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RE: Watch This: My Apple Watch Try-On and Ordering Experience

wab95: According to the story Bryan posted a few minutes ago (, watch sales will be online-only until May (at least). mrboba1: My experience has been that Apple goes to great lengths to underpromise and then delight you. I too am hoping for May instead of June, but then I ordered (I believe) the most popular config. We'll see.

RE: The (New) Mouse of Dr. Mac's Dreams

I'm back in town and will try to install and test LCC 3.9.1 (and possibly Better Touch Tool too) this week.

RE: Your OS X Menu Bar is Prime Real Estate

iJack: I have the LCC driver on my desktop but have been out of town. I'll try to test it this week.

RE: The (New) Mouse of Dr. Mac's Dreams

iJack: Will do but I'm on the road and the mouse is back at my office, so I won't have a chance until next week. But I will test the latest LCC and let you know here.

RE: The (New) Mouse of Dr. Mac's Dreams

Steven: I own USB Overdrive but will check out Better Touch. iJack: Thanks for the update on LCC. I'll try it with my MX Master when I get back to Austin on Tuesday. As for Performance MX, it has adaptive scrolling but it isn't the same kind used in the MX Revolution or Master. It's OK but the Rev/Master one is even better.

RE: iRig 2: New and Improved Mobile Guitar Interface from IK Multimedia

Archimedes: Sorry for the delay... I wanted to test it again to make sure. Answer: As far as my ears can tell, there was no crosstalk or feedback at super-high volume with any of the three (solid-body electric) guitars I tested it with. I hope that helps.

RE: Two More Cool-But-Semi-Hidden Yosemite Features

Paul: Yes - the record button in the QuickTime Player app on your Mac. And I hear you about sending my signature via internet. But I do it anyway 'cause it's convenient. grin

RE: Read This Before You Install OS X Yosemite (10.10.3) Public Beta

Gio 1: Try installing 10.10.2 (you can download the installer in the App Store) first, and then update to the beta. That should work.

RE: Read This Before You Install OS X Yosemite (10.10.3) Public Beta

Jeremy: I'm not sure exactly how to best roll back to 10.10.2 (I've never had to do it.) But you should be able to either install it over the beta (unlikely) or (as you surmised) perform a clean install followed by Migration Assistant. For what it's worth, I've had to do that -- clean install with migration -- several times in recent memory. While it can be time consuming, it's relatively painless and has always performed as expected (i.e. restoring my Mac to where it was before I did whatever stupid thing I did). I hope that helps.

RE: Read This Before You Install OS X Yosemite (10.10.3) Public Beta

I think most people, if not most MacObserver readers, wouid be fine installing a beta OS on a second disk. But you're right - there is a chance they could mess up something with iCloud or Photos that would cause issues even after switching back to the non-beta disk. That being said, my advice stands for anyone who is going to install the beta. With two tested backups, you should be OK even if you have to blow away everything in iCloud. It could be a time-suck, but you shouldn't lose any data.