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RE: Moshi's Cases & Covers Are...Super!

I suppose it should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: Other than what I get paid to write an article, no money is involved in what I write. Companies do sometimes offer to give me a review unit (as was the situation here). Except for small inexpensive items, I return the product when I'm done. I only occasionally meet with companies regarding their products. It's far from the main source of what I write about. When I do, it's more likely that i will either never write an article about the product (because I think it is so…

RE: Multitasking & the iPad

As a result of reading the comments here, I realize there is another significant constraint on Apple' decision to move to a multitasking iPad: Apple expects to developers to design an app to perfectly fit the dimensions of the display. In a true multitasking environment, users should be able to resize an app's "window" to take up a selected fraction of the screen. This will almost certainly present difficulties for app designs. It's not an insurmountable obstacle. But it is worth noting.

RE: Multitasking & the iPad

Bosco: Thanks for the compliment. And your suggestion to ask for a review unit of Galaxy products certainly has merit. I'm going to investigate. Regardless, I will still likely stay within the fence. This is the MAC Observer after all. And my interests follow suit.

RE: Mac App Store's Sandbox Loophole

One more point... When a customer buys an app at the Mac App Store, part of his thinking may be that he is glad to be getting the security protection that the Store promises. If the customer then has to go outside the Store to get a fully functional version of the product, he is losing that protection. If the customer knew this was how things were going to work before purchasing the product, he might have decided not to buy it. That's why, once again, if a developer does not make all of this clear in advance of a…

RE: Mac App Store's Sandbox Loophole

James: I don't see how running on UNIX precludes requiring sandboxing. The iPhone runs on a UNIX system and it is completely sandboxed. As for Adobe and Microsoft (and Apple itself for that matter), Apple can always make a few exceptions for the big guys. At least during a period of transition. Finally, while I believe Apple is most likely headed in this general direction, I am certainly not 100% confident of how far Apple will go down this road. And, although less likely in my view, the other two possibilities remain. iJack: By referring to "honest' developers, I may…

RE: Mac App Store's Sandbox Loophole

iJack: I think you've missed the subtext of what I wrote. I don't mind that sandboxing gets circumvented. I am actually happy about it. My major point was that if Apple wants to have rules, they should enforce them. If the rule is stupid, they should abandon the rule, not fail to enforce it. Even worse, inconsistently enforcing a rule causes greater problems for developers, especially the honest ones. The honest ones play by the rules while they watch those with less integrity get away with breaking them. In this regard, I object to developers who claim that their program…

RE: The Trouble with iOS 6's Passbook App

Regarding Passbook's Lock Screen alert failing to work, Apple's document on using Passbook states: "If you aren't seeing notifications as expected...Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Ensure that Location Services and Passbook are both on." When I did this, I could not find a setting for Passbook. Maybe that's part of the problem.

RE: Success and Criticism of iPhones and Movies

Scott: Thanks for your comments. Yes, there is always your argument to be made, any time people are talking about something that is ultimately a matter of opinion. In the same way, I suppose there are people with a "velvet Elvis" hanging in their home that believe it is a greater work of art than the Mona Lisa. Still, I believe there are objective criteria, or at least a generally agreed upon consensus, that separates the wheat from the chaff. I also believe that many people can separate what they like from what they believe is "best" or "great." That…

RE: The iPhone 5 and the 3 i's: innovative, integrative and imitative

Randy: Re: " How can you say “the ability to take still photos at the same time you are recording video is new and a welcome innovation”? My error. Since posting the column, I have become aware that this feature has already been available on some Android phones. Had I known this, I would have omitted the feature from my list. Of course, it's still a cool feature, and I'm glad Apple decided to include it in the new iPhone.