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RE: Fantastical 2 for iPad: It's Finally Here

I'll be testing it on the iPad Air and iPad mini, so I'll let you know how readable the text is on both.

RE: 10 Great Alternative "Lorem Ipsum" Filler Text Generators

Hey Gridmaster, there's actually a real reason why you can't find Jabberwocky in XPress anymore. Turns out Jabberwocky was a pre-Unicode thing and when QXP 8 rolled out with it's heavy Unicode reliance, Quark decided to drop it instead of rebuilding it from scratch. I miss Jabberwocky. Good times.

RE: 10 Great Alternative "Lorem Ipsum" Filler Text Generators

I was wondering if anyone would mention Bacon Ipsum. It's awesome, too. Narrowing the list down to just ten was surprisingly difficult!

RE: iPhone Apple Store App Offers Free Christmas Music

It's there, or at least I'm still seeing it. Scroll all the way to the bottom, way past the usual categories, beyond the "Top Gifts" and "Exclusives" sections, and even past the "Upgrade your iPhone" section. It's the second to last option just before "Faster shopping on the go."

RE: Samsung Galaxy Round - an Android Phablet with a Curved Screen

So did I miss a rumor about a round-screen iPad? That would totally explain the Galaxy Round.

RE: Analyst: 64-bit iPad Spells Bad News for PC Market

Celia, while you may not see a need for the iPad beyond gaming -- and it is a great gaming platform -- there are plenty of people that do use theirs as productive business tools. I routinely write and edit articles on mine, manipulate images and audio, and connect to and manage remote servers. With virtualization apps as well as remote connect apps, iPads are serving as gateways into corporate networks and apps instead of PCs for many companies. And gnasher769 is spot on: the iPhone 5s has more horsepower than many recent laptops.

RE: Samsung's Galaxy Gear: Doomed to Fail

You may very well be right, and your use of "chimera" is absolutely AWESOME.

RE: Gold iPhone 5S Gets Knifed in Scratch Test

Hey Scott, I'm glad you like my writing and thanks for reading! It's always nice to know someone is checking out my words. My big thing with this scratch test is that I'm hoping it means the coatings on the new iPhone models is more durable. Even though Apple hasn't made an announcement yet, there's so much information leaking out from multiple sources that I'm inclined to think this video is legit. If I'm wrong, then I'll own up -- especially since I was sure the gold iPhone was a crock for a long time.

RE: Apple TV: Apple's Highlander Move

It wouldn't surprise me if Apple gives us some kind of hardware update so the Apple TV can do more than it's currently capable of, and that would be a slick move to make it more enticing as the be-all-end-all home entertainment center device.

RE: Apple Rolls Out Massive iTunes Movie Discounts

When I purchased the Harry Potter series I chose to download immediately. That worked fine, and it looks like I was charged $10. Just FYI.