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RE: Tim Cook Urges America to Remove Symbols of Racism

Lee, I almost went into what that flag is—the Battle Flag of the Confederacy, rather than the "Confederate flag"—but decided it would be a pedantic rabbit hole best left to others. That said, Battle Flag or no, it is truly synonymous with the Confederacy as a whole, which is why I let it slide. In hindsight, I should have corrected the misreporting on the issue like I do on so many other little (mostly pedantic) things. Being a pedant, and all. I'm glad you noted it in the comments! Cheers.

RE: Samsung LOLs for Clumsy Copy of Cleveland Indians Apple Ransom Note

I linked to the originating source(s) in the story, daemon.

RE: Apple Music Lands Taylor Switft, But Beatles Are a No-Show

Cuda, Apple Corps did take Apple Inc. to court several times—four if I'm not mistaken—but the last settlement gave Apple Inc. all rights to the name Apple, including the use of Apple in music. As noted in the piece. Apple hasn't blown that settlement. I do think not having The Beatles is a big deal, so to speak, but not having The Beatles hasn't prevented the other streaming services from chugging along. And when Apple does land them, it will be another feather in its corporate cap.

RE: Take Better Pictures with your iPhone (Part I)

We do use affiliate links for the App Store. Funny enough, I forgot to on this one! Fixing that now. And thanks for the support, Lee.

RE: My Apple Watch Try-on Experience: Welcome to the New Apple Store

Thanks for the writeup, Jeff. Good stuff. Of particular note to me was your comment about it feeling similar to a fine watch store, and not just because I got a shoutout. smile That Apple could make you feel the way a commissioned salesperson made you feel is saying something. Plus, you're comparing a crowded Apple Store to an intimate, low volume luxury retailer. That's also something. I also love how your personal assistant rolled with your left-handedness. That can only come from solid training. Good stuff.

RE: 7 Things We Learned when Fortune Named Tim Cook World's Greatest Leader

Thanks, MacDaddy! I corrected the article—both the name of the stadium and the proper sportsball team that plays there. smile

RE: How Apple Neglects Us. Let's Count the Ways

Sorry about that! Should be good to go now. Thanks for the notes. smile

RE: Apple Snags Mercedes-Benz R&D Head for Top Secret Research Lab

I tried to tell you! Our longest-term members said I was full of crap! :D

RE: Apple Remakes 'The Song' Mac Commercial for Chinese Market

Marvelous post as always, wab95. I so very much value your perspective!