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RE: OS X: How to Merge Calendars

Hey Christian! I thought it was weird too—the first time I tested this under Yosemite, it kinda scared the crap out of me! Heh. Not sure why they changed it, as the old way seemed more intuitive to me, but Apple does what Apple wants, I s'pose. grin Thanks for reading! Melissa

RE: Resetting Your Mac's System Management Controller (SMC)

Well, let's hope the new machine doesn't catch on fire! grin

RE: Resetting Your Mac's System Management Controller (SMC)

Yes, indeedyo! There is nothing quite like the panic of "my Mac won't boot." Well, maybe "my Mac is on fire," but how often does that happen?

RE: Yosemite: Using Spotlight for Conversions

Thanks, Lee! I always appreciate you reading my stuff. grin

RE: iOS 8: View Siri's Identified Songs History

Thanks, wab95! I'm happy you enjoyed it. I've had no trouble with Siri identifying what I ask her to, but then again, my musical tastes are way more Motown than Mozart. wink

RE: OS X: Adding a Folder to the PDF Services Menu

Hey, thanks for the additional tip, nishkabob. I didn't know you could do that! —Melissa

RE: OS X: Adding a Folder to the PDF Services Menu

Aw, thank you, Lee! Happy holidays right back atcha, my friend. grin

RE: OS X Yosemite: Changing Your Mac's Ringtone

You're welcome, Windlasher! Thanks for reading. Lee, of course I do. As I sit here writing you, she's making me coffee. I might ask her to rub my feet later when they're tired. …On second thought, I'd probably be a bad boss anyway. wink

RE: OS X: Removing Adware with AdwareMedic

Aw, I'm happy to have helped in some small way! And don't feel bad about ending up with adware—for some reason, a lot of people seem to be getting stuck with it these days. The bad guys are getting sneakier! —Melissa