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RE: Graphene Will Change Everything from Smartphones to Electric Cars

BurmaYank. How about a Fresnel lens effect? Just pondering.

RE: My Search: a New Display for a Mac Pro, Part II

I handed that 27-inch 2010 iMac down to my wife. In fact, she is using it in Target Display Mode with her MacBook Air. I wrote about it on 4 Nov 2014.

RE: How the Apple Watch Should Handle Apple Pay

mjtomlin: I don't remember that. Checking....

RE: Speed up a New Mac Pro by More Than 5x with a RAM Disk

furbies: I remember doing that. Thanks for the memories.

RE: How to Upgrade Your Mac to Python 3

Mr. Christian: Thanks for letting us know!

RE: Apple Watch Has Success Built-in, by Design

JoelS. I have had similar thoughts about reasonably priced hardware upgrades. Go into the Apple store in two years, pay $150, and get an internal upgrade. You keep your watch strap of choice, the outer metal shell, and the crystal. But it's just a fanciful notion at this point.

RE: Apple Pay: a List of Brick-and-Mortar Stores That Accept it

Sandro, Dave, Mark: All have been added. Thanks!

RE: 7 Great Christmas Apps for Your iPad and iPhone

furbies: Ahhh.... THAT would be in the post-Christmas category. grin