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UK to Drive Up iTunes Store Purchases through Tax Hike

9:08 AM, Mar. 24th, 2014 · Charlotte Henry · News

The days of £0.99 music downloads at Apple's U.K. iTunes Store may be coming to an end, and it isn't the iPhone and iPad maker that'll be driving the cost up. Britain's Government is looking to close a tax loophole that lets companies charge VAT rates from other countries -- something Apple and other companies currently do.

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Closing the VAT loophole for Apple, Google, and other companies selling online may help increase money coming into the government, but it won't make consumers happy.

iPad Airs and Minis Look Set to Top UK Shopping Lists

8:38 PM, Oct. 22nd, 2013 · Charlotte Henry · Editorial

Apple in the UK

LONDON - The Apple keynote was a mixture of the free and the very expensive, and that wasn't lost on the UK fan base who were looking closely at the goings on in California.  Of all the products Apple announced, it was the iPads that generated the most excitement at the London Mac User Group.

Apple’s iTunes Festival Took over Camden Town in London

1:33 PM, Oct. 1st, 2013 · Charlotte Henry · News

iTunes Festival

Apple's iTunes festival concluded Monday night with a performance by Katy Perry. The event took over The Roundhouse theater, an historic music venue in Camden Town, in North West London, where the entire month of September was dedicated to iTunes, the Festival, and Apple itself.

Apple’s Rumor Mill: Spinning Out of Control

9:30 AM, May. 14th, 2013 · Charlotte Henry · Editorial

Apple rumours have become almost beyond parody, an industry in themselves with websites, twitterfeeds and column inches dedicated to digging them up and dishing them out. Charlotte Henry thinks that may be behind some of Apple's rushed products, and Apple fans, media and bloggers are to blame.