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RE: QuickTime & Yosemite: Recording Your iPhone or iPad Screen with iOS 8

Hey Neils, Hmmm. Is it at all possible that you're running out of space on your drive? And can you do other types of recording? If you started an audio recording, for example, would it go for longer? —Melissa

RE: OS X: Using Spotlight's Privacy Features

Hey iJack! Fortunately, it doesn't work that way. The privacy settings will hide the folder in question and its contents from Spotlight searches, but other matches outside of the folder will still show up. grin —Melissa

RE: OS X: Using Spotlight's Privacy Features

That's true, though if it's brussels sprouts you're making, I don't think there can be any winners in that situation. grin

RE: OS X: Using Spotlight's Privacy Features

Good call, Brutno! Though I have to imagine that anyone savvy enough to check there would wonder why the heck your recipes needed to be private. wink —Melissa

RE: OS X Photos Beta: Where Are the Adjustments?

Hey guys, My opinion is that Photos is *not* a replacement for a more advanced program like Aperture or Lightroom—but for most people, it'll be good enough. If you're someone who has always used Lightroom, say, and you like it, I would not suggest switching! grin Geoduck, you still can't press Escape to go back, but you can use a few keyboard shortcuts to jump elsewhere: Command-1 goes to your Photos, Command-2 goes to your Shared images, and so on. It doesn't even seem like the trackpad's "Swipe between pages" functionality works in Photos, which is annoying. Prl99, I did…

RE: OS X Photos Beta: Scrubbing Through Thumbnails

Hey Bart! What problems are you having getting your data out of iPhoto? Both iPhoto and Photos have a File> Export command that'll allow you to choose to export metadata like location info along with the images. Then you can import that into another program if you'd like. What are you looking to do specifically? —Melissa

RE: Intuit Hoses Quicken (Mac) Users...Again

Excellent article, Bob! And I second the recommendation for iBank—I've been using it for years and love it.

RE: QuickTime & Yosemite: Recording Your iPhone or iPad Screen with iOS 8

Aw, thanks, Ian. I'm very happy you enjoyed it!

RE: iOS: Forcing iCloud Contacts & Calendars to Sync

Hey Mike, It might be time to take some more drastic steps. Have you tried logging out of your iCloud account on your iPhone and then logging back in? If not, that would be a good place to start—but be sure that you've backed up your important iCloud data first (instructions are here: If that doesn't help, I would consider restoring my device if I were you. Sorry you're having trouble. :( —Melissa