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RE: Download TiVo Content To Your Mac & iDevices with cTiVo

@Tony - Are you sure you're using the right MAK in your settings? That's often the issue there. If not... have you restarted your TiVo? I know that's a bit of a cop-out answer, but it's definitely worth trying if you haven't already (and you probably have!).

RE: Three New Buffalo Routers All Include Feature-Rich DD-WRT Firmware

@Wigs - Yeah... This is definitely a project spear-headed by the Buffalo Americas. They've got some folks there who have been using DD-WRT in their homes for years and finally made it happen officially because they knew there were other geeks out there just like them. wink

RE: Three New Buffalo Routers All Include Feature-Rich DD-WRT Firmware

@Bosco - I wouldn't recommend DD-WRT to non-techies at all, but I do split my recommendations between Apple's routers and Buffalo's non-DD-WRT devices. You're spot on that Apple's stuff makes setup and updates and all of that super simple on a Mac (or iOS device... and it's not horrible on Windows). For folks that I know will *never* need/want to move beyond Apple's limited feature set, it's the right move. But if someone even has the inkling of that inner geek, I recommend Buffalo (usually with their stock firmware, which is easy *and* feature-rich).

RE: Three New Buffalo Routers All Include Feature-Rich DD-WRT Firmware

@Bosco - based on the testing we've done, the Buffalo 3x3 routers at-worst match and at-best outperform Apple's 3x3 routers in terms of speed and range. I tend to equate them, performance-wise. And given the price and flexibility I'd choose Buffalo over Apple every single time (and do). Most of the time I recommend Buffalo over Apple, even to novice users (especially if they're the type of novice user that's an aspiring geek!). And you're totally right that Linksys, Belkin, Asus (and Apple) have pretty feature-limited firmware that, IMHO, has gotten worse over the years. The ironic thing is that…

RE: Touch ID: How to Correctly Give Your iPhone 5s the Finger

John, an even better solution is to do single entries for each of your fingers and "overtrain" your iPhone. This was first discovered by Steve Gibson of SecurityNow, and we discussed it on Mac Geek Gab recently, too. The net is that when you're on that screen where you can rename your fingers, you can also touch he sensor and it will highlight the finger that matches. Each time you do this, though, the sensor gets more and more trained. Keep touching that thing for an hour when you're on a conference call and then your iphone will never have…

RE: Coin is Disruptive, Polarizing...and Awesome

@Macfox: Coin's not out yet so I have no real-world usage reports. You can follow their progress, though, and I believe they have already addressed the "waiter issue."

RE: Buffalo Shows AC433 Mini Travel Wireless Router at CES

I haven't tested it yet, Allison, but if it's like their previous unit you simply authenticate with the first device you connect, and that authenticates the router... and then you're good to go.

RE: AT&T CEO: Say Goodbye to Smartphone Subsidies

It seems like not much will change for the customers who don't want change. Instead of calling it a subsidy, they're calling it what it really is: financing. And that makes a lot more sense in today's market. But people will still be able to spread out the cost of their phones if they desire.

RE: 'Automatic' Connects Your iPhone to Your Car to Make You a Smarter Driver

Interesting, vpndev — I wonder what's different about the 5-series that makes it incompatible. I've been using one with my 2011 X3 for a while now, and it fully supports all features. It's an interesting device, and is certainly fun, though I wonder how long something like this will be needed. Out Toyota Highlander Hybrid already does a lot of what Automatic does, at least enough so that we aren't really compelled to plug it in over there. Chuck summed it up perfectly saying, "Feels like there’s room for additional features." Couldn't agree more. Lots of potential here for Automatic…

RE: Coin is Disruptive, Polarizing...and Awesome

To be clear, the article says nothing about people claiming the *technology* wouldn't work. In fact, your comment directly supports my point: finding reasons why Coin won't work. I love it. Good stuff. smile