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RE: Apple Watch: Adding More Customized Faces

"Friendly looking," wab95? To me, he looks rather sinister. Maybe I had a bad run-in with a mouse I don't remember. Or Walt Disney.

RE: Apple Watch: Using "Cover to Mute"

Hey wab95—thanks for commenting! I always enjoy reading your posts. grin A couple of things. First, you taught me a new word ("apposite"), and I like it, so I'm keeping it. No takesies-backsies. Secondly, I am totally a dweeb with an Apple Watch (and a rather small one at that), and as such, the last thing I want is to give the impression that I'm ready for anything short of a nap or a good book. That being the case, I will attempt to avoid the readiness pose, unless of course the thing I am preparing to defend is my…

RE: Apple Watch: Using "Cover to Mute"

Thanks, Lee! I'd be curious to hear what you think of your Watch when you get it. And cjpitt, let me know how that social experiment works out for ya! wink

RE: Apple Watch: Mark Your Location

Oh, mhikl. I just love your posts! You make me smile every time. grin

RE: Apple Watch: Mark Your Location

I gotta say, BurmaYank, I am WAY more impressed with it than I thought I'd be. I was excited about getting it, sure. But it's a ton more useful and handy than I was expecting—Apple's truly thought this one through!

RE: My Three Favorite Apple Watch Tips

You're welcome, twynne! Thanks for reading. —Melissa

RE: iTunes: Deleting Songs (Completely) from a Playlist on Your Mac

Hey Wilson, I'm on iTunes 12.1, and it's still working for me. What happens when you select a song from a playlist and press Command-Option-Delete? —Melissa

RE: Contacts: Using a Private Me Card

Hey Dave! Thanks for reading! There is a checkbox like that…sort of. If you go to Contacts> Preferences and click on the "vCard" tab, you'll see a checkbox labeled "Export notes in vCards." I keep that turned off, as I almost never want to share the notes I've made on a person anyway! But that should solve the issue you're talking about too. grin —Melissa

RE: iOS 8.3 Messages: Filtering Unknown Senders

Happy to help, nana! Thanks for reading. grin