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RE: How to Beat Apple at its Game of Relentless Change

wab95: Your title suggestion does fit the article better, Alas, I fear such a title would have garnered roughly 2 page views. ::cough::

RE: The One Thing We Need in OS X El Capitan (And Didn't Get)

spaceboy949: You have misread the article and its advice.

RE: My First Weekend With an Apple iPad Pro

geoduck: Barometric elevation, GPS, the sky, lat/long, time ... all fit into the realm of weather, flight, navigation, geodetics, astronomy, etc.

RE: 4 Ways to Restart the Mac Finder

James: I have noticed no change in El Cap. If you’re referring to technique #2, Option key (first) + Right-click on the Finder icon in the dock still brings up the “Relaunch” option from the popup.

RE: Crazy Mix: a New Star Trek Series, CBS, Apple TV and the Cord Cutter

mrboba1: I agree with you. Not only is the technology splintered, but the content is splintered. One has to look around to find stuff that appeals and is really good.. In my case, it's Longmire on Netflix, Madam Secretary & NCIS on CBS, Murdoch Mysteries (early seasons) and Foyle's War on Netflix.

RE: Groovv Makes Apple Pay for Small Business Easy and Inexpensive

ctopher: You did indeed answer your own question. I mentioned Samsung's MST in a recent Particle Debris column, page 2. However, because of the eventual demise of the magnetic stripe reader, MST, which is not part of the EMV security initiative, is jus a temporary kludge.

RE: What Would Happen if a Future Apple Autonomous Car Made a Very Bad Decision?

mrboba1: As Mr. Bajarin implied, sometimes the essence of the ethical argument isn't fully explored until one posits an over-the-top scenario.

RE: Using Weather Apps on Your iPhone? Here Are Some Insider Tips

Graham, Indeed! I reviewed Sun Seeker and loved it. But the article was getting very long and technical, and I just didn’t have any more space to go into finer details. Everyone: check it out.

RE: Using Weather Apps on Your iPhone? Here Are Some Insider Tips

geoduck: I've never seen a good explanation for that - other than some vague notion about how the location data in the Wi-Fi- iPad isn't as good. But still... Anyone?