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Apple Car Project Head Reportedly Leaving

7:25 PM, Jan. 22nd, 2016 · Bryan Chaffin · News

Apple Car

Steve Zadesky is leaving Apple, according to unnamed sources cited by The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Zadesky is a 16-year Apple veteran who worked on both iPod and iPhone, but he's been heading Apple's "Project Titan" electric car effort since 2014, making his departure a possible setback for the company.

Pay What You Want for the 2016 Mac Bundle

4:37 PM, Jan. 22nd, 2016 · Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

The 2016 Mac Bundle

Check out the 2016 Mac Bundle, a collection of 12 apps for your Mac, and you can pay what you want. Flip PDF for Mac, RapidWeaver 6, Elmedia Player PRO for Mac, Disk Expert, Clean Exit, Unclutter Your Mac, Airy YouTube Downloader, Mac Bluray Player, and several more. Pay anything, as little as a penny, and you get three of the apps. Beat the average price ($12.00 as of this writing), and you get all 12. Make the top ten at any point, and get an entry into a giveaway drawing. 10 percent of the proceeds go to Save the Children, too. We've already sold 1,518 of these bundles.

Get Those Flying Toasters and Spotlight in Your Browser!

8:55 PM, Jan. 21st, 2016 · Bryan Chaffin · Product News

Flying Toasters and After Dark

I don't know what it is about After Dark screensavers, but it's clear we can't get enough. In 2002, we were excited about it coming to OS X. Last year, I noted that After Dark (and Rose 2.0) had been resurrected as freeware apps. Now we can enjoy After Dark in our browsers, so celebrate!

California Bill Would Ban Encrypted Smartphones

6:20 PM, Jan. 21st, 2016 · Bryan Chaffin · Editorial

Promo shot of Assembly Member Cooper, in the middle

It turns out that New York isn't the only state with uninformed state legislators with misguided thoughts on technology. California Assembly Member Jim Cooper (D-9th) introduced Assembly Bill 1681 this week, a bill that would ban the sale of all encrypted smartphones without backdoors available to the manufacturer.

Last Chance for the ‘ExoMount Touch’ Universal Car Mount at $19.99

4:50 PM, Jan. 21st, 2016 · Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

'ExoMount Touch' Universal Car Mount

Our deal for the 'ExoMount Touch' Universal Car Mount is winding down, and this is your last chance to get it for $19.99, a third off retail. According to the manufacturer, it mounts to any flat, smooth, textured, curved, or rounded surface, and the adjustable grip will hold most smartphones. Check out the deal listing for more info.

Apple Launches iOS App Development Center in Italy

3:33 AM, Jan. 21st, 2016 · Bryan Chaffin · News

Apple in Italy

Apple announced Thursday the creation of what the company said was the first iOS App Development Center in Italy. In a press release that emphasized Apple's impact on Italy's economy and the number of jobs the company has directly and indirectly fostered in Europe, Apple said the Center would help give students "practical skills and training on developing iOS apps."

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Thursday's press release was a big banner reminding the EU that Apple contributes greatly to the European economy. 

Peeking Inside the World of Apple ‘iFans’ in China

8:11 PM, Jan. 20th, 2016 · Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Freelance writer Mitchell Blatt has taken a peek inside the world of Apple superfans and "iFans" in China. Based in part on a store opening in Nanjing, Mr. Blatt wrote about the culture of Apple Store openings in that country, and the kinds of people who gather from all over the country to attend them, including some folks who got in line just because they, "have a feeling of togetherness waiting in line." In the image below (republished with permission), a young lady sits next to a stack of MacBooks people set up. As one does. Check out the full article—it's a very good read.

Apple Updates Logic 10.2.1 with New Features and Bug Fixes

4:50 PM, Jan. 20th, 2016 · Bryan Chaffin · Product News


Apple updated Logic Pro X to version 10.2.1 on Wednesday. The update includes a couple of new features, improvements to existing features, and a variety of bug fixes. Apple also noted a collection of 30 unspecified plug-ins that now have support for Retina displays, though the patch notes do not mention why all plugins didn't long ago get such support.