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RE: OS X: Removing Adware with AdwareMedic

Aw, I'm happy to have helped in some small way! And don't feel bad about ending up with adware—for some reason, a lot of people seem to be getting stuck with it these days. The bad guys are getting sneakier! —Melissa

RE: OS X: Removing Adware with AdwareMedic

Hi iJack! I was (mostly) kidding around—though I do think it's good advice for people who aren't technologically savvy. grin —Melissa

RE: OS X: Removing Adware with AdwareMedic

Agreed agreed agreed! Download from the App Store, people. grin

RE: OS X: Removing Adware with AdwareMedic

Hey Lee, What I meant by that was anything that you might want to use that Apple doesn't offer, like Skype, for example. It's good to be sure that the download link you're clicking is a legitimate one, but it's not always easy for folks to figure that out, I find. —Melissa

RE: OS X: Removing Adware with AdwareMedic

Hey MOSiX Man! To be honest, I've never had adware on my personal computer. In the land of the über-paranoid Mac users, I am the queen. wink However, what I am seeing is a much greater frequency of adware on the machines of the folks I support. We've had four cases just so far this week, and these people weren't doing anything nefarious—just trying to download Skype or other legitimate programs (but from incorrect websites). The most common offender I've seen is called Conduit. As to your second post, are you sure you don't have MacKeeper installed? (Check your Applications…

RE: iPhoto: Comparing Photo Edits with the Shift Key

ctopher—oh, you! grin And thank you, Lee. I appreciate that!

RE: iOS 8: Using "Send Last Location"

Hey wab95, Tell your wife that she sounds like a kindred spirit, so I raise my iPhone to her! Now where did I leave that thing… wink —Melissa

RE: Terminal: Comparing Folders with "diff"

Hey JasperR! That is an excellent workflow! Thanks for sharing it with me. You rock! "PS - I haven’t heard Momentary Lapse of Reason since the late 1980s - can it really be that long ago?!" Sadly, all of the good music was at least that long ago. wink —Melissa

RE: Using AirDrop with OS X Yosemite and iOS

"In that sense, elegant design is not unlike a delivered joke; if you have to explain it, then it fails." wab95, you need to have that printed on a t-shirt. grin Brilliant comment!