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RE: YouTube Puts Another Nail in Flash's Coffin with HTML5 on the Desktop

around 2007/2008 I was in the Flash team's building in S.F. Very nice building, and I told them that the days of needing Flash to cut a square hole in a browser to play moving pictures with sound were coming to an end. The early versions of HTML 5 video were hitting, iPhone not supporting Flash, Flash support in Android was pants on a good day. It was going to end. The days of needing a plugin to play movies was going to be over, and it was going to be sooner than later. They insisted that wasn't the case.…

RE: Jeff Gamet Lets His Potty Mouth Roam Free on Angry Mac Bastards

BAAHAAHAHAHAHA Indeed. And he has the new mid-intro music blurb, because he's just that funny.

RE: Apple Lays Out Plans to Bring Developer Website Back Online

Why would it? Apple does have an internal IT staff and other people not on the OS Dev teams that can deal with this.

RE: How to Set Up Gmail on iOS Using Exchange ActiveSync

Google changed something then. I've three Exchange ActiveSync accounts, and on the non-google ones, I can flag messages.

RE: How to Set Up Gmail on iOS Using Exchange ActiveSync

One thing to keep in mind with Exchange ActiveSync and Gmail is that this won't sync reminders, which normally is an Exchange ActiveSync feature. This is a Google decision, not a limitation of either iOS or Exchange ActiveSync.

RE: Apple’s Email Tinkering is Unwanted

That?s it?? I spelled your name wrong? Good God, man. You have serious anger issues. Get some help. Maybe you should lose your job.? That would wake you up.
You're doing all the "yelling" in this, and lecturing someone you don't know about etiquette, oh, and telling them they should be unemployed until they learn to think in a way you approve of. yet *I* am the one with anger issues? O Irony, How You Amuse Me.

RE: Apple’s Email Tinkering is Unwanted

First, if you're going to lecture someone whose last name is only five letters long, and seen in almost any place that sells juice or jam, spelling it correctly is probably a good thing. "Welch" not "Welsh", "Walsh", "Walch" "Weltch" or the grand dame "Wealtsch". It helps. Secondly, when someone posts something like this, they're trying for a reaction. "Let's stir something up by posting something provocative". Okay, he did, and it worked. Finally: If you're going to take the time to lecture someone on appropriate behavior, you may not wish to be just as, if not ruder than you…

RE: Apple’s Email Tinkering is Unwanted

as a few people have pointed out, there are a number of factual problems with your assertions.

Instead of labeling the data so as to avoid ambiguity, it seems that Apple expects us to infer the subject and from lines by their content and placement, creating an additional cognitive burben on some while removing it for some others. Plus, we must look in a new place for the date, which wastes time. Also, note how the string ?Re:? now looks like a header when it isn?t. Presumably, this is one of those simplifications that Apple is bringing to OS X…

RE: OS X is Getting Simpler. What to do About That

John, That was poor wording on X11.? It got lumped in with Java, which has had a rash of security issues.? None that I know of for X11.? Just simplification there.
But that STILL wasn't the *primary* reason. All the information I've seen was that as long as Apple had to do all the work, there was *always* going to be a delta between Oracle releasing Java updates and Mac users getting access to them. Didn't matter what the updates were for, as soon as you have another agent involved in the update process, you have a…

RE: 6 Top Reasons to Visit your Library (Folder)

Except that plist files are not text files by default any more, they're binary files. So editing them isn't as easy as it used to be, and if you're not familiar with how plist files implement XML, you can screw your application or your account into the ground pretty quick, and then you're deleting things to get back to functional. on number 5: or, you could just use Mail's built-in export/import functionality, or use IMAP. Copying files around isn't always the best way, and, if you aren't careful with how you replace things in that mail folder, you could replace…