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RE: That Magic Touch: Use a Stylus on Your Apple Magic Trackpad

Mr. Gorjanc. 1. Some might think the resolution is insufficient. 2. Yes.

RE: Five Times When Steve Jobs Dissed IBM

When times change, CEO thinking has to change.

RE: Poke a Used and Reset Android Phone: it'll Spill its Guts

nolatransplant: Thanks. The link is fixed.

RE: The Foolishness of Predicting 'Apple's Smartwatch Will Probably Fail'

Brad: "...all sorts of glance-able information." Just what I have been thinking. No need to replace a smartphone display.

RE: Is Amazon Setting the World on Fire? Or to Itself?

Blissmonkey, neal, ibuck. Thank you sirs. I am honored.

RE: Kloqe Aluminum Case for iPhone 5/5s is Sturdy, Majestic

Mr. Moos. The Wi-Fi antenna is at the top of the iPhone 5s, under the plastic part of the case. I didn't notice any effect on my Wi-Fi, but as I said in the review, I didn't do signal strength testing.

RE: How to Check Your Actual Netflix Streaming Speed

I tried my wife's iPad 2 and also got 4.3 Mbps over "g" Wi-Fi. The 3.0 Mbps I wrote about was with a 2013 iMac, Mavericks and Silverlight. Hmmmmmm.....