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CES 2015 - Parrot Pot and Parrot H2O Monitor and Water Your Plants and Report to Your iPhone

5:38 PM, Jan. 5th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

LAS VEGAS - Parrot showed off two new products in its Flower family called Parrot Pot and Parrot H2O. Where the original Parrot Flower monitors your plants and reports conditions to your iPhone or Android device, Pot and H2O both add automated watering. Pot is a self-contained pot for your plant that includes a separate reservoire for water, sensors for monitoring the the soil and exposure to light, and then a mechanism for delivering that water to your plant when it needs it. H2O does the same thing, but it's a standalone device you can use with any pot. H2O gives you three weeks of "autonomous waterimg," while Pot delivers a full month. Plus, it works with PArrot's database of more than 7,000 plants to get it exactly right. Pretty cool, right? Parrot hasn't announced pricing and said only that both devices will ship sometimes in 2015.

CES 2015 - Ozobot Bit Is a 1-Inch Programmable Robot that Can Sense Colored Lines

5:17 PM, Jan. 5th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

LAS VEGAS - Evollve Inc. showed off Ozobot Bit Sunday night at CES Unveiled. This 1-inch robot can sense colored lines, detect patterns such as intersections, read flashing light codes, and play back up to 500 commands. It's also programmable using a color-based code language and a block-based programming editor. The company is aiming it at kids as an interactive tool that can teach them programming skills by allowing them to make their own courses for Ozobot Bit to follow, or by making their own games. The device also interacts with an Android and iOS app. In the included image, several Ozobot Bits are following paths that cross from tablets to hand-drawn paper and back again. Ozobot Bits are shipping now for US$49.99 for one, or a two-pack for $99.99.

The Om/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker: $179.99

10:00 AM, Jan. 3rd, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

The Om/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker: $179.99

The Om/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker. It's a speaker that's a globe and it levitates. It floats in mid-air while it plays music or acts as your speaker phone, or whatever. Magnets are frakking cool. Check out the video in the deal listing to see it in action. It connects to an audio source via Bluetooth, plus it levitates. Drop in Luke Skywalker with a helmet over this eyes, and you can have yourself a proper SciFi shindig. The Om/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker ships in January for $199. Stack Social has it on preorder for $179.99.

Swiss Watchmaker Montblanc Announces eStrap Smartstrap for Mechanical Watches

3:41 PM, Jan. 2nd, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Product News


Montblanc announced Thursday a wearable computing option for mechanical watch owners. Being launched initially for the Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed line of watches for 2015, the eStrap includes an OLED screen and various fitness-related sensors.

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The smartwars in the watch industry are just starting, all thanks to Apple Watch. I personally expect a lot of smartstraps to be introduced throughout 2015, from startups and established watch brands alike.

The Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 with Aerial Camera for $74.99

5:41 PM, Dec. 30th, 2014 · Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

The Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 with Aerial Camera for $74.99

Check out the Micro Drone 2.0, a tiny drone equipped with a camera that you can get for just $74.99 (it's usually $139.99). According to the manufacturer, you can throw it into the air like a frisbee, upside down, or any angle, and its self-righting algorithm and sensors will immediately stabilize it back to its horizontal flying position. Why would you do such a thing? Because you can. Duh. There's a video on the deal site. Check it out.

Sony’s ‘The Interview’ (Finally) Available on iTunes

5:27 AM, Dec. 29th, 2014 · Bryan Chaffin · News

The Interview on iTunes

Apple added The Interview to iTunes on Sunday, three days after Google's YouTube and Google Play, as well as Microsoft's Xbox Video services launched the movie. The low-brow comedy starring Seth Rogan and James Franco had been pulled from distribution after the largest U.S. theater chains backed out of showing in the wake of terrorist attacks by a North Korean hacker group called Guardians of Peace (GOP).

Pre-Order Exclusive for Limited Edition Code Black Drone Plus HD Camera for $89

5:09 PM, Dec. 26th, 2014 · Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

Pre-Order Exclusive for Limited Edition Code Black Drone Plus HD Camera for $89

Our friends at Stack Social got access to a limited number of pre-order units for the Code Black Drone + HD Camera. It ships in February, and this preorder lets you get it for $89—it will increase to $99 once it ships in volume. The Clode Black Drone is a very cool—and very small—quadcopter. This version also includes an HD camera on the nose. I've got one equipped with the SD camera, and it's a lot of fun. Check it out!