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RE: How to Earn a Million Gold in Game of War with Troop Training Events

It's not in the kingdom where it was written. My fear is that this very article led to MZ to alter the structure of Inferno Events to stop players from being able to do this. But those changes could be an age-of-the-kingdom issue, too. It's possible it's working in newer kingdoms of a few months old, but I don't know. As noted in the article, MZ tweaks and adjusts events constantly. The principles and math discussed in this article remain a good starting point for players who want to optimize in-game Events. Cheers, and happy gaming!

RE: Tag CEO: Selling 5 Million Apple Watches Is 'Genius,' but Smartwatches Over $2K Have a Problem

Hard to know with Mr. Biver. He has gone back and forth on Apple Watch since before it was announced. He's an interesting guy, regardless of his doubts. That said, I think his praise for the 5 million unit mark Apple is rumored to have hit was genuine.

RE: That Time a Robot Was First in Line for an iPhone 6s

They must have gone down for a bit. The links works for me as of this writing. Thanks for the notes!

RE: Steve Wozniak Still Keeps it Real with Apple ][, Apple ///, and NeXT

thanks for catching that, sieler. When I first wrote it, I didn't include LISA, and didn't catch the change when I edited. It adds up properly now. smile

RE: Comparison Chart for iPhone Trade-In Programs: Apple, Gazelle, Amazon, iCracked, Best Buy, NextWorth

That's a great point, Jimmy. I updated the article to note that difference. Thanks for the note!

RE: Joy of Tech Comic Nails the Difference Between Cable Providers and Customers on Apple TV

Great post, wab95. As always. You are a font of wisdom, sir.

RE: Jeb Bush Courts Apple Fans in Political Ad

Can't imagine Apple would do so (or not do so) for any political candidate, Michael. We talked a little about that on today's Daily Observations. TMO Daily Observations 2015-07-20: AshleyMadison Data Breach, Jeb Bush’s Tech Ad

RE: Apple IIgs System 6.0.2 Update Rolls Out After 22 Years - No Kidding

This is officially the first Apple IIgs software update we've covered in more than 16 years of publishing. #justsaying