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Apple Blocks Flash Again, Fixes Mac mini Sleep Issue

9:26 AM, Jul. 16th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · News

2012 Mac mini USB keyboard sleep issue gets fixed

Apple rolled out two updates on Thursday to address Mac security and performance issues. The first update blocks older versions of Flash from running in Safari, the second addresses an issue where the late 2012 model Mac mini wouldn't recognize USB keyboards after waking from sleep.

How to See What’s Killing Your iPhone Battery

7:04 PM, Jul. 15th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · TMO Quick Tip

iPhone Battery Usage view

This morning my iPhone battery went from a full charge to completely dead in a little over four hours without me using it for anything at all. That's not at all what I expect from a smart phone that's doing little more than laying on my desk, so I wondered exactly what was eating all the juice in my iPhone's battery. Thanks to a tip TMO's own Melissa Holt wrote almost a year ago I was able to solve the mystery.

TMO’s Favorite Amazon Prime Day Deals

11:38 AM, Jul. 15th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · News

Check out some of TMO's favorite Amazon Prime Day deals

Amazon is stacking up the discounts for its Prime Day Deals, so The Mac Observer sifted through the offerings to find some of our favorites. Read on to see what we liked, and remember deals are selling out quickly.

iPod touch gets Faster Processor, Better Camera, New Colors

11:10 AM, Jul. 15th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · Product News

Apple's new iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle

Apple released new iPod touch models on Wednesday with significant updates. The new model includes a faster 64-bit processor, the M8 fitness chip that's in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, 128GB storage, an 8 megapixel camera, and new colors including gold.

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Great updates for the iPod touch, but no Apple Music support for the nano or shuffle. That's too bad.

Apple Store Goes Offline, New iPods May be Coming

9:14 AM, Jul. 15th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · News

Apple's online store is down. New iPods may be on the way.

Apple's online store was replaced with the "We'll be Back" message that usually indicates new products or product updates are on the way. With rumors of an updated iPod touch circulating, we may finally get to see a refresh to the aging iOS-based iPod model.

Google Doodle Gives NASA’s New Horizons Pluto Probe a Hat Tip

11:10 AM, Jul. 14th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

It took US$3 billion and a decade to get the New Horizons probe to Pluto, and the images from its very brief encounter will be coming back soon. New Horizons zipped past Pluto on Tuesday at over 30,000 miles per hour, and at its closest point was only 7,750 miles away from the dwarf planet—which is far closer than the Moon is to Earth. Pluto is the farthest away body in our solar system humans have explored and was discovered only 85 years ago. Until now, we haven't had any close up photographs of Pluto and its moons, and the images that have been coming is as New Horizons made its approach have been amazing. To celebrate New Horizons reaching its closest point to Pluto before moving farther out into the solar system Google gave us a new doodle on its home page depicting the flight. Be sure to click the doodle animation for more information about Pluto and the New Horizons probe.

Facebook’s Internet Challenge: Let’s Kill Flash

9:50 AM, Jul. 14th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · Analysis

Facebook wants an official end date for all Flash support

Adobe's Flash has gone from the darling of the Internet party to creepy crasher everyone wishes would leave. Apple turned its back on Flash years ago, Google and YouTube aren't fans any more, Firefox now blocks Flash content automatically, and the latest nail in the coffin is coming from Facebook's Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos is calling for a kill date where all Web browsers drop support for the multimedia platform at the same time.