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RE: Maelstrom 3.0, (Still) Free for OS X

Time for an update, then, paikinho. smile Thanks for the heads up!

RE: Steampunk USB Flash Drives with Motorized Gears - Really!

Ha! That's awesome, very cool, and super funny, ctopher. :D In that he's brazing everything, I suspect all the gears are metal. I could be wrong.

RE: TMO Giveaway: Arcsoft Simplicam Home Security Camera [OVER]

As noted above, Silverhoney, this giveaway has concluded. smile

RE: TMO Giveaway: Arcsoft Simplicam Home Security Camera [OVER]

Chantallation is the winner, and she has responded. The winner was chosen via a random number at My dice are still packed away... Anyway, that's a wrap for this giveaway, but we have more in the works. A big thanks to everyone who registered in the comments. I'll be posting the announcement later on Monday, but wanted to make sure everyone who registered knew.

RE: TMO Giveaway: Arcsoft Simplicam Home Security Camera [OVER]

The winner has been notified. I'm waiting to hear back—when I do, I'll post the winner. If we don't hear back within 24 hours, we'll generate another random winner. Thanks everyone! By the by: Arcsoft is doing a significant discount on Black Friday for Simplicam. I'll post the details in the winner's announcement, but if you want one of these and didn't win, it's a great deal.

RE: DOJ Warns Apple that iOS Encryption Could Kill Children

For the sake of clarity, I've always thought the hypothetical scenario they're espousing is having access to a victim's phone and seeing the people with whom the victim has been communicating. This, rather than having access to the perp's device.

RE: Judge Approves Apple iBooks $450 Million Antitrust Settlement

Hey mhikl, I've written a ton on the subject, usually sparked by some event in Apple's antritust case or Amazon's recent negotiations with Hachette. Some of the more direct pieces on the subject: Amazon Bullies Publisher, Proving DOJ Got it Wrong on Apple Amazon Defends Its Hachette Negotiating Tactics, Suggests Hachette Customers Order Elsewhere What Amazon Didn’t Say in Its Blog Post about Hachette A search for "Hachette" on TMO shows most of our recent coverage on the topic, though not all. I wrote about it a lot during the course of Apple's trial. This was my first piece at…