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RE: Dozens of Projects That Let You Do Real Science on Your Mac

::smile:: And I passed the word on to Dave H. and John B. Thank you, sir.

RE: OS X: El Capitan's Deletion of "Repair Disk Permissions" Could Impact You

dtm1: I haven't tried this in the beta of El Capitan, but my guess is that an app like that will simply fail and produce error messages.

RE: What You're Not Doing with Your Mac Matters a Lot

Old UNIX Guy: Thank you so much. As you can see from the above and many of my other articles, I have the world's *best* readers.

RE: You Will Want Lynktec's New Apex Electronic Stylus for iOS

Cloud Garrett: Like the previous rechargeable model, this one is 15 cm (just under 6 inches) long and 12 mm in diameter (just under one-half inch).

RE: My 4 Favorite Features of OS X El Capitan

KittyKatta: recall that the whole idea behind El Capitan was a regroup and a refinement. A 'Snow Leopard-like' release. Apple, as we hoped they would, steered away from major new features that would requires constant debugging in future dot releases. Instead, many of the new features are under the hood, like Metal, and I referred to that in my article. I like these features precisely because they *are* small tweaks that improve the experience. I think I'll use them every day.

RE: The Reason Why No Company Can Duplicate Apple's iPhone Appeal

There was a Steve Jobs video highlighted on page 2 of last week's Particle Debris. It relates very well to what all of you have written here.

RE: The Legacy Internet is Out of Addresses: What Apple is Doing

aardman: That's a fascinating question. I doubt your scenario could ever happen because of the number of atoms required to make a working Internet device, but one could do the math... Brutno. The level of control you mention is possible in the SonicWall routers (now owned by Dell). They have told me that their TZ series is now IPv6 functional, but their products do not appear on Comcast's recommended list. This is a subject of keen interest to me, and I'll have to make time to explore it and write further. Meanwhile, feel free to email me directly, and maybe…