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RE: Fun Rant about Those Who Claim Apple is the Copier

To Lee's (and gnasher729's) point(s), until the release of the iPhone 6, 4" and smaller devices outsold the large-screen form factors. The vast majority of Android devices that make up all that platform's market share are inexpensive, usually-small, entry-level products. As is so often the case, it will require Apple's entrance to a market segment to make it the most popular segment.

RE: 5th Ave Apple Store iPhone 6 Campout Stretches 3 Blocks

Just show them the iPhone. I don't see how they can argue with that. smile

RE: Apple Offers U2 Removal Tool for People Angry about Free Album

Wait a second… Did Apple add it to my library automatically? Let me check… Nope, the store says I purchased it, my library is free of U2.

RE: Apple CEO Tim Cook on Privacy: Follow the Money

That's a marvelous observation, Andrew. I'd not considered that angle—it's such a good question.

RE: Apple Paying U2 and Universal Lump Sum for Free 'Songs of Innocence'

Key missing word of "not." This is not the first time they've worked together. Thanks for catching that. The article was corrected.

RE: Samsung Taps David Hasselhoff, Knight Rider, and K.I.T.T. for Smart Home Ad

Jamie, I don't think "Smart Homes" are aimed at younger customers. We're talking home owners here, and home owners with disposable income. Just food for thought.

RE: China Hopes to Unseat Apple, Microsoft, Google with Linux-Based OS

That's correct, Lee. I made a couple of minor edits to make that more clear.