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Brydge Keyboard for iPad Reborn with New Owners

3:40 PM, Jul. 1st, 2014 · John Martellaro · Reporter's Notebook

Interview with Brydge Keyboards

Once upon a time, there was a Kickstarter project called Brydge to build an awesome clamshell, aluminum keyboard for the iPads.  It was funded well beyond expectations and got off to a good start.  But the company went astray and there were many unhappy customers. John Martellaro interviews Nicholas Smith who tells the story about how Brydge was brought under new management that has tried to make everything right again.

The Eternal Conflict Between Apple and Customers: iPhone Cases

5:00 PM, Jun. 30th, 2014 · John Martellaro · Analysis

iPhone: to case or not to case?

Apple goes to some trouble to make its iPhones (and iPads) beautiful and joyful to hold, just as they are out of the box.
On the other hand, customers love to protect and personalize their iOS devices with cases that have colorful designs. This is an enduring conflict of interest between Apple and customers. Apple probably wouldn't mind if iPhone cases disappeared, but it may be a long time coming.