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RE: That Time a Robot Was First in Line for an iPhone 6s

They must have gone down for a bit. The links works for me as of this writing. Thanks for the notes!

RE: Steve Wozniak Still Keeps it Real with Apple ][, Apple ///, and NeXT

thanks for catching that, sieler. When I first wrote it, I didn't include LISA, and didn't catch the change when I edited. It adds up properly now. smile

RE: Comparison Chart for iPhone Trade-In Programs: Apple, Gazelle, Amazon, iCracked, Best Buy, NextWorth

That's a great point, Jimmy. I updated the article to note that difference. Thanks for the note!

RE: Joy of Tech Comic Nails the Difference Between Cable Providers and Customers on Apple TV

Great post, wab95. As always. You are a font of wisdom, sir.

RE: Jeb Bush Courts Apple Fans in Political Ad

Can't imagine Apple would do so (or not do so) for any political candidate, Michael. We talked a little about that on today's Daily Observations. TMO Daily Observations 2015-07-20: AshleyMadison Data Breach, Jeb Bush’s Tech Ad

RE: Apple IIgs System 6.0.2 Update Rolls Out After 22 Years - No Kidding

This is officially the first Apple IIgs software update we've covered in more than 16 years of publishing. #justsaying

RE: Tim Cook Urges America to Remove Symbols of Racism

Lee, I almost went into what that flag is—the Battle Flag of the Confederacy, rather than the "Confederate flag"—but decided it would be a pedantic rabbit hole best left to others. That said, Battle Flag or no, it is truly synonymous with the Confederacy as a whole, which is why I let it slide. In hindsight, I should have corrected the misreporting on the issue like I do on so many other little (mostly pedantic) things. Being a pedant, and all. I'm glad you noted it in the comments! Cheers.

RE: Samsung LOLs for Clumsy Copy of Cleveland Indians Apple Ransom Note

I linked to the originating source(s) in the story, daemon.