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RE: GTAT Announces 'Amicable Parting' of Ways with Apple

I like jfbiii's reasoning. A lot. Mentioned it on today's Daily Observation podcast.

RE: How I Came to Own and Sell a TAM Probably Owned by Jony Ive

That ship has sailed, gents—there are multiple bids already. And it really wasn't an option. I can hoard with the best of them, especially when it comes to collectibles. smile But thanks for the sentiment! I most assuredly appreciate it.

RE: Apple Releases iOS 8.1 With Apple Pay, iCloud Photo Library, Camera Roll, More

Smooth here for me too. So far. smile Working on a how-to for setting up Apple Pay, FWIW.

RE: Apple Sapphire Partner's Bankruptcy Shows It's Hard to Be an Apple Supplier

Hi Black_Dog. I'm no MBA, but I've been following and studying Apple for a long time. The company has the best run supply chain in the electronics industry, thanks largely to Tim Cook's leadership in operations starting in the late 1990s (though that continues with the full team he built intervening years). I remember when Apple first moved ahead of Dell—which was then the operations king—in inventory-on-hand and inventory turnover. At one point, Apple got to as little as 24 hours of inventory-on-hand, which was just crazy at the time, unheard of. Part of that supply chain efficiency—and I personally…

RE: Walter Isaacson's 'The Innovators' Follows the Tech World's Innovating Geniuses

I think Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography was terrific. I personally didn't read any negative reviews that I found to be credible. These things are subjective, of course, but I think Isaacson is one of today's best biographers. I loved and read his Ben Franklin book, too. FWIW, that is. smile My one complaint about Steve Jobs was that he didn't spend enough time on Mr. Jobs's years at NeXT. I can't wait to see what kind of connections he draws in this book.

RE: Apple Sapphire Partner's Bankruptcy Shows It's Hard to Be an Apple Supplier

WaltFrench, you seem to be reading in criticism of Apple in my piece. There was none. I stand behind this article—this is the sort of analysis I've been writing for 16 years, and I will continue to do so.

RE: Apple Will Reportedly Announce New iPads and iMacs October 16th

Uhhhh...Lee? You've been around far too long to make that n00b mistake. What gives? smile

RE: FBI Cranky at Apple for Securing iOS, Only Has Itself (and NSA) to Blame

Ben, the largest U.S. tech companies have so far taken a quite mild hit over alleged collusion with U.S. intelligence services. There are subtle, yet specific, differences between my statement and yours. I think those differences are striking and salient. Apple has denied such collusion from the beginning, as has Google, and to various degrees most of the other accused. Some of those denials have left a little wiggle room, IMO, but Apple has been categorical in its denials. No one has challenged Apple's claims or offered evidence to the contrary. In addition, the encryption method Apple is touting is…

RE: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: Dr. Mac's Final Showdown

Posting for Bob:

Brettdog: I hadn't taken the iPhone 5s in to have its battery tested by Apple... But that's an excellent idea and I will. JonGI: I know what Apple's site says but all of my screen shots are 2208 x 1242. I'm looking into the discrepancy and will let you know if I find out anything useful. Everyone: It's fine as a phone. Of course. But I rarely hold it up to my face to talk -- I'm usually on speaker or headset. But it doesn't seem to be an issue when I do hold it up to…