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RE: How to Become a Better Photographer

I tell students in my class, "I can give you Ansel Adams' camera and put you in the exact location he took his shots. I *guarantee* your images won't come out like his." smile

RE: Google Camera Saves The World...From Vertical Video

Always great when others "who know better" try and dictate how their lessers should do things like take pictures. How wonderfully patriarchal of you.

RE: Rock Center's Tim Cook Interview Appears on YouTube

Could someone teach Jeff how to embed Youtube video in a post? Thanks.

RE: Apple Reportedly Moving to Smaller iOS “Micro-Dock”

I wonder if this rumor is coming out of that European ruling about standard chargers for phones.
No - it's coming out of nothing more substantial than the originating rumor site saying, "We?ve heard that Apple is getting ready to..." Thin evidence for the Mac Web to lose their collective minds over this lame rumor but also completely typical of the Mac Web.

RE: If Only Selling High Tech Were Easy

"Jim Dalrymple pointed this..." You might want to check your grammar *and* your attributions. smile

RE: Macworld|iWorld Drum Circle Brings the Tribe Together

I think Bryan?s communicating something in a way that?s not entirely clear to you, Shawn
Agreed. That's why I was asking for clarification of Bryan's statement. I appreciate you stepping in and giving your perspective.

RE: Macworld|iWorld Drum Circle Brings the Tribe Together

Tilt away.
I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. I'm simply asking why you believe a drum circle couldn't have happened at previous Expos. Your sarcasm is misplaced and ridiculous, given the question.

RE: Macworld|iWorld Drum Circle Brings the Tribe Together

Rightio, Shawn.'d rather not answer any questions about your column. Fair enough. Confusing though. It was an honest question but you'd rather be sarcastic than answer them.

RE: Macworld|iWorld Drum Circle Brings the Tribe Together

Maybe I should write a column explaining my thoughts, Shawn. Oh, wait. I did?
Cool. Can't wait to read it. Let me know when you've posted it. Oh...sorry...that was (pointless, unnecessary) sarcasm. You're saying *this* article explains/answers my question.... only think it does but it really doesn't. Where in your article does it explain how a drum circle could not have happened at an Expo Apple attended? Where in the article does it explain how this particular expo is different from the previous ones Apple didn't attend, different in such a way that the drum circle…

RE: Macworld|iWorld Drum Circle Brings the Tribe Together

"This could never have happened at the old Macworld Expo, especially the one Apple was a part of." Why not? The same people put the show on, the same people cover the show, the same people attend...There's no reason why it couldn't have occurred in the past. Or are you intimating Apple wouldn't have allowed such a drum circle to occur?