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Moxiware’s Apple Pencil Magnet: $16.95

6:51 PM, May. 6th, 2016 · Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

Moxiware's Apple Pencil Magnet is a claver add-on for your Apple Pencil because it turns your iPad Pro into a giant stylus holder, and it keeps your hundred dollar drawing tool from rolling off the desk. It's a sleeve that slides onto your Apple Pencil, so it adds a little more grip-ability to your stylus, too. It's available in several colors and it's available at a discount: US$16.95 instead of $21.95. I've been trying one out, and it's pretty cool. It even sticks to my iPad Pro in my bag, so my Apple Pencil doesn't get lost.

Apple Music gets 50% Student Discount

10:33 AM, May. 6th, 2016 · Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

Good news, students! Apple Music's monthly subscription is now half off for you if you're signing up for the first time or already paying for the streaming music service. That means instead of spending US$9.99 a month, you'll be dropping $4.99 to stream all the tunes your ears can handle. Sorry high school kids, you still have to pay full price because you need to be enrolled in an eligible university or college to take advantage of the deal. New users just need to sign up. Current subscribers need to change their status in Apple Music's account settings.

LAPD iPhone Hack isn’t as Big a Deal as You Think

10:42 AM, May. 5th, 2016 · Jeff Gamet · News

LAPD hacked older, hackable, iOS version

While the FBI was trying to force Apple to bypass security features on an iPhone 5c recovered in the San Bernardino mass shooting, Los Angeles police were successfully hacking into and recovering data from an iPhone 5s in a separate homicide case. If LAPD was able to hack into the iPhone 5s on its own, then why did the FBI insist it needed Apple's help with the iPhone 5c? The answer is simple: different operating systems, different security features.

Why I’m not Buying an Apple Smoke Detector

8:45 PM, May. 4th, 2016 · Jeff Gamet · Editorial

An Apple smoke detector alert system? No thanks

If Apple makes a smoke detector, I'm not buying it. Considering the bag of hurt HomeKit is, I'm just not ready to trust a life or death-level product to Apple regardless of how awesome my Mac, iPhone, and iPad may be.

FBI’s TOR, VPN-targeted Warrants Amount to Court Sanctioned Mass Surveillance

9:52 AM, May. 4th, 2016 · Jeff Gamet · Analysis

New warrant rules give DOJ sweeping computer surveillance powers

Anonymous Web surfing, VPNs, TOR, and even falling victim to malware could soon be enough justification for the FBI to brand you a criminal. Proposed Federal court changes will give judges the authority to issue mass search and seizure warrants—including remotely hacking into computers anywhere—that include victims of crimes as well as suspects. The rule amendments are so broad sweeping they amount to court sanctioned mass surveillance.