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RE: How the USB-C Port on the New MacBook Helps the Battery Life

JonGL. I haven't tried anything like Parallels or Photoshop or inDesign. All I can report is what I've read, and that's that this MacBook is best for browsing, email, twitter, writing, and other light duty things. That's what I use it for. (And OS X beta testing.) However, what I've also read is that users will have serious performance issues with the apps you listed. If that's the plan, then I'd stick to an i7 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with at least 8 GB RAM.

RE: Apple Is Making a Healthy Profit on Apple Watch Bands

Blissmonkey: There are always reasons behind the scenes for Apple pricing. I try to explain them. Whether one thinks they're justified or reasonable is another matter and depends on one's feelings about the company.

RE: One Month Report: Why I'm Loving my Apple Watch

FlipFriddle: I too was unconvinced that a glass Apple Watch, even the Ion-X glass, would survive my clumsiness. That’s why I got the sapphire model. So far, with some occasional low energy contacts with things, the steel and sapphire remain unscathed.

RE: One Month Report: Why I'm Loving my Apple Watch

Mike R. Manzano: You should see my murse!

RE: One Month Report: Why I'm Loving my Apple Watch

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RE: Pluto Safari iOS App Lets You Experience the July Flyby

mrmwebmax: That was a cropped view. I got there with Location > Solar System Close-up view. No formal scrolling. Just drag a finger around the screen to change the perspective and place the sun or spacecraft near the center. It's a pretty cool effect.

RE: Apple's Swift 2 is Poised to Rock the Software World

ctopher: Don't forget the commercial aspects. Young people aren't making a living with startups writing apps in C++, Python or Java. If they want to get in on the iOS app money, ($30 billion paid to date) they'll need to learn Swift. Despite the popularity of Macs in education, schools and colleges will be much more amendable to teaching Swift on their pervasive Linux systems. Then the financial door opens for the students.

RE: Apple's Presentation of OS X El Capitan Was Spot On

geoduck: I'll be writing about that process later.

RE: Retailers Who Refuse to Embrace Apple Pay Face Grave Risks

jbruni: I was at my local Staples over the weekend. Small dollar purchase. No ID was required. So it may depend on policy for size of purchase.

RE: Hope Springs Eternal: a New Approach to OS X at WWDC

marcsten: That's great to hear! Thanks for reporting your experiences.