Kevin Lynch: Steve Jobs Tried to Hire Me After Flash Fight

11:33 AM, Dec. 29th, 2015 · by

Apple vice president of Technology Kevin Lynch is the man who first showed off Apple Watch months before it was available, and was deeply involved in the smartwatch's development. He's also the guy Steve Jobs squared off against in the fight with Adobe over refusing to allow Flash on the iPhone. At the time, Mr. Lynch was Adobe's chief technology officer and was publicly defending Flash when the movement to dump the platform was on the rise. Turns out Steve Jobs tried to hire him away from Adobe after their fight. Mr. Lynch turned him down, but accepted the opportunity later. He shared his experience in a recent commentencement speech at the University of Illinois. It's worth a watch because it offers some great insight into Mr. Lynch as well as Mr. Jobs.

CNN’s Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine Airs Jan 3

10:35 AM, Dec. 29th, 2015 · by

The Steve Jobs movie craze isn't over yet. The latest comes from CNN in the form of Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, airing January 3rd. The movie is a documentary-ish take on Mr. Jobs and his impact on Apple along with the tech world. CNN takes a critical look at his life and personality, which means the film will likely get a lot of criticism regardless of whether it's fair and accurate or a slam piece. You can check it out on CNN at 9PM eastern time.


ArcaBoard, the $20,000 Floating Board (Video)

3:30 PM, Dec. 28th, 2015 · by

There's a new hoverboard making waves, the ArcaBoard from Arca Space Corporation (ASC). The company posted a video of the floating contraption to, and as with every hoverboard, many are intrigued, but few are happy. ASC set itself up for someo of that by vastly overselling the ArcaBoard as a "product" that does anything more than float while the operator balances for dear life. In the video below, it's also described as "slightly bigger than a skateboard, which is true in the same way that a mattress is slightly larger than a shoebox. But, the ArcaBoard is still cool. The device floats with the help of "36 high power electric ducted fans with a maximum thrust of 200 kgf (430 lbs)." That makes it different from, say, the superconducting hoverboard Lexus is working on because it will float over many, if not most surfaces. The Lexus device needs a bed of metal for its magnetic field. The ArcaBoard is on sale (for preorder) now for US$19,900. It charges in 6 hours, but for $4,500, there's an optional charger that will do it up in 35 minutes. What do you think?

‘Nicholas Was’ Animated Video from Neil Gaiman Poem

8:36 PM, Dec. 23rd, 2015 · by

Check out Nicholas Was, a wonderful video exploring a darker version of the holidays. Based on a passage from Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors, Nicholas Was is an animated video offering a different take on the myth of Santa Claus. This was first posted some five years ago by 39 Degrees North, but I think it's amazing. Also, Neil Gaiman, so yay!  Merry Christmas and holiday love, from TMO.

iOS Window Manager Proof-of-Concept Video

7:38 PM, Dec. 23rd, 2015 · by

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) of High Caffeine Content posted a proof-of-concept video of an iOS window manager to Twitter Wednesday. I'm not at all certain I want a window manager in iOS, but lots of people have been thinking about this for a long time. I assume that one day we will have that sort of feature, be it from Apple or third party developers, and this effort from Mr. Troughton-Smith appears solid. The comments for this tweet are illuminating, too. What do you think?

White House Photographer Shares His Awesome iPhone Pics

11:54 AM, Dec. 23rd, 2015 · by

Chief White House photographer Pete Souza has been sharing pics on Instagram all year, and it turns out he was taking them with an iPhone. Now he's grouped all 58 together on a webpage where you can see them without flicking through his Instagram feed. Apple CEO Tim Cook called the shots "stunning," and they really are pretty amazing. They're so good, in fact, it's hard to believe they came from a smartphone.


BB-8 Ringtones for Your iPhone

11:02 AM, Dec. 22nd, 2015 · by

Even if you haven't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, you're probably already familiar with BB-8 because the little ball-shaped droid have been everywhere for months. He does the bloop-chirp thing to speak, like R2-D2, but with his own unique voice. David Sparks—well known for his excellent how-to books and Mac Power Users podcast, cobbled together several of BB-8's droid beep strings and turned them into iPhone ringtones you can use for incoming calls and texts. Head on over to the MacSparky website and download them for free. Thanks, David!


Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Movie Premiers Exclusively on Apple Music

4:35 PM, Dec. 21st, 2015 · by

Apple Music exclusively premiered Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour (Live) concert film on Sunday. In addition to a multi-camera performance from the world tour, the movie also features interviews with Ms. Swift and a look behind the scenes about various aspects of the show. All you need to watch it an Apple Music subscription, including new subscriptions in the 90-day trial period. Considering Ms. Swift's incredible following, that makes it a heckuva draw for Apple to bring in new subscribers.


60 Minutes Behind-the-Scenes Video Filming at Apple

4:25 PM, Dec. 21st, 2015 · by

60 Minutes aired a major segment on Apple and CEO Tim Cook by Charlie Rose. On Monday, CBS posted an 8 minute behind-the-scenes video (below) that is essentially an interview with Charlie Rose and the segment's co-producer, Andrew Bast, about filming the story. It's at least as interesting as the main 60 Minutes story. For instance, Mr. Bast talks about hearing the same words over and over again from Apple employees and executives: caring, simplicity, and collaboration were mentioned specifically. When asked about that in a followup interview, Apple senior vice president Angela Ahrendts said, "I don't think that Apple could do what Apple's done and Apple will continue to do without that unity, without that, you know, man-on-the moon type of vision that everybody gets united around." It's well worth the watch. We tried to embed the video, but CBS's embed engine is entirely Flash based and is a pile of &^#%. So, head over to the 60 Minutes site and watch it there. You'll need Chrome or Flash to watch it.