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The Phiaton BT Earphones are Amazing

1:30 PM, Sep. 11th, 2012 · David Winograd · In-Depth Review

The Phiaton PS 210 BTNC

The Phiaton PS 210 BTNC is best sounding Bluetooth headset that David Winograd has ever heard. In his review of this best of breed device, he breaks down what it can do for you and why its $159 price tag isn't very high at all.

Das Keyboard Is Nearly Perfect

2:30 PM, Aug. 16th, 2012 · David Winograd · In-Depth Review

Das Keyboard

The Das Keyboard Model S Professional for the Mac is, on one hand, a throwback to earlier times. On the other hand it’s one of the best keyboards on the market right now. David Winograd takes a look and tells you why.

The Problem with Magazines and The iPad

2:53 PM, Aug. 7th, 2012 · David Winograd · Editorial

Newsstand on an iPad

The more interactive and immersive digitai magazines become, the larger the file size, the longer it takes to download, and the harder it is to keep. David Winograd takes a look at this problem and its implications for the iPad.

Maxthon: A New Browser With Potential

1:50 PM, Jul. 30th, 2012 · David Winograd · Product News

Product News

The Maxthon Browser for the Mac is being released today in beta form. It’s far from perfect, but it has loads of potential and it can wind up being something very big in the Mac market. David Winograd takes a good look at what there is now and ponders what it might take for this to be a powerhouse browser given time and honest critical feedback from the Mac cognescenti. This is the first entry just such a discussion.

Watch the Summer Olympics on Your Mac or iOS device

2:14 PM, Jul. 24th, 2012 · David Winograd · Reports


The Summer Olympics are coming and 29 percent of the US is not expected to watch it on TV. Between streaming to computers, mobile devices and reading electronic media to get information on the events, this has the potential to change the face of media consumption entirely. David Winograd takes a look at some alternatives in this report.