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RE: Don't Upgrade to Yosemite or iOS 8.1 Before You Read This Column

My MacBook Pro has all-Apple RAM. In the old days I'd always order RAM from OWC 'cause they would cross-ship you a new chip if yours failed. I never had one fail but I always liked that policy since big RAM chips aren't something I keep on hand.

RE: Don't Upgrade to Yosemite or iOS 8.1 Before You Read This Column

Yeah, I know. I tried to finish it last week but ended up with other more pressing deadlines. Even so, as you say, it's still good advice (for next time) and worth putting out there every year or two for those who have forgotten the agony of having a production system that suddenly loses its ability to produce. I remember after one upgrade, Microsoft Word decided my copy wasn't licensed anymore. I fed it my serial number and it said I already had too many copies installed. Would I like to purchase another license or subscribe to Office 365? So…

RE: Why Dr. Mac Think Apple's Customer Service is Freakin' Awesome

I've never had anything but great service at any of the dozens of Apple Stores I've visited all over the world. Does any other electronics retailer have someone greet you at the door and ask how they can help you today? I think not. And no, the greeters at Walmart don't count. If you think they do, ask one for advice on deciding between a hard drive and a solid-state drive. grin

RE: Apple's iPhone 6 Plus: A Perfectly-Sized Portable Device

I couldn't agree more. But you knew that ('cause you read my column on TMO: You did read it, didn't you? :-p 

RE: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: Dr. Mac's Final Showdown

Ted, I'm sorry I wasn't clearer.... The size doesn't bother me. It fits in all the same pockets (a little tighter, but it fits just the same) and I don't mind typing with both hands when necessary (something I couldn't really do with my 5s). I'm still getting used to it but I'm still happy with my choice. In a nutshell, I selected the 6 Plus primarily for its better camera and battery, which, at least IMHO, more than make up for the additional size.

RE: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: Dr. Mac's Final Showdown

JonGI: I found out why the pixel counts seem wacky for the 6 Plus. John Gruber had the best explanation I've seen: "The Plus, though, works differently. Physically, it is a 1920 × 1080 display with 401 pixels-per-inch. Virtually, however, it appears to apps as a 2208 × 1242 display with 463 pixels-per-inch. Those latter numbers should sound familiar to regular readers. The iPhone 6 Plus automatically scales the 2208 × 1242 interface to fit the 1920 × 1080 display." Read the whole piece here:

RE: Reminders: Printing Out Your Lists

I do this a lot and have an even eaiser (if more ink-consuming) way: 1: Press Command + Shift + 4. 2: Click and drag to select the portion of the list you wish to print. 3: Release mouse/trackpad button. You have just created a Screen Shot file of your selection. The file is named "Screen Shot" followed by the date and time and it's on your Desktop. Open it with Preview and Print as usual. This way also has the added advantage of displaying text in the Notes field, which you won't get if you copy and paste. Enjoy!…

RE: Menu Bars Of The Stars

This is fun. I once did a chapter entitled "Mac Styles of the Not So Rich or Famous," with screen shots of other peoples' desktops. Here's what my MenubarTender looks like today:

RE: Touch ID: How to Correctly Give Your iPhone 5s the Finger

Thank you John and Dave. I'll try overtraining. Thanks for the tip.

RE: Touch ID: How to Correctly Give Your iPhone 5s the Finger

Keep us posted, John. I've done what you describe a couple of times and it seems to work for a few days/weeks, but then recognition declines. I have stored two fingerprints for each thumb (4 total) with no better results. I think the algorithm tries to improve its recognition over time, but only succeeds in making things worse. YMMV, of course. Thanks in advance.