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Learn to Be a Web Developer With This Training Bundle, Only $49

6:15 PM, May. 27th, 2014 · Dave Hamilton · TMO Deals

Looking to learn or hone your skills to be a web developer? This bundle includes courses on becoming Amazon Web Services certified, using version control with GitHub, learning programming with Python, HTML5 fundamentals, PHP & MySQL classes, and more. There's even a MongoDB course in here! All this and more for just $49.

One Day Left to Name Your Own Price for 9 Apps and iOS Dev Course

10:16 AM, May. 22nd, 2014 · Dave Hamilton · TMO Deals

Today in our deals section you will find our latest Name Your Own Price Bundle. Inside the bundle are 8 great Mac apps (plus one defunct app that seems to have curiously risen from the ashes in a corporate switcheroo move... you can decide about that one!) and an iOS development course. Highlights include CrossOver 13 for Mac, RapidWeaver 5 and Snapheal Pro (one of my all-time favorites!). You literally can name your own price. ANY price you name (yes, any!) gets you two pre-selected apps and the iOS development course! But if you offer more than the average price you get all nine plus the dev course. At the time of this post that average price is just US$9.28, so act quickly and get yourself a heckuva deal. Or you can choose to pay more and put yourself on the leaderboard to get entered into a contest for an 11" MacBook Air. Several ways to win, and they're all cheaper the sooner you act! 

Directly Rip and Convert Blu-ray Disks With Handbrake

7:53 AM, May. 15th, 2014 · Dave Hamilton · How-To

Handbrake is an excellent tool that allows you to take a movie and convert/compress it into a Mac-and-iOS-playable movie file. It's free, and it works. If you also have VLC installed Handbrake will read DVDs and convert them directly. What many users don't realize, though, is that MakeMKV can be invoked on-the-fly to allow Handbrake to rip and convert/compress Blu-ray disks directly, too.

24 Multi-Camera Videos from Cirque du Mac XI Are Up!

9:05 AM, May. 14th, 2014 · Dave Hamilton · Cool Stuff Found

Cirque du Mac is a true expression of our community every year, and we're thrilled for the role we play here at TMO. But it doesn't happen with just us alone. It takes all of us – our whole community – and this year Wally Cherwinski and the folks who dedicated their time at the party to being behind the lens outdid themselves. Every single song the Macworld All-Star Band played has been meticulously mixed, edited, and published on YouTube, all in multi-camera goodness. It's pretty amazing what Wally and his crew did here. Great thanks to the camera work of Rally Barnard, Chuck Joiner, LeRoy Lees, Ewen Rankin, Steve Sheridan and, of course, Wally. Cirque this year truly would not have been possible without our sponsors: Antec Mobile Products, Drobo, MacKeeper, The Omni Group, Other World Computing and Project Wizards. You all rock. Below is one of my favorite moments of the night, the rest are all at Wally's Cirque du Mac XI YouTube Playlist.

Keyboard Maestro for $20 - Less Than 2 Days Left

7:56 AM, May. 14th, 2014 · Dave Hamilton · TMO Deals

As Mac Geek Gab listeners know, Keyboard Maestro is one of my absolutely must-have Mac utilities. Without it I'm not at the top of my game. Keyboard Maestro does many things, my favorites include its enhanced task switcher, automating running through menus (want to assign a keyboard shortcut to activate fast-user-switching? KM can do it!), and a clipboard history (and if you haven't worked with a clipboard history before, you're missing out!). Get it from our deal partners at StackSocial today at $19.99 before the price goes back up to $36.

Antec Battery-Powered Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone: $55

10:29 AM, May. 13th, 2014 · Dave Hamilton · TMO Deals

Our friends at both Antec and StackSocial have gotten together today to offer this fantastic deal to you, our loyal TMO audience. For just $55 (actually $54.99 - save a penny!) you can have this compact Bluetooth speaker shipped to you anywhere in the USA, normally a $100 product. I've tested this speaker, and for $55 it's one of the best-sounding speakers you'll hear, certainly better than the far-more-expensive Jambox line (which sound horrible, in my opinion). If you need a good, wireless speaker to bring around with you this summer, just click buy. You'll love this one from Antec.

Podcasting How-To Video: Creating a Noise Gate on Your Mac

8:38 AM, May. 13th, 2014 · Dave Hamilton · Dave Hamilton's Blog

One of the most annoying things for podcasters and their listeners is when one participant's background noise is noticeable even when that person isn't talking. A noise gate can easily solve this problem by only allowing sound through when the input volume reaches a certain level. Follow the simple steps in this video and the next time you're on an interview podcast (or recording one), you'll sound fantastic!