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RE: Samsung Doesn't Have to Pay Apple Attorney Fees Because iPhone wasn't Famous

Apparently not, although it sure looks like a bad faith move to me.

RE: Analyst: No Apple iWatch this Year

I think it'll cross over between fitness and medical. Sort of the best of both worlds.

RE: TMO Daily Observations: 2014-08-19

You're right, dlstarr7. It's "Internet Movie Database."

RE: Apple Hit with Shareholder Lawsuit Over Employee Anti-poaching Pact

I think you're getting it. The problem here is that it looks like Steve Jobs got far too aggressive in his efforts to keep other companies from hiring away his top talent.

RE: Foursquare is Tracking Your Every Move. Here's How to Turn that Off

Lee, You can, but you won't be able to check in anywhere because all Location Services for Foursquare or Swarm will be disabled.

RE: TMO Daily Observations: 2014-07-14

Some kind of list letting people know what is and isn't acceptable would be nice, too, so it doesn't feel like blocked words are either arbitrary or slanted in a sexist way.

RE: Apple: iPad is a Vagina-free Zone

I love the idea of a FAQ, Lee. Brilliant!

RE: Apple: iPad is a Vagina-free Zone

More importantly, Apple blocked "vagina," but not "penis." That's the real issue here. Why are female anatomy terms wrong but male terms are acceptable?

RE: Rumor Claims iPhone Air Coming on September 25

I'm with you, geoduck. I'll be shocked if Apple releases an iPhone with the "Air" tag on it.

RE: Apple Releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.4 with Safari 7.0.5 and Sleep Fixes

OS X 10.9.4 installed without a hitch on my Retina MacBook Pro. I love how fast the process went. SSD FTW! So far everything is running fine and I'm not seeing any issues with Safari 7.0.5.