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RE: iOS 8: Using the "Quick Website Search" Feature

That's very sweet of you, furbies, but I don't think you'd enjoy me in your iPhone. I require a lot of coffee to keep me going, and I'm very grouchy before, say, 10 a.m. You'd probably have to "Hey Melissa" me ten times or so before I'd respond. wink

RE: iOS 8: Using the "Quick Website Search" Feature

Aw, shucks! Thanks, Jay. grin And thank YOU for reading! —Melissa

RE: OS X: Hiding Items with the Terminal

Hey Alan, You sure can. You can drag every file you want to hide into the Terminal window, and the same command should work for all of them. Hope that helps! Melissa

RE: iOS 8: Hiding Your Current Email Drafts

Aw, thank you, furbies! Hopefully you won't think I'm less clever if I tell you that I did it the first time by accident. wink

RE: iOS 8: Using and Disabling QuickType

You're welcome, Lee! Thanks for reading my articles. grin

RE: iOS 8: Requesting the Desktop Version of Websites

Aw, you're welcome, Lee! Thanks for reading. grin

RE: We Got Our Bigger iPhones - Hooray! So How do we Carry Them?

I carry my 6 Plus in my purse, so there's no added hassle for me from the bigger device. We really need to popularize the man-bag for you fellas.

RE: iOS 8: See What's Eating Your Battery

Hey webjprgm, I haven't seen that feature yet myself, but a Web search tells me that one of the potential categories within that percentages section is "No Cell Coverage" (at least that was shown in the beta of iOS 8). If you find out anything, be sure to let us know! I'm curious. —Melissa

RE: OS X: Solving Mail Searching Problems

Hey Adam, Assuming you've got a backup of her machine, I would definitely try deleting the accounts and re-adding them in Mail before taking the drastic step of migrating her to another user. Again, as long as you've got a backup, you could also try removing all associated Mail files—such as .plists—to see if that resolves anything. Good luck! Melissa

RE: Reminders: Reuse Old Entries

Thanks for the comment, Jon! I'm sure our readers will find that very helpful. grin