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RE: iOS 8: See What's Eating Your Battery

Hey webjprgm, I haven't seen that feature yet myself, but a Web search tells me that one of the potential categories within that percentages section is "No Cell Coverage" (at least that was shown in the beta of iOS 8). If you find out anything, be sure to let us know! I'm curious. —Melissa

RE: OS X: Solving Mail Searching Problems

Hey Adam, Assuming you've got a backup of her machine, I would definitely try deleting the accounts and re-adding them in Mail before taking the drastic step of migrating her to another user. Again, as long as you've got a backup, you could also try removing all associated Mail files—such as .plists—to see if that resolves anything. Good luck! Melissa

RE: Reminders: Reuse Old Entries

Thanks for the comment, Jon! I'm sure our readers will find that very helpful. grin

RE: Dock Folder Shortcuts: How Do They Work?

You're welcome, Brutno! Happy to help. And I think I need even more coffee now… wink

RE: Safari for the Mac: Finding the Wallpaper File

I never got into Douglas Adams, either—I made it through the first book in the series, but I just didn't enjoy it all that much. I think they deducted fifty nerd points from me for that opinion, though. —Melissa

RE: iTunes: Deauthorize Before You Sell Your Mac

Hi geoduck, iDevices don't count, so keep in mind it's just the actual computers…that makes it a bit easier! I do understand why it's frustrating that Apple puts these limits on, but I also understand it from their point of view. For example, let's say you purchase a movie and authorize your friend's laptop to play that movie, too. Then after your friend watches it, you authorize friend #2 to do the same thing, and so on, and so on. I see it as Apple trying to control the amount of times one can share media, and with more individual…

RE: iOS 7: Closing All Open Safari Windows on Your iPhone or iPad

Hey furbies! Private Browsing has been available on Apple's mobile devices since iOS 5, but before iOS 7, it was only accessible through Settings. So even though it essentially worked the same way, the inconvenience of having to go to Settings was too much of a bummer, in my opinion. raspberry And I vote that someone starts that "rocket to the sun" business. I'd subscribe. Wait, did I say that? —Melissa

RE: OS X Finder: Customize Your Desktop

Hi Grover! I'm sure the answer differs for each person, but for me, it's because the Desktop is always there. I don't have to have a window open to access it—it's just a trackpad gesture away. It's probably a matter of how you're accustomed to working, but sorting files makes more sense in my brain. —Melissa

RE: 3 Handy Tips to Make Preview More Productive

Thanks for the comments, guys! Kenoodle, I especially appreciate you taking the time to write that up. I'm sure our readers will find it very useful! Ctopher, I wrote a tip a while back about using Automator to combine PDFs instead of Preview. Maybe you'll find it to be helpful: And Scott B, I'm not sure what you mean. When I add a bookmark into a PDF, that bookmark remains within the specific file I chose, and I don't see anything on separate PDFs. Can you explain what you're experiencing? —Melissa