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RE: iOS 8: Make Cellular Phone Calls from Your iPad Using Handoff

whisper: I added a note in the article just to be official.

RE: We Got Our Bigger iPhones - Hooray! So How do we Carry Them?

Mr. Gilmore: Oh, now that's cool. Looks like a review worthy product.

RE: iOS 8: Apple Finally Fixes its iPhone Weather App

Paul, Apple doesn't ship a weather app with the iPad. That's why I specified "iPhone" in the title.

RE: 5 Reasons Apple Pay Will Succeed Brilliantly

furbies. As stated, Apple gets 0.15 percent.

RE: The Real Reason Apple's Tim Cook Has Been Underestimated

Reader McElroy is correct. Working from memory, I got the two reversed.

RE: Every Important Link From Apple's 9/9 Event - On One Page

looper: I would have linked to an Apple announcement, but is was done very quietly, and there was nothing from Apple to link to. It just disappeared from the Apple store.

RE: What Apple Just Did Was Change the World. Again

Blissmonkey: The TMO team did note the change from "i" to the "Apple" prefix. Part of it may be, in my opinion, Tim Cook putting his own stamp on the company. Also, I think the "i" prefix was wearing out its welcome. The "Apple" prefix is better branding and can continue forever without seeming cutesy. IMO.

RE: Star Walk 2 for iOS Suffers a Myriad of User Interface Flaws

Reader Weasner is correct. The photo I used was supplied by Vito Technology in the press kit. In the actual app, the constellation is labelled correctly, but the bear is still facing the wrong way.

RE: Apple's September 9 Event Won't be What we Expect

ctopher: It's not just me. Virtual Machine apps like Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion and even Virtual Box have been instrumental in luring millions of Windows customers over to Macs. Apple would, I surmise, have to think long and hard about giving up this feature for potential Switchers.