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RE: Apple Pay and Full Service Dining - Here's How It Works

brettdog: Yes on the first part, no on the second part. The restaurant has to explicitly sign up for Apple Pay. There are only a few at this point.

RE: The State of iTunes 12 Says Something Important About Apple's Future

I love the comments here. The depth of feedback, perspective and intelligence is awesome. Thanks to all for your contributions.

RE: You May Not Need An iPad Air 2, But You're Gonna Want One

Bob, I'm holding out for a 12.x inch iPad Pro. Wish me luck!

RE: iTunes 12 is Apple's Worst Software Ever, Should Be Withdrawn

gnasher729. It seems you're poking at no one in particular. Still, we frown on these kinds of personal attacks. I'll be watching.

RE: OS X Yosemite: The Quintessential Review

JustCause: I'm not seeing the behavior you described. TextEdit is acting as expected for me.

RE: Apple's October 16 Invitation is Actually a Hidden Promise

KoderKev. The Particle Debris column is typically two pages. On the first page, I editorialize about something that was of particular interest to me the previous week. On page #2 (do you see it?), I collect and comment on other news items that didn't make the TMO headlines. Again, page 2 is an editorial opinion. That's were I mentioned Marriott. It was relevant because of the Wi-Fi hotspot feature of iOS 8. A description of how Particle Debris works is at the bottom of page 2. Does that clear things up?

RE: Supply Chain Says MS Surface Pro 3 Tablet is Dead, Microsoft Denies it

vpndev: When I wrote that, I was thinking of Microsoft's very early support for the Mac in the 80s, decades of commitment to MS Office on Macs, support for virtualization of Windows on OS X, and culminating in the recent release of MS Office for iPad.

RE: iOS 8: Make Cellular Phone Calls from Your iPad Using Handoff

whisper: I added a note in the article just to be official.

RE: We Got Our Bigger iPhones - Hooray! So How do we Carry Them?

Mr. Gilmore: Oh, now that's cool. Looks like a review worthy product.