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RE: Judge Approves Apple iBooks $450 Million Antitrust Settlement

Hey mhikl, I've written a ton on the subject, usually sparked by some event in Apple's antritust case or Amazon's recent negotiations with Hachette. Some of the more direct pieces on the subject: Amazon Bullies Publisher, Proving DOJ Got it Wrong on Apple Amazon Defends Its Hachette Negotiating Tactics, Suggests Hachette Customers Order Elsewhere What Amazon Didn’t Say in Its Blog Post about Hachette A search for "Hachette" on TMO shows most of our recent coverage on the topic, though not all. I wrote about it a lot during the course of Apple's trial. This was my first piece at…

RE: TMO Giveaway: Arcsoft Simplicam Home Security Camera

I love our readers. Smart, funny—you folks are the best. smile

RE: No User Complaints on iOS 8.1.1 and OS X 10.10.1 Updates So Far

Everything smooth on iPad Air (1st gen) and iPhone 6. Haven't updated OS X yet (only because of time).

RE: Shares of $AAPL Hit Record Close at $114, Market Cap $670 Billion

Haha. :D Thanks, Jak, but you're post is way too awesome to delete. I appreciate it (and I fixed the typo).

RE: Apple Adds RAW Support for New Cameras from Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Panasonic

Thank, JBunkers. I think I have gotten one camera wrong in the last three or four RAW updates I've posted... 5th time's the charm? smile The article was corrected—thanks for the note!

RE: Hachette Sort of Won The War Against Amazon

Hi JonGI, I offered up some thought on the importance of publishers to quality reading on page 3 of an article on this same topic this summer. There is a lot of awesome about self publishing, but publishers might do more than you realize to bring us quality books. You're right, though, none of this is simple. That said, I am always leery of the race to the bottom. And it's good that this fight is over.

RE: Obama Calls for Net Neutrality, GOP Attacks Plan as 'Obamacare for Internet'

Hi JonGI, and thanks for the post. I strongly disagree with the premise that government oversight is by definition bad, and that may form the root of our different viewpoints. For instance, there's the air we breathe (think acid rain), clean water (think poisoned and polluted rivers), roads, lead paint, safety standards in cars, mileage standards in cars, seatbelts... The list of successful government regulation is a long one. In several of my examples, it took government regulation to rein in the excesses of capital. That is the essence of a regulated economy. There will always—there should always—be tension between…

RE: Get Free Bitcoins with 54 Website Faucets that Really Pay [Update]

Thanks as always for the info, Looper! I have also gotten a payout from (didn't add them to the list until I got that payout, actually), and my wins have also been within expected value for their stated payouts. Note that they just rejiggered the lowest three tiers a bit to more heavily favor the lowest payout (from 70/25/3.5 to 84/12/2.5), but it's still the best performing faucet, ahead of even I'll update the list description in the next few days to reflect that change.