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RE: Apple's September 9 Event Won't be What we Expect

Mr. Lubin. You have some intriguing thoughts. What always interests me is the virtual machine side of things. Apple would gain the ability to run iOS apps on a Mac, but lose the ability to run every major OS, Windows and Linux (which are compiled for Intel) as a guest virtual machine. That's another consideration.

RE: Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac: More Mobile Efficiency, More Ease of Use

Lee: I think most people would agree that for the Mac user who needs to use Windows occasionally, WIndows 7 is the best bet.

RE: Recover a Mangled URL in the Address Bar of Safari, Other Browsers

Mr. O'Brien. Not sure what you meant. If you try to reload a page with a mangled URL, you'll get a 404 error.

RE: A Mad Magazine Experiment with iPad Gone Sour

geoduck: Of course I did! (What, me worry?)

RE: Why the Apple iWatch Won't Go Straight to the Bottom Dresser Drawer

CudaBoy: You address all the issues Apple has had to grapple with ever since we first heard about this rumored product. I'm looking forward to your reaction when it ships!

RE: That Magic Touch: Use a Stylus on Your Apple Magic Trackpad

Mr. Gorjanc. 1. Some might think the resolution is insufficient. 2. Yes.

RE: Five Times When Steve Jobs Dissed IBM

When times change, CEO thinking has to change.