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RE: iTunes 12.2 and iCloud Music Library: A Disaster for Your Music Collection

It sure can't hurt to wait just in case there are other bugs that haven't been caught yet.

RE: Continuity Breaks Free from WiFi in iOS 9

It means that as long as your iPad or Mac has an Internet connection via cellular data or WiFi they can receive calls from your iPhone even when it isn't on the same WiFi network. Here's an example of where this could be handy: Let's say I want to hang out at my local coffee shop, but my iPhone battery is nearly dead. I can plug in my phone at home, then walk over to the coffee shop with my iPad. If I get any calls, they'll ring through to me on my iPad because it's on the coffee shop's…

RE: Your iPhone is about to Become Your Sex Tracker

Well, Apple could add sperm count. Any ideas for other male-specific reproductive data?

RE: Web Pages Not Loading? Here's How to Change Your Mac's DNS Servers

ibuck, no need to add your ISP's servers back in since OpenDNS and Google are going to be more efficient anyhow. And don't worry about adding anything to the column on the right. Everything should just work once you have your new DNS entries in.

RE: Apple Watch In-Depth Review

Do you have access to one to try? Maybe a nearby Apple Store or a friend who has one? You could try it out to see if it works for you.

RE: Apple Watch In-Depth Review

Hey BurmaYank, Apple Watch's heart rate sensors will work just fine, so that won't be an issue. The motion sensors may, however, have trouble telling when you've lifted your wrist to look at the watch.

RE: My Apple Watch Try-on Experience: Welcome to the New Apple Store

I was really impressed with the whole experience. There had to be some serious training ahead of this launch because they did absolutely everything right.

RE: Why I’m Not Getting An Apple Watch

iVoid, Kelly was *SO* hoping to use no lefty support as an excuse until I assured her it's really there. Her disappointment at finding that out was palpable. smile

RE: iTunes Update Improves Mac Photos Compatibility

Yeah. I wonder the very same thing.

RE: Sold! Apple Watch Has Already Earned a Place on My Wrist

Barry, relying on the sleep data Fitbit, or any other fitness tracker, collects is a really bad idea if you're looking at it as hard laboratory-style data. These devices "track" your sleep by monitoring your movement, just as you said. The only way to have solid sleep data is to do exactly what you did and participate in a clinical sleep study. I don't look to my Fitbit for clinical data when I should be sleeping, but instead as a tool to help track how restless I may be throughout the night. I can then compare that data with my…