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RE: How to Enable Apple's SMS Relay on your Mac or iPad

@wab95 — This has been possible with iMessages (i.e. the "blue bubble" messages) but until today (or, well, yesterday) was not possible with SMS messages ("green bubble"), hence the term "SMS Relay."

RE: Apple's iPhone 6 Plus: A Perfectly-Sized Portable Device

Good comments, all. I've been getting a lot of private questions about which case that is. It's a cheap $10 case I found on Amazon. Not sure how much of a drop it would survive, but I do kinda like it. smile

RE: How to Use PayPal with iOS 8 Family Sharing

Hopefully Apple will fix this ... soon!

RE: How To Use iOS 8 Family Sharing With a Separate iTunes Store Account

@Saravan good questions. According to Apple (and in-line with my experience), I believe the answer is to your question is yes, you CAN use all the apps you've purchased: "With Family Sharing, family members get immediate access to each others’ music, movies, TV shows, books, and apps, and can download them to their own devices any time they like." Also, important to note: "Music, movies, TV shows, and books can be downloaded to up to 10 devices per account, only five of which can be computers. Apps can be downloaded to any devices the family member owns or controls." Note…

RE: How To Use iOS 8 Family Sharing With a Separate iTunes Store Account

Good question, Rob. For clarification, you setup Family Sharing using whatever your main iCloud ID is. And *if* that's different from your store ID, follow the steps above to assign your Store ID to the Family Sharing account attached to your main iCloud ID.

RE: AT&T's Next Plan May be the Cheapest Way to Buy an iPhone, Despite the Hype

@Amy Wilking: With two phones it *may* still be cheaper to get a <10GB plan and pay the older versions of the monthly line charges. It certainly was that way for us when we did the math back in February, but things may have changed. AT&T shows that 2 lines on a 10GB/month plan costs $130, but they'll also let you log in to your account to compare and show you which provides the best value for you.

RE: Directly Rip and Convert Blu-ray Disks With Handbrake

@Stephen Kac — interesting side-effect. I wonder what Aiseesoft is doing? smile To "undo" the software changes applied here, you just need to remove the symlinks we created. The steps to do that would be to go to the terminal and type both of the following lines, each followed by a return/enter: rm ~/lib/libaacs.dylib rm ~/lib/libbdplus.dylib That should (un-)do it!

RE: 4 Wi-Fi Tips from Former Apple Wi-Fi Engineer

@furbies - Well... if WDS is working for you, then keep it. But typically all I've seen it do is rebroadcast a bad signal, making things worse. It's why I don't use anything of the sort anymore and go strictly with Powerline (or, if possible, straight Ethernet) to link my access points. At that stage I then do recommend naming all the SSIDs the same. @Steve Fisher - I used to do exactly what you're doing until I met with Alf last year and he advised me differently. Life has been much better and simpler since naming all my SSIDs…

RE: Passengers Entering US Must Power On Electronic Devices For TSA

Reminds me of the "old days" when those rare folks traveling with laptops had to open them up and show the OS on the screen to prove that the laptop was, indeed, as it seemed (and not some intricately-disguised bomb).