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RE: Why 4K Streaming Isn't Really 4K

Mr. Malone. I used 60 Hz as an example of pristine 4K at the outset. But the Blu-ray data in the article is already based on 24p. Chris Heinonen says, "The Blu-ray data is taken from films that are encoded at 24p, so it’s Apples-to-Apples when you do that math. If you are using a 60i source (concert videos on Blu-ray typically, there isn’t anything that’s 60p really) then your bit rate will be around 25% higher. But the Netflix 4K vs. Blu-ray math should both be based on 24p data."

RE: Why 4K Streaming Isn't Really 4K

ibuck: It looked like, after all, pages 3 and 4 could be combined, so I fixed it. As Bryan said, we're still experimenting.

RE: 8 Good Reasons to Leave Apple's OS X Utility Apps Behind

Scott B: I've never had a problem with BusyCal syncing. I make an entry there on my Mac, and seconds later, the calendar entry shows up on my iPhone.

RE: That Magic Touch: Use a Stylus on Your Apple Magic Trackpad

Mr. Escudeiro: It's been very difficult to find out the resolution, in dpi, of the Apple Magic Trackpad. I asked Apple, but they declined to answer.

RE: Apple Will End the War of the TV Set-top Boxes

geoduck: I didn't discuss content because 1) Content comes and goes, 2) no tech company can win a content war thanks to equipartitioning by the content holders, 3) Apple has shown no interest in vertically integrating into content ownership. Apple didn't buy a modem company to build the original iMac. It didn't buy any ISPs. (But Apple did invest $200M in Earthlink in 2000.) In the end, Apple improved the Internet experience of existing content. That's why fighting a specs war with future generations of black boxes and trying to obtain game-changing content is a losing proposition -- in my…

RE: Analyst McCourt Sees iPhone Share of U.S. Market Stabilizing at 50 Percent

RonMacGuy: I think the gist of the article I linked to was that while Apple is in second place now, in the future, with BBRY and NOK out of the running, Android and iOS will eventually settle into a 50-50 split.

RE: How and When to Use Both Ethernet Ports on a Mac Pro

Brad: Good point. I'll have to test that as well.

RE: Apple Should Have Bought Time Warner When it Had the Chance

aardman: My thesis was that Apple has had nothing so compelling to offer Comcast that Comcast would give up its customer relationships. And Comcast would still have to abide by the DOJ neutrality agreement signed during the acquisition of NBC/Universal.

RE: Google Glass is on the Ropes. Could be Finished

MacFrogger: Link fixed. Thanks.

RE: Apple TV Critics Are Not Looking at the Big Picture

Brad: I believe you. I have one to play with now.