App Camp for Girls gets Serious with Indiegogo Campaign

6:42 PM, Jun. 3rd, 2015 · by

Girls deserve just as much a shot at learning to code as boys, and App Camp for Girls aims to make that happen. The program is the brain child of Jean MacDonald, formerly of Smile Software, who decided turn what should be happening into reality. App Camp for Girls is off to a great start, so now it's time to turn the program into a sustainable organization capable of running coding camps for girls around the world. That takes money, and that means it's time to break out your credit card for a worthy cause. Head on over to App Camp's Indiegogo page and do what you can to help the program hit its US$100,000 goal so more girls can learn to code—and ultimately write the iPhone apps you won't be able to live without.


SonaVerse Clip-on Laptop Soundbar at its Lowest Price EVER ($18.99 w/free shipping) TODAY ONLY!

11:42 AM, Jun. 2nd, 2015 · by

The SonaVERSE USB is a clever soundbar-style speaker that weighs half a pound and can be clipped onto almost any laptop. It's cleverly designed and at just 8 ounces, perfect for travel. How much would you pay for such a speaker? Its SRP is US$42.48 (and no, that's not a typo); its street price is $24.99; but TODAY ONLY you can have one of your very own for a mere $18.99 (with free shipping) from BestBuy. The speaker is covered by a 3-year warranty and BestBuy says, "You can return or exchange almost everything within 15 days for a full refund." So what have you got to lose? If you need a cool little travel speaker for your laptop, or are looking for a great-but-inexpensive gift for the road-warrior dad or grad in your life, you better order one right now 'cause this offer expires at the end of TODAY (today being Tuesday, June 2, 2015). Put another way, if you don't order today you'll pay more tomorrow.  


Rose 2.0 and Satori 2.0 Screensavers (from After Dark) Released as Freeware for OS X

8:34 PM, Jun. 1st, 2015 · by

After Dark was the bee's knees back in the day, a collection of screen savers for your Mac that were fun. A lot of After Dark components have been released for OS X, and on Monday, Stick Software released Rose 2.0 and Satori 2.0, to abstract screensavers from the collection. Both work with OS X 10.9 Mavericks and OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Better yet, they're freeware. And cheers to blasts from the past.


Want Great Movie Deals? There’s an App for That

10:50 AM, May. 29th, 2015 · by

Looking for a way to add to your movie collection without spending a fortune? Fox Digital Entertainment has an app for you. The new Movie of the Day! app offers a special price on a different movie every day—and the savings are significant. Today's special, for example is The Sound of Music (it is Flashback Friday, after all) for US$5.99 instead of $14.99. The catch is that the deals are limited to Fox properties. You can download Movie of the Day! for free through Apple's App Store.


iTunes ‘Limited Time’ Movie Bundles: Lord of the Rings for $14.99, Aliens Anthology for $19.99

8:31 PM, May. 28th, 2015 · by

Apple announced several "limited time" offers on movie bundles through iTunes on Thursday, a way for customers to buy full movie series at a heavily discounted price. The company is promoting Jurassic Park Bundle ($19.99), The Lord of the Rings Trilogy ($14.99), Aliens Anthology ($19.99)—30 different bundles in all. Many of the titles come with iTunes Extras, as well. In addition to the limited time offers, there are a variety of other movie franchise bundled together.


iKlip Grip: iPhone Stand and Selfiestick with Bluetooth Shutter

6:35 PM, May. 26th, 2015 · by

IK Multimedia announced iKlip Grip Tuesday, a single product with that can function as a desktop tripod, grip handle, monopod or tripod adapter. In other words, you can use it as a stand or a selfie stick, and it comes with a Bluetooth shutter button for remotely activating your camera. Its holder is designed to accommodate smartphones of most sizes, as well as cameras. It ships later this month for US$59.99.


1987 Apple Promo Video Hints at Hubris of the 1990s

6:47 PM, May. 22nd, 2015 · by

Hubris. Wow. So much hubris. The first half of the video below was a promo video Apple made in 1987 under then-CEO John Scully. It was fashioned to be a fake series of clips set ten years in the future (in 1997) that showed how awesome and big Apple would be. From satellites to Macintosh psychiatrists, to even the very notion of success, it's all wrong. It features John Scully, who is proudly featured as the glorious leader of Apple in 1997, Michael Spindler, who would replace him and be fired in 1996, Steve Wozniak, who offers the most insightful comments in the piece, and Del Yoakem, who also had some interesting things to say. Blake Patterson, who posted the video to YouTube, described it as cheesy and cute. Personally it makes me cringe. So much hubris. And it was so wrong, both on technology and Apple's future.

Promotional Apple II Video with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Byte Shop

5:44 PM, May. 21st, 2015 · by

Check out this Apple II promotional video circa 1984. Built on still images, it features voiceovers from Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Paul Terrell, who owned the Byte Shop. The voiceover tells the story of Apple I and Apple II, and includes all manner of tidbits from Apple lore. Highlights for me include Mr. Terrell's recollection of a parts company asking if the two Steves really had an order for 50 Apple I computers, Steve Jobs talking about Woz's ability to reduce components, and several comments about the need for someone to make fully assembled computers. It also features an atrocious song with the lyrics, "Apple II forever and ever/bringing the rainbows to you." It was posted to YouTube in April 2011 by Blake Patterson, who penned a blog post on this and several other Apple promo videos. I hadn't seen it before, and neither had Harry McCracken, who posted something about it on Thursday at FastCompany. It's very interesting, so check it out.

Rare Power Computing Posters by Frank Kozik - Fight for the Mac!

8:01 PM, May. 20th, 2015 · by

In 1996, Mac clone maker Power Computing commissioned a series of posters from illustrator Frank Kozik. These were great pieces of art that captured the zeitgeist of the platform wars of the 1990s. They exploited both Apple's weaknesses at the time and Power Computing's strengths when it came to making fast computer hardware, while simultaneously harnessing that underdog quality that gripped so many Mac fans at the time. These posters were handed out as schwag at Macworld Expo, Seybold, and other events, and not many have survived. Bob "Dr. Mac" Levitus, who was Power Computing's Director of Eva, just posted his last unframed prints on Ebay. Check them out.