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RE: Factions Form For and Against Upcoming 'Steve Jobs' Film

Of course Woz gave it his blessing. He consulted on it and made $200K from it. Pay me $200K and I'll explain in detail why "Showgirls" is a tour de force, a cinematographical masterpiece. if we're going to take the opinions of Scott Rudin with a grain of salt, then the opinions of someone paid by the moviemakers should also be taken with some skepticism.

RE: iFixit's Apple TV Tear Down Screwed Developers

NDA'd hardware is a very different thing in Apple's world than software they are *publicly beta testing* anyway. In addition, iFixit could have waited to publish the takeapart. But no, they had to be able to claim FIRST. And yes, it does make things suck for other devs. Downloading OS releases used to be the simplest thing in the world, even after Steve came back. But no one could respect a friggin' NDA and so it was locked down more and more.

RE: iFixit's Apple TV Tear Down Screwed Developers

The "Apple should have known" line is nonsense, and blaming Apple for iFixit's actions. Is iFixit run by and composed of children? No. They're adults. As well, IFixit could have easily carefully taken the unit apart, built and tested their guide, then...*not published it until the new AppleTV was publicly available.* The taking apart was a venial sin, it was the publishing a takeapart guide for beta hardware, literally pissing on the NDA that they agreed to and knew about that was the mortal sin. Why would iFixit do this? Why any YouTube comment stream will answer that question: "FIRST!"…

RE: This Is How You Know It's Time for Apple Car

The fact people don't like what he's saying doesn't detract from his legitimate points. The comparisons to the comments from Palm are silly for a number of reasons, the biggest being that the difference between a cell phone and a laptop are, when you look at it, minor. Conceptually, and in terms of upgradeability and the rest, there's a micron's worth of difference between them. A car is a different beast. He's right when he points out that the auto industry margins suck. As well, the infrastructure costs of making a car stay pretty much constant. You can't make 1500lbs…

RE: Marco Arment Yanks Content Blocker Peace from App Store

"Mr. Arment went on to say he doesn't have an issue with content blockers, but doesn't feel comfortable profiting from one while "being the arbiter of what's blocked."" But that's what the creator of a content blocker is. That's a requirement to create a content blocker. Did he not realize that while he was coding, debugging, testing, designing it? Isn't that what all programmers are? Arbiters of what that application will and will not do?

RE: What Will It Take For You To Disable Your Ad/Content Blocker?

the only "blocking" thing I've done is disable flash except for the two things I actually need it for, (Thanks VMware). Other than that, if the annoyance level of the ads on a given site get too high, I stop going there. There's rarely any content I can't find anywhere else.

RE: YouTube Puts Another Nail in Flash's Coffin with HTML5 on the Desktop

around 2007/2008 I was in the Flash team's building in S.F. Very nice building, and I told them that the days of needing Flash to cut a square hole in a browser to play moving pictures with sound were coming to an end. The early versions of HTML 5 video were hitting, iPhone not supporting Flash, Flash support in Android was pants on a good day. It was going to end. The days of needing a plugin to play movies was going to be over, and it was going to be sooner than later. They insisted that wasn't the case.…

RE: Jeff Gamet Lets His Potty Mouth Roam Free on Angry Mac Bastards

BAAHAAHAHAHAHA Indeed. And he has the new mid-intro music blurb, because he's just that funny.

RE: Apple Lays Out Plans to Bring Developer Website Back Online

Why would it? Apple does have an internal IT staff and other people not on the OS Dev teams that can deal with this.

RE: How to Set Up Gmail on iOS Using Exchange ActiveSync

Google changed something then. I've three Exchange ActiveSync accounts, and on the non-google ones, I can flag messages.