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RE: iPhone 6s/6s Plus: How to Use 3D Touch

Aw, thank YOU for reading! grin

RE: iPhone 6s/6s Plus: How to Use 3D Touch

Hey, thanks, ctopher! That's interesting info! I appreciate you mentioning that. wab95, the first thing I did when I started using 3D Touch was change the sensitivity to "Light" (as you can see from my screenshot above). I'm still getting used to the setting too—I keep accidentally triggering it—but I find the "Light"option nicer to use than the default, even so.

RE: OS X El Capitan: 3 Steps to Get Ready

Thanks for the comments, guys! wab95, I'm not going to scold you for not having a backup. But I am going to look askance at you for it. This is me, doing that. Can you feel it from where you are? grin —Melissa

RE: OS X: Archiving Messages from Apple Mail

No problem! Thanks for reading, Mark. grin

RE: iOS 9: Use Two Fingers to Manipulate Text

Hapa papa bubaju, that's awesome! I think that's better than my tip. grin And thanks, Lee! I appreciate it!

RE: OS X El Capitan Beta: Pinning Safari Tabs

Thanks for commenting, wab95! I'm pretty happy with El Cap so far, much happier than I was with Yosemite. I am having far fewer glitches on a daily basis, so good for Apple!

RE: iOS 9: See Extra Battery Details

Dear xmattingly, Me? I have no idea what you're talking about! wink —Melissa

RE: OS X El Capitan Beta: Muting Safari Tabs

Hey wab95! Yeah, I gotta say that El Cap has been pretty awesome for me so far. I like it much more than I liked Yosemite when I first tried it out! —Melissa

RE: OS X Photos: Using Split View

Aw, thank you so much, geoduck! That made my day. grin