from Sophos is the best detailed analysis of the exploit I've seen:

RE: What Apple's Goto Fail Security Bug Means to You

For those that just can't wait, here's instructions on how to apply an unofficial patch:

RE: Apple Releases iOS 7.0.6 with Fix for SSL Connection Verification

Here's a good summary of the coding error that caused the bug: And a site where you can go to see if your browser suffers from this bug: Note at this point the bug hasn't been fixed under OS X, so be careful.

RE: Coin is Disruptive, Polarizing...and Awesome

Well this is part of the fun of linking an article to a Twitter stream, in that it has grown to a point where there are many who now question the technology aspects (and specifically the security) of the invention. But I don't think anyone is looking for them to fail, just that they put a little more thought, or provide some transparency, into their security model. No doubt they are monitoring not only this thread, but the Twitters, to get some valuable input.

RE: Coin is Disruptive, Polarizing...and Awesome

I'll have to respectfully disagree with the comment that people were looking for a way that the technology wouldn't work, but rather, that the security aspects of the device, based on their FAQ and other information, don't meet the rather loose standards that US credit/debit cards currently employ to protect against fraud. Whereas current payment cards employ various physical security measures, as well as practices (checking a signature on the card, UV watermark, hologram) to prevent fraud, it looks like the current Coin model doesn't take these into account. Based on many discussions, I certainly hope they put something in…