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iOS 7: Apple Mail’s ‘Swipe to Delete’ Only Goes To The Left

9:40 AM, Sep. 23rd, 2013 · Dave Hamilton · TMO Quick Tip

iOS 6 users who have upgraded (or will upgrade) to iOS 7 may lament the loss of their "swipe to delete" functionality. In iOS 6, swiping to the right brought up a 'Delete' button, whereas now in iOS 7 that to-the-right swipe causes a different type of navigation. Never fear: Apple hasn't left you in the dark, they've just changed directions on you. Try swiping to the left in mail and you'll get instant payoff!

Free iOS 7 Parallax Wallpapers for Download

5:40 PM, Sep. 20th, 2013 · Dave Hamilton · Cool Stuff Found

iOS 7 does a pretty good job taking just about any image you have and making it work with the new parallax background effect, moving your image behind your icons. But there are tricks to making it work well, and there are also some fantastic photographs out there on the internet. Combine it all together and you get's collection of parallax wallpapers. They've sized them for both the iPhone and iPad, so head on over and check 'em out. Easiest is to do it from your iOS 7-based device, then save your favorite image(s) to your camera roll and... off you go!

8 Great Tips for Managing Podcasts in iTunes 11.1

5:28 PM, Sep. 20th, 2013 · Dave Hamilton · Cool Stuff Found

iTunes 11.1 introduced some huge changes, specifically with regards to podcasts. You may not realize it, but podcasts are now synced with your iOS devices (and Apple TVs updated to Version 6) and that means iTunes manages things VERY differently. From sorting to deleting, nearly all of it has changed. We'll be talking more about that on our upcoming Mac Geek Gab this Sunday, and likely writing some more tips, too, but for now there's a great post at Apple's Support Forums with some good tips to get you started. Hopefully this helps! 

Apple Updates iTunes T&C: 30 Days to Download Rentals, 30 Days to Watch

1:57 PM, Sep. 18th, 2013 · Dave Hamilton · Product News

As is typical with a new iOS release, Apple today updated their iTunes Store Terms and Conditions to account for several new features included in the OS. While most of these are trivial and expected, one addition clarifying the way rental downloads work jumped out at us. In short, you have thirty days to begin rental downloads and then another thirty days to start watching once you've completed your download. More details in the article.

12 New and Hidden Settings in iOS 7

10:17 AM, Sep. 18th, 2013 · Dave Hamilton · Tips

We here at the TMO Towers have been furiously digging through iOS 7 to find all the new stuff in there for you. With this article, we highlight our 12 favorites but... there's likely more, so please read, and then let us know what you've found!

Sponsor: Moom from Many Tricks

2:40 PM, Sep. 11th, 2013 · Dave Hamilton · Weekly Sponsorship

I am thrilled today to welcome Many Tricks on board as this week's sponsor here at TMO, especially so because I get to tell you about Moom, their window-managment-enhancement software for OS X. Are you ever frustrated by how much effort it takes to get, say, your Safari window to just the right spot, only to close it and have a new one reappear somewhere else on your Mac's screen? How dare your Mac have the audacity to just pretend like it never happened, right? Moom can help... read on!

Sponsor: PDFpen 6 from Smile

9:57 AM, Aug. 29th, 2013 · Dave Hamilton · Weekly Sponsorship

It's sponsor time here at TMO again and I am thrilled to welcome back Smile in that capacity. Smile makes several of my favorite, can't-live-a-day-on-a-Mac-without products, and PDFpen is one of them. Read on for some examples of how I use it each day.