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RE: Menu Bars Of The Stars

This is fun. I once did a chapter entitled "Mac Styles of the Not So Rich or Famous," with screen shots of other peoples' desktops. Here's what my MenubarTender looks like today:

RE: Touch ID: How to Correctly Give Your iPhone 5s the Finger

Thank you John and Dave. I'll try overtraining. Thanks for the tip.

RE: Touch ID: How to Correctly Give Your iPhone 5s the Finger

Keep us posted, John. I've done what you describe a couple of times and it seems to work for a few days/weeks, but then recognition declines. I have stored two fingerprints for each thumb (4 total) with no better results. I think the algorithm tries to improve its recognition over time, but only succeeds in making things worse. YMMV, of course. Thanks in advance.

RE: Samsung Wants the World to Know It Had Gold Phones FIRST so SHUT UP!

Bryan said: "...the company is a source of comedy gold." Well put! grin

RE: TMO Workspaces: Bryan Chaffin

Bryan picks up one of his two guitars, a Gibson SG 1963 Reissue and a Phantom 12-String 1964 Limited Edition Reissue, and makes sweet musical love.
You have more than two guitars, Bryan... Signed, Your conscience grin

RE: Amazon to Start Producing its Own TV Shows

?Lilyhammer? is not an ?upcoming? series.
Yeah, and it stars Steven Van Zandt, AKA Little Steven (E Street Band, his Underground Garage; Disciples of Soul), who happens to be a much better actor than I expected. The show's not half bad, either. Saw the first episode and will watch at least one or two more.

RE: Noteshelf for iPad is a Must-Have App

Nicely done, John. I just bought a copy for myself!

RE: iPhone 4S: This Case is by The Book

I might have to try that. As I said, the camera issue was the only one that really bothered me.

RE: Win Tickets to Cirque du Mac 8.0 & Party with the Macworld All-Star Band!

Classic rock and roll The band doesn't suck too much Good times are ahead

RE: Gorillaz Next Album Being Recorded on iPad

Are you promising readers that our session is going to be USEFUL, Bryan? I guess we'll just have to make darn sure it is... and I'm looking forward to it.