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FBI goes Quiet with iPhone Unlock Fight in Boston

3:30 PM, Apr. 4th, 2016 · Jeff Gamet · News

The FBI has another iPhone unlock case, this time in Boston

The Department of Justice's fight to force Apple to sidestep iPhone security features in San Bernardino isn't over, and in fact is still very much alive in Boston. Like the San Bernardino case, the FBI is citing the All Writs Act from 1789 as grounds to force Apple to find a way to bypass the iPhone's lock screen, but this time they're doing all under sealed records instead of in the open.

Siri gets Smarter about Baseball, Crisis Responses

9:30 AM, Apr. 4th, 2016 · Jeff Gamet · News

Siri gets smarter about baseball and crisis responses

Siri is getting smarter and more sensitive. Apple's mobile device voice recognition system now knows a lot more about baseball just in time for opening day, and can respond much more appropriately to statements about abuse and sexual assault.

The FBI Hacked One iPhone and is Hungry for More

3:04 PM, Apr. 1st, 2016 · Jeff Gamet · Analysis

The FBI and DOJ want easy access to all iPhones, not just one

The FBI found a way to hack into the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone after Apple refused to comply with a court order, the ACLU found a long list of cases where the FBI is trying to force Apple help unlock iPhones, and now it's using the undisclosed hack to unlock an iPhone in an Arkansas homicide investigation. So much for just this phone, just this once.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Available on iTunes

9:43 AM, Apr. 1st, 2016 · Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

It's April 1st, and we all know what that means: Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available on iTunes. If you've been trapped on Tatooine for the past year you may have missed that Episode 7 (or 4, if you don't believe in the prequels) came out last December and was more fun than a cantina full of Twi'lek dancers. The movie costs US$19.99 and includes extras like behind the scenes shots, deleted scenes, building BB-8, and more.

TMO Daily Observations 2016-03-31: Apple’s TV Shows, Goodbye Disney Infinity

2:19 PM, Mar. 31st, 2016 · Jeff Gamet · Daily Observations Podcast

Daily Observations Podcast

Apple is starting to produce its own original television content, although we haven't seen any of it online yet. Kelly Guimont and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to look at Apple's push into TV shows and offer their thoughts on where the company may be headed. They also offer up their thoughts on Disney abandoning Apple TV for its Infinity gaming series.

Apple TV Takes a Hit, Loses Disney Infinity Support

10:00 AM, Mar. 31st, 2016 · Jeff Gamet · News

Disney gives Apple TV gaming a thumbs down

Disney's endorsement of Apple TV as a legit gaming platform was short lived. Only six months after the fourth generation Apple TV launched Disney has dropped support for Disney Infinity, and that's going to make it hard for other big name game makers to take the platform seriously.

TMO Daily Observations 2016-03-30: Smartphone addiction, Encrypting Files

1:51 PM, Mar. 30th, 2016 · Jeff Gamet · Daily Observations Podcast

Daily Observations Podcast

Our smartphones seem to be taking over more of our lives, but it doesn't have to be that way. John Martellaro and Kelly Guimont join Jeff Gamet to talk about our dependency on smartphones and the compulsion many people have to immediately respond to every alert and notification. They also look at ways to keep your documents private and encrypted with the tools built into OS X on your Mac.