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RE: 7 Things We Learned when Fortune Named Tim Cook World's Greatest Leader

Thanks, MacDaddy! I corrected the article—both the name of the stadium and the proper sportsball team that plays there. smile

RE: How Apple Neglects Us. Let's Count the Ways

Sorry about that! Should be good to go now. Thanks for the notes. smile

RE: Apple Snags Mercedes-Benz R&D Head for Top Secret Research Lab

I tried to tell you! Our longest-term members said I was full of crap! :D

RE: Apple Remakes 'The Song' Mac Commercial for Chinese Market

Marvelous post as always, wab95. I so very much value your perspective!

RE: Hands On with the Leatherman Tread

Thanks for the note, Matt. We updated the article to make it more clear. We also added the brice, Bob ($150 for Stainless and $200 for Black).

RE: Behold HTC's Rap Attack on Apple and iPhone 6

My personal criticism isn't that HTC produced a rap song, but rather that it produced a very, very bad rap song. Doc G's delivery of the lyrics is solid (IMO), but the lyrics themselves are awful. Accompanying it is a video that, in production terms, is one tiny step ahead of public access cable quality from the 1990s. As Jeff and I noted in today's ACM, it's cringe-inducing in a way that is similar to Apple's 1984 "Blue Busters" song/video. The difference is that "Blue Busters" was produced more than 30 years ago and was never intended for public consumption.…

RE: This Is What Happens when a Panoramic Shot Rolls Downhill

I understood, SkylerK, and appreciate the notes! I've reached out to the photographer and am waiting to hear back. Thanks for taking the time to post. smile

RE: Get Free Bitcoins with 50 Website Faucets that Really Pay [Update]

Oh, and Looper, I very much appreciate your updates. Keep 'em coming, please. smile

RE: Get Free Bitcoins with 50 Website Faucets that Really Pay [Update]

Hey Looper, thanks for the excellent research notes. My personal belief is that every faucet is weighted unless stipulated otherwise and proven. In the case of, I've received the third prize several times, but nothing higher. Like you, I have no proof the highest prizes are awarded. In short, I agree with your conclusions and your math. The new USA Faucet is definitely an unknown quantity, being so new. Lastly, I removed Coindiggerz last night—they've been broken for a couple of weeks.