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RE: The Reason Why No Company Can Duplicate Apple's iPhone Appeal

There was a Steve Jobs video highlighted on page 2 of last week's Particle Debris. It relates very well to what all of you have written here.

RE: The Legacy Internet is Out of Addresses: What Apple is Doing

aardman: That's a fascinating question. I doubt your scenario could ever happen because of the number of atoms required to make a working Internet device, but one could do the math... Brutno. The level of control you mention is possible in the SonicWall routers (now owned by Dell). They have told me that their TZ series is now IPv6 functional, but their products do not appear on Comcast's recommended list. This is a subject of keen interest to me, and I'll have to make time to explore it and write further. Meanwhile, feel free to email me directly, and maybe…

RE: Flash is an Exploit-pallooza, It's Time to Give it Up

I deleted Adobe Flash from all my Macs 18 months ago and have never looked back. Google Chrome is there for an emergency peek at something.

RE: Apple Stores Are Holding the New MacBooks Captive

jameskatt: You've made some valuable observations, and thanks for responding in detail. This is good stuff. I think, however, that you may have misunderstood, indeed rewritten my intent here. I suggested that the customer be allowed to test drive the MacBook for 20 minutes, and I suggested that the salesperson accompany (rather, keep an eye on) the customer during this period. I didn't suggest that the salesperson give up all sales activities for an hour. In fact the sales person only needs to be within hailing distance for questions or demos and can be doing other things, for example, guiding…

RE: OS X: How to Create Custom Radio Stations in iTunes 12.2

All: We haven't found a way to edit the stations themselves - nor recover from a never play or play more error.

RE: Apple Stores Are Holding the New MacBooks Captive

Lee: Using the keyboard and exercising the wireless technologies I mentioned would be very important, don't you think?

RE: Eight Weeks With the MacBook Keyboard: Total Love

Lee: I would love to have a keyboard like that for my Mac Pro.

RE: How the USB-C Port on the New MacBook Helps the Battery Life

JonGL. I haven't tried anything like Parallels or Photoshop or inDesign. All I can report is what I've read, and that's that this MacBook is best for browsing, email, twitter, writing, and other light duty things. That's what I use it for. (And OS X beta testing.) However, what I've also read is that users will have serious performance issues with the apps you listed. If that's the plan, then I'd stick to an i7 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with at least 8 GB RAM.

RE: Apple Is Making a Healthy Profit on Apple Watch Bands

Blissmonkey: There are always reasons behind the scenes for Apple pricing. I try to explain them. Whether one thinks they're justified or reasonable is another matter and depends on one's feelings about the company.

RE: One Month Report: Why I'm Loving my Apple Watch

FlipFriddle: I too was unconvinced that a glass Apple Watch, even the Ion-X glass, would survive my clumsiness. That’s why I got the sapphire model. So far, with some occasional low energy contacts with things, the steel and sapphire remain unscathed.