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RE: A Tale of Three iPhone Cases

Dwight: This one (the Jewel, not the Obex) is about three months old and is still crystal clear. But I hear you... most of the clear cases I've tried became discolored over time. So far this one's the exception but it's still young. That being said, at $20 I would probably buy another if/when this one gets ugly.

RE: Apple TV vs. Roku 3: May the Best Little Streaming Box Win

I'll let you know as soon as I get a new Apple TV. I'm hoping to get one RealSoonNow™. grin

RE: Three Ways to Protect your Apple Watch (and One Way Not To)

wab95: Bryan takes care of referral links after I turn in my columns, so I really don't know. Lee: I scratched the crystal of my Apple Watch Sport the first week, which convinced me that it needs protection. The Stainless models have different (sapphire) crystals that may be more resistant to scratching, but I don't have one of those anymore (I had one for a few weeks to review and it never got a single scratch.)

RE: Three Ways to Protect your Apple Watch (and One Way Not To)

Wab95: I'm using the Speck myself. Seems the best combo of protection and unobtrusiveness for me.

RE: Three Ways to Protect your Apple Watch (and One Way Not To)

CamJ56: I've seen the pictures and agree the damage looks similar. But I had no damage when my watch went into the EPIK and it was damaged when it came out less than two weeks later. Since the inside of the EPIC case is bare metal... I can't help but believe the damage was caused by the case. I think I'm going to make a Genius Bar appointment and see what happens. Larry Rice: YES! I do wear it on my left wrist with the controls facing left... It's easier to talk into the mic and hear the speaker this…

RE: Read This Before You Install El Capitan

Leoooooo: I didn't intend to foster fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) with that headline! I merely wanted to insure that readers back up (twice) before pulling the trigger. Sorry for any misunderstanding. grin

RE: Dr. Mac's First Look at the iPhone 6s

RBR2: Yes, it's definitely a problem. The setting is Cellular-->WiFi Assist and while it helps prevent network dropouts and hiccups, it can also cause your cellular data use to skyrocket. What's worse is that the setting is all the way at the very bottom of the screen, below the list of installed apps ( (which, in my case, is a very long list). Most people will never even see it much less know it's enabled by default. I expect an iOS update RealSoonNow™; among the changes will be that WiFi Assist is turned off by default. I'm not sure how…

RE: Dr. Mac's First Look at the iPhone 6s

Sunil: So it's too pink for me but just right for your wife... Interesting. Well it is a 64GB and (like all S models) would work with T-Mobile... But... if I return it, I'm going to trade up to a 128GB iPhone 6s Plus (in any color except Rose Gold). Sorry 'bout that.

RE: So, What About Apple TV and iPad Pro?

Imagestealer: I have heard the same thing.... I'm not a huge fan of BT headsets but maybe this will be the killer use case for me. We'll see.