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RE: 4 Wi-Fi Tips from Former Apple Wi-Fi Engineer

@furbies - Well... if WDS is working for you, then keep it. But typically all I've seen it do is rebroadcast a bad signal, making things worse. It's why I don't use anything of the sort anymore and go strictly with Powerline (or, if possible, straight Ethernet) to link my access points. At that stage I then do recommend naming all the SSIDs the same. @Steve Fisher - I used to do exactly what you're doing until I met with Alf last year and he advised me differently. Life has been much better and simpler since naming all my SSIDs…

RE: Passengers Entering US Must Power On Electronic Devices For TSA

Reminds me of the "old days" when those rare folks traveling with laptops had to open them up and show the OS on the screen to prove that the laptop was, indeed, as it seemed (and not some intricately-disguised bomb).

RE: MGG 502: Teri, Terry, Larry & More!

@gtmako - we pushed out a version that was damaged and then replaced it after about 6 hours. You can play the correct version from the site here if for whatever reason your feeds aren't updating (but they should).

RE: Directly Rip and Convert Blu-ray Disks With Handbrake

@Bowers - MakeMKV should see it regardless (just all by itself). Does the disk mount in the Finder OK? It should. If not, then maybe the drive is bad. If it does and MakeMKV *still* doesn't see it, email us at and we'll dig in deeper with your particulars.

RE: Directly Rip and Convert Blu-ray Disks With Handbrake

@Khürt - that's exactly what we're talking about above. If you use Handbrake to convert them to, say, the Apple TV 3 preset, then you can add the resulting file into iTunes and stream it to your ATV. And a tip from Don Melton yesterday on Twitter to help limit the size while still keeping the quality up: "I recommend starting with the HandBrake 'AppleTV 3' preset, change to ABR mode at 5000 kpbs, and add 'ratetol=inf' to the x264 advance option string. That should work for most Blu-ray input."

RE: Directly Rip and Convert Blu-ray Disks With Handbrake

@Mike - yep, just plugs into a normal USB2 port. Nothing special after that (and I don't think I even had to install drivers, if memory serves).

RE: Yahoo Buys Social Chat Service Blink, Shutting it Down

You know, if that service had been called BlinkR, Yahoo would keep it alive. #AddRDropVowelCollectFromYahoo

RE: The Golden Age of Mac Upgrades is (Once Again) Upon Us

(to me the only place a hybrid drive even begins to make sense is a laptop where you don't want to muck around with an external drive... but even then, most older laptops can make use of the aforementioned DataDoubler or OptiBay to turn the SuperDrive bay into a home for the larger rotational drive while putting the SSD in to boot from)

RE: The Golden Age of Mac Upgrades is (Once Again) Upon Us

@Substance - Absolutely. It's still not cost-effective to run SSDs for media servers. You don't need the lower latency that an SSD could provide there, anyway... and if you need raw transfer speed you're still going to get that cheaper in a RAID-type setup with spindle drives than you would with an SSD setup. With even cheap/slow drives in a 4-disk RAID I'm easily able to soak up my Gigabit Ethernet pipe here. Much cheaper to do that with rotational drives than SSD. Really my focus here is on the daily-driver Macs, not those repurposed (or dual-purposed) as a media…