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RE: LaCie Warns Customers of Year-Long Credit Card Breach

There are, perhaps, many things that may or may not be read into any number of the graphics I put together for our stories. Sometimes they are intended to be illustrative, sometimes they are intended as commentary in their own right.

RE: Brendan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla Amidst LGBT Equality Controversy

For Pete's sake, Brad. The current president of the United States changed his position on the issue of gay marriage, and he did so publicly. This is essentially what Mr. Eich's critics were demanding that he do, for good or ill. My only point is that bringing Barack Obama into this is disingenuous and a distraction. While I'm at it, comparing knowingly giving to a cause to giving to a politician before you knew that he or she did something wrong is absurd. I'm mostly in your camp about the donation issue, but you're trying to turn this into an…

RE: 4 Mac Pranks for April Fools’ Day! (Part 2)

You are a wicked woman, Melissa. It's awesome. smile

RE: The IN1 iPhone Case Holds 9 Tools

Good question! It's TSA compliant, according to the company. I added a note in the story. Thanks, Intruder. smile

RE: Apple Death Knell #64: Apple Must Deliver iWatch in 60 Days or Disappear

Thanks for catching that, MacFrogger. Should have been May 19th (60 days from March 20th).

RE: Apple Adds MP3 Export (Back) to GarageBand 10

Hey Brad, I'm not surprised on the lack of fine tuning on the export—I'm just glad it's back. FWIW, Logic has very fine export controls—if you're comfy with GarageBand, you'd probably find moving to Logic fairly straight forward.

RE: Disney CEO Says 'The Incredibles' Sequel from PIXAR in the Works

That's a good nitpick, Ron. Not sure where I found that extra "The." It's fixed now—thanks. smile

RE: An Awesome Computational Black Cylinder - But NOT a Mac Pro

Get out, iJack! Too cool. Please update us when you find out.