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RE: Apple Selling View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

That's an interesting thought, CudaBoy.

RE: Smart Vents Help Control Temperatures Room-by-Room

I almost made a similar crack in the piece, geoduck.

RE: Simple Human Thinks Differently about Lighted Mirrors

JustCause, that's the point of the anecdote!

RE: Revisiting Gartner and IDC 2011 Predictions that Windows Phone Would Pass iOS in 2015

There could be something off about these current numbers, to be sure, but note that they're global numbers, not U.S. numbers. In the U.S., Apple has a far greater share of the market than in most other markets. At the same time, Nokia's stronghold was always outside the U.S. back when it was a thing. I suspect there are more Nokia devices with Windows Phone elsewhere.

RE: El Capitan Contacts: How to Copy and Paste Addresses in a Single Step

Great question...didn't try. Doing so now. Hold on. ... ... No. I tried pasting into the name field with a name and address copy pasted, and tried to paste in the address field. In the first case, only the name field was filled out (with a first and last name in the same field :( ). In the latter case, the address was proper but the name was simply gone.

RE: Banksy Mural Taps Steve Jobs's Syrian Heritage to Bring Attention to Refugees in France

Geoduck, I hadn't noticed that! Related: your delivery and setup was awesome. smile

RE: Jimmy Fallon's Epic Star Wars Medley

That is cool beyond words.

RE: Check Your Email Settings with Apple's Mail Settings Lookup

Sorry about that! Added to the article now. Thanks, Mactoid. smile

RE: How to Earn a Million Gold in Game of War with Troop Training Events

It's not in the kingdom where it was written. My fear is that this very article led to MZ to alter the structure of Inferno Events to stop players from being able to do this. But those changes could be an age-of-the-kingdom issue, too. It's possible it's working in newer kingdoms of a few months old, but I don't know. As noted in the article, MZ tweaks and adjusts events constantly. The principles and math discussed in this article remain a good starting point for players who want to optimize in-game Events. Cheers, and happy gaming!