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RE: Dr. Mac's 3 Must-Have Utilities For Mac OS X

Scott B: I agree and know I could use Automator a lot more than I use it today. I just put Automator Proficiency on my "someday" to-do bucket list. As for Alfred, I think it's prettier and does have a nice interface... But old habits die hard and after all these years, LaunchBar feels like an extension of my fingers. Thanks for sharing.

RE: Here's 5 Things Apple Could Do Better in 2015

John said, "spend another 18 months fixing all the bugs in OS X Yosemite. Windows 10 is not such serious competition that Apple, in a panic, needs to come out with a new release this fall with hundreds more half-baked features." To which I can only say, "Amen!"

RE: Hands On with the Leatherman Tread

How much does it cost????????? (I'll buy it!)

RE: Batmobile iPhone Case -The Dorkiest Product of 2015

OK, cthpher... The Millenium Falcon could be even dorkier than the Batmobile. I still wouldn't carry either if you paid me. But... Bryan probably would. grin

RE: Don't Upgrade to Yosemite or iOS 8.1 Before You Read This Column

23jumper: You're supposed to back up the computer BEFORE you try to upgrade the operating system. Do you have the original installer for Snow Leopard on a USB stick or disc? If so, try installing from that. If not, see if you can find one -- it's worth a try. If you need to recover files, I've had good luck with Data Rescue 4 from Prosoft. You can download the trial version and it will tell you if it thinks it can recover your files before you have to pay anything. I hope that helps.

RE: Editing Photos on Your Mac Without Breaking the Bank

I agree that Pixelmator and GC are excellent graphics programs, but I don't use either one. I do, on the other hand, use Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Acorn quite regularly... My high school English teacher told me to write what I know, so that's what I do. It isn't a comprehensive comparison; it's just another weekly column with my opinion... I apologize to those who found it incomplete.

RE: Editing Photos on Your Mac Without Breaking the Bank

Elements still doesn't have CYMK supoort, but I don't see that as a limitation for most users. And I think you're right -- anyone who requires CYMK for prepress work is probably using Photoshop CC. Thanks for mentioning it, though. BTW: I agree wholeheartedly that Photoshop is one of the most insanely powerful programs of all time.

RE: Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Finally Gets It Right

ctopher: I've got the hub and two IR mini blasters set up near my components and TV. Here's an annotated picture of the whole shebang:

RE: iBank 5: Dr Mac Can Finally Say Goodbye to Quicken

Using my bank's bill pay interface on the web is almost as bad as using Quicken. I tried it many times over the years and if anything, it's gotten worse. I have yet to find anything faster than iBank for paying my bills twice a month. The summary screens and reports are the icing on the cake. I'm happy to have them and find them useful, but the smooth bill-pay (and ease of keeping track of my checking account) are the main reason I like it. I hope that helps.

RE: iBank 5: Dr Mac Can Finally Say Goodbye to Quicken

There is one last thing… iBank 5 for Mac will be on sale for 25 percent off (i.e. $15 off the regular price of $60) on Nov. 28 ONLY until midnight ET in both the Mac App Store and the IGG Software store.