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RE: iPhone SE: Is Less the New More?

geoduck: Here's my 2ยข: I think you're right... My guess is that they're selling like hotcakes all over the world. It's the least expensive iPhone ever and the perfect size for many' hands. I suspect they're selling like even hotter cakes in China. So I'm not surprised that they're backordered. If this were anyone but Apple, I'd suspect it was a ploy to force some buyers to consider more expensive models rather than waiting. But I don't believe Apple is that duplicitous; I think they just plain underestimated demand.

RE: The Never-ending Story: Gifts for Dads & Grads 2016 (Part I)

I only wear them when I walk in my neighborhood with my dog. And, since they're the on-the-ear (not over-the-ear or in-the-ear) headphones, I hear outside sounds clearly as long as the volume level isn't outrageous.

RE: The Internet of Things is Really a Thing in Germany

ibuck: My impression was that everyone is working toward a common goal over in Europe, the goal being Industry 4.0, which relies on self-aware, connected devices with AI for analyzing data and making decisions. I don't know much about the state of heavy industry here in the US where the Internet of Things is concerned, so I can't really say if Germany/Europe is ahead of us. What I saw was what appears to be a lot of "coop-etition" among companies large and small, with the backing of both federal and state governments. And I felt like very few big companies…

RE: Dr. Mac's Deeper Look into Budget-Priced VR Headsets

sed: This is why I strap things to my head every few years... I'm willing to go to great lengths for my readers. Plus, I know that if/when they get it right, I'll be able to hang glide through Jurrasic Park without yakking on a velociraptor. I remain hopeful. grin

RE: Dr. Mac's Deeper Look into Budget-Priced VR Headsets

Jamie, Well said. For what it's worth, I don't think everyone has a bad a reaction, I do think VR still makes many/most people sick. I'll try again in a couple of years. Maybe.

RE: Is Blue Light Really Bad for Sleep?

Lee: I tried using the Hue lights in my bedroom to augment Night Shift & f.lux. But my wife sleeps on a different schedule than I do, so it was a non-starter. Jamie: Could be, but since it's not hurting anything and may be helping, I'm keeping Night Shift & f.lux enabled for the foreseeable future.

RE: Desktop Printer Ink Wars 2016: Part II

rihac: I know, right? It's scary to know that your printer could disables itself if you don't keep paying for ink. I'm glad a lot of people read this column!

RE: Dr. Mac's Working Smarter: Apps that Help You With the Pomodoro Technique

Thanks for the feedback, Jeffsz. I don't do much coding so I'm not sure what would work for you. I can tell you that the whole "glue my ass to the chair for 25 minutes" thing works well for me regardless of the task... Maybe it would be worth trying pomodoro again?

RE: Microsoft OneDrive Drives Me Nuts

lagreca: The pleasure (of validating your thoughts and experiences) was entirely mine. And I'm sad to know that I'm not alone (when it comes to wasting time on this rubbish).