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RE: How to Take Great Landscape Photos with Your iPhone

@RonMacGuy. Thanks! Huge fan of landscapes. @Wab95: you're right, I should have included more info. I believe that shot was taken with the Olloclip polarizer. That accounts for the sky and possibly the clarity of the reflection. Post processing was done in Snapseed. Tweaks to contrast , saturation were do because I shoot everything in TIFF which is like camera raw where everything looks bland. I also may have used the Drama filter, which I like but can produce overly dramatic results. I'll see if I can find the original TIFF shot and post it. Vern

RE: Two Physical Lens Filters for Your iPhone You Should Have

@ Mrhooks: you're likely right on improving that particular photo with ND filtering, but the truth is thats a tough one to call. What I was trying to emphasize is bringing in the foliage by opening the lens or using longer shutter speeds, which an ND filter would have done. There no mirrors in an iPhone, I wonder why that would make a difference in the the type of polarizer. CP filters are nothing more than two linear polarizer. They aren't as heavily polarized as a single linear polarizer might be, so they let light through, but will reduce the…

RE: iPhoneography 101: Essential iPhone Camera Apps

@Wab95: Thanks! It's good to be back. This will be a new column. No more Free on iTunes. I hope this will be something a lot of people can use. We'll see. As to "default"camera app, no. Apple hasn't losened up that much yet. grin What I do is keep it in at the bottom of the screen for quick access. Seems to work. @ FlipFiddle: I've use PureShot since owning an iPhone 4 and have gotten great results. I've MK III or the previous version since owning an iPhone 5 and I'm alway pleased with the result. the latest…

RE: 3 Free Absolutely Cool iOS Apps You Must Have

@YankInOz: I currently use Cardiio and I get great benefit from it, just as I explained in the article. I didn't mention any of the for pay services because they are not free. In fact, feature I've mentioned about every app I talk about in Free on iTunes are exactly that, free. If it makes sense to talk about premium bits I will mention it, but that's not my focus here. Apple offers free singles each week. These tunes are often part of an album or larger collection of work which you have to pay for to enjoy. Does it…

RE: Free on iTunes Top Ten Freebies

@wab95: I don't reply to comments often enough and I apologize for that. I do read them, however, and very much appreciate that you've taken the time to write. Your suggestions are noted. In fact, I intend to make several changes to the format of Free on iTunes. I've never wanted it to be merely a review column, you can find that anywhere. I want to continue offering my subjective opinion about the free stuff I find. Still, I need to make it easier for reader to find the products I write about. So, the changes I'll be making will…

RE: Free on iTunes Top Ten Freebies

@nealg: Thanks Neal. I look forward to writing this column, even when things get a bit hectic. And it's always nice to know that people appreciate the effort. Thanks for reading. Vern

RE: Blue Note: The Free iPad App For Jazz Lovers

@Mhkil: Thanks for the comment. Blues was another genre I came late too. Still trying to wrap my brain around it. @Wab95: I'm sure your wife will LOVE the Blue Note app. @Jeremiah: Thanks. Glad to have found the app. It's a good one. Vern

RE: 3 Free Innovative iOS Apps

@iJack: Yeah, it's strict, but it worked for my article. grin @ Justin Thyme: There is benefit to apps that have other features that you have to pay for. There's no BS in that. If it's done right, free apps with for-pay features can be quite useful. I have several that I never intend to pay for the premium features, but use the free part often. Take a look at some, you may be surprised. Vern

RE: Let There Be Light: 3 Free iOS Apps Featuring Light

Hi Mlvezie, That's exactly why I like Flashlight. No distractions. I've used LED Torch and it's good, but Flashlight is better in my humble opinion because it just works. There's other stuff if you want it, but no one is ramming it down your throat. Fire it up and there ya go. I like that. And Flashlight is free. Vern

RE: 5 Fabulous Favorite Free iOS Apps

Mhikl, sorry it's taken this long to get back to you. The last several weeks have been pretty hectic. Ahh, clock apps! There are a bunch of them and what's good for you really depends on what you want it for. For instance, on my iPad its Observatory all the way. It is quite simply the most beautiful app for time telling anywhere in my opinion. On my iPhone I like Nightstand. It's a great all around alarm and it even gives you current weather info. There's a free version of Nightstand so check it out and see if it…