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RE: OnBeep Makes Star Trek: TNG Communicator a Reality

This is so cool! Wish I had a need for them just to say I had them.

RE: Griffin Survivor Core Case for iPhone 6/6 Plus: Excellent Protection with a Clear Back

I'm not sure what a full-skin protective film is, but I can tell you that it works with a tempered glass cover if that helps in any way.

RE: Griffin Survivor Case for iPhone 6/6 Plus: Maximum Protection with Ease of Use

wab95, wait a few days and check out my review of the other new case from Griffin - The Survivor Core. It offers most of the protections that the larger case offers, but it has a clear back that lets the world know you have an Apple.

RE: Create Ringtones From Your iTunes Library and Add Them To Your iPhone

Manuel, I suspect that you are trying to use music that was not purchased directly from the iTunes store. These steps will only work with iTunes music. Even if you purchased a CD and added it to your iTunes library, the song will not be accepted. Hope this helps.

RE: UAG Case for iPhone 5/5s Meets Military Drop-Test Standards

It is available from the company website (see above), or from Amazon. Last time I checked Amazon had them starting at $18.

RE: Griffin Wired Keyboard for iOS Devices Eliminates Bluetooth Headaches

Peter, good catch. The sentence should read I despise using the trackpad......

RE: Griffin Wired Keyboard for iOS Devices Eliminates Bluetooth Headaches

I'm not aware of any mouse although I agree that there is some advantage. For a wired mouse to work there would have to be a connection port on the keyboard. I don't know of any bluetooth mouse that works with an iOS device, but perhaps a reader will know of one and suggest it. If there is such an animal I would love to review it.

RE: Rapoo E2700 Keyboard Includes Touchpad

Brett, as noted in the review, the trackpad will do anything the Apple trackpad will do and it responds to the lightest of touches. I don't have an Apple magic trackpad to compare, but the product is quite sturdy and I have every confidence that it will hold up well.

RE: Bruno iPhone 5/5s Case: Premium Leather, Excellent Belt Clip

Different cases have different sizes, obviously, but my best advice is that it will not work with most cases. My case is of medium thickness and it would not work.

RE: Various and Sundry Observations On, Well, Important Stuff

iJack, I purchased the kit because I didn't know what was going to be the best way to make use of the SSD. (Waited for advice from the expert who performed the installation.) Either way, I knew the drive case would be used by either me or my expert. It all worked out perfectly.