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The Two Big Tech Hits of 2015 Will be UHDTV and Apple Watch

4:55 PM, Jan. 9th, 2015 · John Martellaro · Particle Debris

The two big hits of 2015

The two biggest tech things in 2015 will be UHD/4K TV and the Apple Watch. The TV industry is working hard to make sure it doesn't have another "3D" debacle, and Apple will use its enormous resources to make sure the Apple Watch is successful as the best and most famous wearable, propelled by Apple Pay. This week's Particle Debris looks at both.

Apple Hires HP Veteran for Corporate Sales, But it Won’t Work

5:20 PM, Jan. 8th, 2015 · John Martellaro · Editorial

Apple's New Hire

Apple has a long and sometimes unpleasant history of hiring sales executives from other companies in the hopes that the new guy will have the magic mojo to make everything right. Now Apple has brought in a new HP veteran to sell to large corporations. Things will probably go as they have in the past: not very well.

iTunes Special: All 23 Bond Films in HD for $99.99

2:20 PM, Jan. 7th, 2015 · John Martellaro · Cool Stuff Found

From Apple: "The James Bond films have given us five decades of explosive action and captivating international intrigue. For the first time digitally, you can now own the entire iconic series — from Dr. No to Skyfall — in Bond 50: The Complete 23 Film Collection. This essential bundle is available for a limited-time price until January 12." The average price here is US$4.35 per movie. Moneypenny would be very pleased. Again ... January 12 is the drop dead date for this offer. Plus, see Kelly Guimont's CSF for more on the upcoming Bond movie (#24) "SPECTRE" due to be released in November this year.

Speed up a New Mac Pro by More Than 5x with a RAM Disk

1:15 PM, Jan. 7th, 2015 · John Martellaro · Cool Stuff Found

Over at TekRevue, Jim Tanous has revisited the use of a RAM disk on two new Macs, a 2013 Mac Pro and a 2014 MacBook Pro. He reports that, "The 2013 Mac Pro features extremely fast PCIe-based flash storage, but it’s no competition for the speed of a 32GB RAM Disk. The internal flash storage hits around 1,200MB/s reads and just shy of 800MB/s writes, but the RAM Disk peaks at 4,800MB/s reads and 5,100MB/s writes. 5.1 Gigabytes per second. Nice."  Of course, the RAM disk eats into the available RAM so it's geared for specialized applications that can really use the boost. But it's also volatile, so reboot or lose power and it goes poof. Even so, check out TekRevue's tantalizing tutorial and amazing benchmark tests.

Apple Watch Has Success Built-in, by Design

3:00 PM, Jan. 5th, 2015 · John Martellaro · Editorial

Apple Watch has success built-in

One can produce wild estimates of the Apple Watch sales. One can do surveys and discover what people think they're willing to pay. But the real prospects for the Apple Watch lie in Apple's unique ability to capture our heart and imagination.