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RE: 7 Great Christmas Apps for Your iPad and iPhone

furbies: Ahhh.... THAT would be in the post-Christmas category. grin

RE: Mark Zuckerberg's Blast at Tim Cook Shows He's Living the Wrong Life

BurmaYank: Thank you so much. The article is doing well.

RE: How Apple's iPad Could Flourish Once Again

wab95: Both links fixed. Thanks!

RE: Why Apple Really Has to Build its Own UHDTV

aardman: Here's the article I wrote in April about UHDTV streaming requirements. Why 4K Streaming Isn’t Really 4K

RE: Why Apple Really Has to Build its Own UHDTV

skipaq. I assume there will be various price points and sizes, just as there are several price points for the Apple Watch. But I didn't want to hazard a guess what a 60-inch would cost. aardman: I wrote about this last summer. I'll see if I can find the article. I think you need about 30 Mbps for 4K streaming, but I'll double check. Right now, Sony and soon DIRECTV download in the background and play later. Netflix, I THINK, is trying to get by with significant compression and perhaps less than 30 Mbps for 4K streaming. As I said,…

RE: OS X Yosemite: How to Reset Your Administrator Password

geoduck: Awesome. I should create one of those boxes myself.

RE: Apple Pay and Full Service Dining - Here's How It Works

brettdog: Yes on the first part, no on the second part. The restaurant has to explicitly sign up for Apple Pay. There are only a few at this point.

RE: The State of iTunes 12 Says Something Important About Apple's Future

I love the comments here. The depth of feedback, perspective and intelligence is awesome. Thanks to all for your contributions.

RE: You May Not Need An iPad Air 2, But You're Gonna Want One

Bob, I'm holding out for a 12.x inch iPad Pro. Wish me luck!