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RE: Apple Officially Bans Two Toxic Chemicals from Manufacturing

You crack me up, wab95. smile To be fair, almost everything Apple does makes it hard for the Chinese government in their episodic attempts to accuse Apple of malfeasance and skullduggery. Somehow, though, they manage.

RE: Apple Death Knell #66 - 'The Dream Is Over'

I don't know, Lee. The "fanboy" concept is a real thing. There are fanboys and fangirls for many things. Mac/iPhone/iPad, Windows, Android, games in general, Xbox, PS, Ford, Chevy, animé, comics... There is a particular mindset that goes with being a fanboy. Calling anyone who thinks Apple is doing well a fanboy is silly, but faboys do exist.

RE: Apple and U.S. Tech, Pawns of International Diplomacy

Sorry about that. I removed the pagination—sorry about the very long page.

RE: Apple Adds Spirometry Data Type to HealthKit in iOS 8 Beta 5

wab95, you are, as ever, a font of both wisdom and knowledge. Thanks for the info!

RE: What Amazon Didn't Say in Its Blog Post about Hachette

Thanks, nolatransplant. it's fixed now. smile

RE: Ford Ditching BlackBerry for iPhone for Global Corporate Use

Good point, marcsten. For was rumored to be dropping Sync for QNX, but we haven't had anything official announced. Ford is also supporting Apple's CarPlay in 2015 models. I updated the article with notes to that effect.

RE: Get Free Bitcoins with 41 Website Faucets that Really Pay [Update]

Thanks, Chase. I updated the faucet list accordingly.

RE: 'Stickers' Apple Commercial Highlights User Love for MacBook Air

Something happened on YouTube's end. I embedded the video differently and changed the link. Both should work now.