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RE: Take Better Pictures with your iPhone (Part I)

We do use affiliate links for the App Store. Funny enough, I forgot to on this one! Fixing that now. And thanks for the support, Lee.

RE: My Apple Watch Try-on Experience: Welcome to the New Apple Store

Thanks for the writeup, Jeff. Good stuff. Of particular note to me was your comment about it feeling similar to a fine watch store, and not just because I got a shoutout. smile That Apple could make you feel the way a commissioned salesperson made you feel is saying something. Plus, you're comparing a crowded Apple Store to an intimate, low volume luxury retailer. That's also something. I also love how your personal assistant rolled with your left-handedness. That can only come from solid training. Good stuff.

RE: 7 Things We Learned when Fortune Named Tim Cook World's Greatest Leader

Thanks, MacDaddy! I corrected the article—both the name of the stadium and the proper sportsball team that plays there. smile

RE: How Apple Neglects Us. Let's Count the Ways

Sorry about that! Should be good to go now. Thanks for the notes. smile

RE: Apple Snags Mercedes-Benz R&D Head for Top Secret Research Lab

I tried to tell you! Our longest-term members said I was full of crap! :D

RE: Apple Remakes 'The Song' Mac Commercial for Chinese Market

Marvelous post as always, wab95. I so very much value your perspective!

RE: Hands On with the Leatherman Tread

Thanks for the note, Matt. We updated the article to make it more clear. We also added the brice, Bob ($150 for Stainless and $200 for Black).

RE: Behold HTC's Rap Attack on Apple and iPhone 6

My personal criticism isn't that HTC produced a rap song, but rather that it produced a very, very bad rap song. Doc G's delivery of the lyrics is solid (IMO), but the lyrics themselves are awful. Accompanying it is a video that, in production terms, is one tiny step ahead of public access cable quality from the 1990s. As Jeff and I noted in today's ACM, it's cringe-inducing in a way that is similar to Apple's 1984 "Blue Busters" song/video. The difference is that "Blue Busters" was produced more than 30 years ago and was never intended for public consumption.…

RE: This Is What Happens when a Panoramic Shot Rolls Downhill

I understood, SkylerK, and appreciate the notes! I've reached out to the photographer and am waiting to hear back. Thanks for taking the time to post. smile