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RE: AppleCare for Mac Covers AirPort, Some Accessories, More

"There's often a debate about the usefulness of AppleCare, but it's frankly a good value when you consider that it covers your Mac as well as a good portion of what you connect to it." By itself, this is not an argument in favor or against AppleCare. It wouldn't necessarily make AppleCare a good value even if it also covered twenty other devices, including iHome alarm clocks and Jambox Bluetooth speakers. It would only matter if the probability that these devices would ever need warranty-covered repair/replacements was high enough to justify the expense of AppleCare.

RE: Announcing TMO's New Product Scoring System

I tend to be nitpicking when it comes to language in stuff like this. As such, I have a few quibbles, especially with the second sentence of two of the ratings categories. What's the difference between "Get it now" and "You should get it"? When should I get it, if not now? Tomorrow? Why would I be happier getting it tomorrow instead of now? And why should that be the critical distinction of the two ratings? As to "Get it only if you need it" — does that mean I should get higher rated products even if I don't need…

RE: Steve Jobs's Inner Circle Defends Their Version of Jobs's Legacy

I tend to be skeptical on all fronts. Just because Tim Cook and the folks at Apple prefer the Becoming version, doesn't mean it is the more accurate or "true-to-who-Steve-really-was" version. There's probably a good deal of truth to both versions. Steve was not a person who could be fit into an easy-to-define stereotyped box.

RE: Apple's iPhone 6 Plus: A Perfectly-Sized Portable Device

Good article; I wouldn't expect less. smile I see an interesting dichotomy emerging between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus proponents. Many iPhone 6 Plus users (including you, Dan Frakes, Bob LeVitus and others whose articles I have read) cite the Plus advantage that it almost eliminates their need to use their iPad mini anymore. I totally get that and I agree that it's a good reason to prefer the 6 Plus. But it doesn't fit for people like me. First, I use an iPad Air rather than an iPad mini. I prefer the larger size. There is no way…

RE: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: Dr. Mac's Final Showdown

RE: "Moving right along, that the iPhone 6 Plus can take the place of my iPad mini for travel was merely a bonus. The real reasons I selected it over the iPhone 6 are its camera and battery, which are both the best every in any iPhone." Your article, as represented by the quote above, makes no mention of any trade-offs with getting a 6 Plus, namely due to its larger size. The 6 Plus has a better camera and a better battery life, so get it if those things matter to you. That seems to be the beginning and…

RE: Apple iPhone 6 Plus - the Word That Shall Not be Spoken: Phablet

Apple did not "copy" Samsung by coming out with a 5.5" iPhone. Yes, Samsung had a phablet first. Apple is second (or whatever place). Apple is a follower, no doubt, but not a copier here. You don't "copy" a size. One milk company was the first to sell milk in half-gallon containers. Now they all do. Does that make all other milk companies copiers? No. One television company was the first to make a 60 inch television. Now they all do. Does that make all other television companies copiers? No. It's just a size. No one company has any propriety…

RE: Apple iPhone 6 Plus - the Word That Shall Not be Spoken: Phablet

It's a bit of cognitive dissonance, rationalization, whatever. When 4.0 in. was the biggest iPhone you could buy, we tended to argue why we didn't want or need a larger phone and why phablets were too large, ugly and unwieldy. Now that the iPhone 6 Plus is here (and especially given how well Apple designed it), suddenly bigger is better. Especially among those who must have the biggest and the best. But also for those who see a Plus as a possible way of not also carting around an iPad. Making phone calls is now one of the least frequent…

RE: Moshi's Cases & Covers Are...Super!

I suppose it should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: Other than what I get paid to write an article, no money is involved in what I write. Companies do sometimes offer to give me a review unit (as was the situation here). Except for small inexpensive items, I return the product when I'm done. I only occasionally meet with companies regarding their products. It's far from the main source of what I write about. When I do, it's more likely that i will either never write an article about the product (because I think it is so…

RE: Multitasking & the iPad

As a result of reading the comments here, I realize there is another significant constraint on Apple' decision to move to a multitasking iPad: Apple expects to developers to design an app to perfectly fit the dimensions of the display. In a true multitasking environment, users should be able to resize an app's "window" to take up a selected fraction of the screen. This will almost certainly present difficulties for app designs. It's not an insurmountable obstacle. But it is worth noting.

RE: Multitasking & the iPad

Bosco: Thanks for the compliment. And your suggestion to ask for a review unit of Galaxy products certainly has merit. I'm going to investigate. Regardless, I will still likely stay within the fence. This is the MAC Observer after all. And my interests follow suit.