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RE: What to Expect During Apple's March 9 Media Event

MacFrogger: To be fair, that idea came from Chris Breen and Kelly passed it on to me. But I like the idea. Low key, gets the product out there in connection to Apple Watch, but doesn't slow down the Apple Watch parade.

RE: What to Expect During Apple's March 9 Media Event

palenoue: Good one! And you may well get that wish in 2020.

RE: Hue Do You Love? (Or, My Expensive Love Affair with Hue Lightbulbs)

Bob: Thanks. I too blinked when I saw the original price for three bulbs. I'm very much wanting to experiment, and I'm also trying not to care. $199 is still crazy. But at least you have me warming to the idea.

RE: BrydgeAir Keyboard for iPad Air/Air 2: Almost Perfect

Because of the spacing of the shims, the iPad won't drop in with a portrait mode alignment. However, if really necessary, one could mount the iPad on a vertical stand and place the Brydge underneath, still linked by BT.

RE: What the Apple iPhone Will be Like in 10 Years

wab95: I like the idea of the iPhone morphing into a hub that subsumes all that the iPhone did, just as in your iPhone/iPod analogy. All the rest: great stuff! Thanks for your insights, as always.

RE: iPad + Bluetooth Keyboard + SwiftKey = Problem

ctopher: I use SwiftKey in basic mode without word predictions. No login required. And no uploading of my text. It's still worth it in that mode.

RE: Apple, iPhones, Lucy, Charlie Brown and that Elusive Football

MacFrogger: That's a great point. Come to think of it, Microsoft, champion of privacy and security, should have been able to exploit the situation better. I've tried to review a Windows Phone, but got nowhere with Microsoft.

RE: Graphene Will Change Everything from Smartphones to Electric Cars

BurmaYank. How about a Fresnel lens effect? Just pondering.