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RE: Mac Photos Beta Will Disappoint Aperture Users

Since it's come up here. I'll comment briefly, but if you're having technical issues with the site please always feel free to email and we'll try to help. The auto-login does rely on cookies, so if you block cookies or clear cookies it can cause that feature to not work or to reset. Not assuming that IS what's happening, but one thing to consider.

RE: How to Type an Apple Symbol in iOS

It would be even better if Mac’s System Preferences Synced its Symbol and Text Substitutions with iCloud, so that the exactly same Keyboard Shortcuts would work on Mac and iOS!
Actually if you've enabled Documents & Data syncing in iCloud i believe the shortcuts should sync between your Macs and iDevices

RE: How to Type an Apple Symbol in iOS

Or what if @BurmaYank was going to travel to Phoenix, AZ? It helps to possibly have a "modifier" symbol in front of the shortcut. I choose a comma like ",az" because 1) you typically type a space after a comma, and 2) the comma in on the iOS keyboard on an iPad without having to go to the secondary "symbol" keyboard.

RE: How to Type an Apple Symbol in iOS

@BurmaYank: That woks if you use iCloud and have Documents & Data syncing turned on. I'm not sure that is going to carry over into iCloud Documents in iOS 8 or not. @Lee Dronick: As I mentioned in the article. It's font dependent. Not all fonts have the Apple symbol mapped to that unicode. The font here on TMO maps it to the Command () symbol as you discovered.

RE: Raspberry Pi: An Approachable, Fun Single Board Computer

@Spyder Ryder, my link is for a "Kit" that includes several extras beyond just the $40.00 Raspberry Pi unit. The kit includes: - 512MB Raspberry Pi Model B - Adafruit Pi Cobbler Breakout Kit - MAKE: Pi Enclosure - USB wall charger (2A) and USB cable - 8GB Class 4 SDHC flash memory card preloaded with the NOOBs (New Out Of Box) image from the Raspberry Pi foundation. - Deluxe full-sized breadboard - Mintronics Survival Pack Guts with 60+ components (tin not included, just the guts) - HDMI high-speed cable - Deluxe breadboard jumper wires - Getting Started with Raspberry…

RE: Raspberry Pi: An Approachable, Fun Single Board Computer

I got one for Xmas in a "Make" kit from Radio Shack. It was nice because it included the OS already on an SD card. It also came with some add-on stuff including a breadboarding kit, a case, and a book. I programmed it to recognize button presses on some hardware switches and trigger various audio clips. Now I'm thinking of trying it out as a PLEX Media Center Client by running RasPLEX,

RE: Apple Core Text Rendering Bug Crashes Apps in OS X and iOS

Scott, the full restore mentioned in the article was in case you received the string in an iMessage, not Safari. Although, even with Messages there may be a creative work around. We're investigating into some theories.

RE: HTC First, the Facebook Smartphone (Sort Of)

Lee, Sorry it was giving you trouble. Sounds like it was an extension. There are some known issues with the YouTube5 extension. The developer is aware of them and working on a patch for those. If it's a different extension, please let me know and I'll reach out to the developer for a fix. We use the standard code from YouTube so if there isn't something else tweaking our code then it should work as normal.

RE: Maelstrom 3.0, (Still) Free for OS X

Glad to see I'm not the only one who is nostalgic for this old game. I keep actually hoping this will get ported and show up for iOS.

Thanks whoever recompiled it to work on Mountain Lion.
We can thank Sam Lantinga, a lead developer from Blizzard, for the port.

RE: Why the iPad mini Will Eclipse the iPad

wab95 and Lee, I am very sorry for the trouble you've both experienced. I can tell you that we have worked very hard and long to try and figure out what the issue is, but so far I have no answer. I continue to search. Myself and a couple staff members have tried various browsers and scenarios but are unable to get kicked off by the login system in the way that has been described. I don;t doubt that you both are, but not being able to replicate the issue makes tracking down a fix much more difficult. We WILL…