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RE: OS X Photos: Using Split View

Aw, thank you so much, geoduck! That made my day. grin

RE: OS X Pages: Using Sections to Delete Document Pages

Hey geoduck! What you'd need to do afterward to make the document function with proper text flow is to remove any existing section breaks. (You can see where they are by choosing View> Show Invisibles.) Theoretically, if you put both the breaks on the same page and then delete the page, that shouldn't be an issue; however, Pages is kind of funky sometimes, and I have seen those section breaks jump to an existing page even after the one they were on was removed! Good point. I should've included that in the article. grin Melissa

RE: Photos: Using the Tilt Wheel to Straighten

Thanks, ctopher! And thanks for the additional tip, too. grin —Melissa

RE: OS X: Archiving Messages from Apple Mail

Hey furbies, The way that I used to be able to do that was by choosing File> Save As within Mail, and then you can pick the format you want to save to. However, that feature is not working properly in El Capitan (and I don't know how long it hasn't been functional). If I save as rich or plain text, attachments aren't being preserved even if I select that option; if I save as raw message source, the emails themselves are getting all munged up. So you can certainly test it on your end, but I'd suggest sticking with…

RE: OS X: Why You Need a Hard Drive Clone

Thanks for the comments! iJack, I'm sure that suggestion will help someone—was the hub you tried powered, though? I've had much better luck with those. And wab95, yours is truly a cautionary tale. I hope anyone who reads your story actually LISTENS to the lessons behind it! —Melissa

RE: OS X: Why You Need a Hard Drive Clone

That's a cool setup, furbies! Hooray for redundancy! And I'm sad for you about the slow Internet speed. If I had power over such things, I'd fix it for you. Alas, I have very little power. Of any type. wink —Melissa

RE: Apple Maps: Reporting Incorrect Information

It's funny that you say that, Mike…I just had someone on Twitter tell me the same thing (that he'd had trouble getting Apple to correct wrong info). As I noted, I've had really good luck with them, so I wonder what the difference is? Most of my submissions have been relatively recent, so maybe that's a clue. Or maybe they just really like Colorado! I'm going to go with that. wink —Melissa

RE: OS X: Three Common Causes of Slowdowns

Hey Randy, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. grin On many occasions, I have seen the symptoms I describe in my first paragraph be hugely improved by upgrading RAM, especially if a review of the info in Activity Monitor indicates a problem. Though I do agree with you, of course, that a clean operating system install will often fix underlying issues! Good suggestion. —Melissa

RE: OS X: Three Common Causes of Slowdowns

Stanbh, if you don't see the "Memory" tab under Apple Menu> About This Mac, then it's likely that your machine doesn't have user-upgradable RAM. You can confirm this through Apple's support pages on your model (or just by Googling "[model name] RAM upgrade," if that's easier). Realearlygeek, what I typically see in cases where machines are running out of RAM is that it's been a gradual slowdown that people don't notice until their machines become unbearable to use (after several operating system upgrades over time, too). As you noted, though, any sudden slowness with no apparent cause could be a…