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RE: OS X: How to do Math in Spotlight

@furbies it's definitely been there since the beginning. It's just one of those things that people may have missed or forgotten about.

RE: OS X: Downloading URLs in Safari

@MacFrankie Now THAT'S cool.

RE: Jump to Currently Playing App from Control Center

Sure thing, Eolake. The best piece of advice I give to others who feel the way I do about Apple's direction is to write them directly. Use the bug reporting system to point out specific examples ( They usually make fixes based on this stuff. It's also useful to send them feedback at And don't forget that you can email Tim Cook himself at

RE: Jump to Currently Playing App from Control Center

Gene: That makes the most sense, but the album name line seems to be the most reliable. It's probably because the track control is also a tap target. Which is stupid for control center.

RE: Mavericks: Easily Make User Library Folder Visible

tonywardmusic: I don't believe there's a way to get it to be visible in the Go menu without holding option. The next best thing would likely be a keyboard shortcut.

RE: Mavericks: Accessing the Shut Down Dialog via the Power Button

VaughnSC: You're so right. I totally allowed a Windows shortcut to creep over into my Mac shortcuts. It totally doesn't work. Return is the correct key for Shut Down. I'll be fixing it.

RE: iOS 7: Tweak and Disable Short Names in Messages

@mlvezie great question! The nickname field can be added to any contact within the Phone or Contacts app (Mac or iOS). Just go to the contact, hit Edit, Add Field (at the bottom) and select Nickname. Sha-boom.