Sound Siphon Records Sound from Other Mac Apps

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Static Z Software released Sound Siphon on Tuesday, an app that captures sound from any other Mac app and allows you to record it. The app relies on a CoreAudio plugin that allows the app to work in compliance with Apple's Sandboxing rules for OS X and Mountain Lion for apps sold outside the Mac App Store. That means you can record the audio from, say, Safari, iTunes, or even a game. Sound Siphon offers a free version that allows you to record all of your system audio at one time. Registration for US$29.99 allows you to target individual apps, adjust their sound levels, and other controls. The video below demonstrates how it works.

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Check It Out: Sound Siphon Records Sound from Other Mac Apps

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I wouldn’t think that a CoreAudio plugin could be sandboxed, or sold through the Mac App Store.

Bryan Chaffin

Hey graxspoo, and thanks for the note. It’s not sold through the MAS, and I added a note to that effect in the story.


To make sure I understand this correctly, Sound Siphon adds an audio output device (select this instead of speakers) and audio input device to capture sound. It will be able to capture from apps that are sandboxed and sold on the Mac App Store. Sound Siphon itself is not sold in the Mac App Store and ... is or is not sandboxed? I guess it could be sandboxed, since it only gets audio legitimately via Core Audio.

This seems just like Ambrosia SW’s WireTap. At first I thought the difference was that Sound Siphon found a way to work with sandboxing, but it seems it might not actually be sandboxed?  Sound Siphon can capture per-app, while I don’t see that feature in WireTap, plus Sound Siphon is cheaper.


Yeah, I find this a bit confusing. The main problems that programs like Audio Hijack Pro face is that they need to do things that are outside the bounds of Apple’s sandboxing rules, and so can not be sold through the Mac App Store. How is this any different?

Static Z Software

I’d like to answer a few questions about Sound Siphon.

1. It does enable per-app capture on OS X 10.9+
2. It does work with sandboxed apps.
3. Sound Siphon itself is sandboxed and follows all of Apple’s sandboxing rules.
4. It isn’t in the MAS because Apple doesn’t allow Plug-Ins in the MAS.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion.

—Dominic Feira
Founder, Static Z Software


OK, thanks for the response. One more question, and I realize we’re getting a little technical here, but If your app is useless without a plug-in which is not sandboxed, then it seems to me your app is not really sandboxed. For example, if a hacker got into your website and replaced the plug-in with one that contained malware, this would infect end-users machines, since the extension will still be able to do whatever it wants. Or is the plug-in also sandboxed?

Static Z Software

The plug-in only loads into coreaudiod which is sandboxed. The plug-in is also signed. I hope that addresses your concern.

—Dominic Feira
Founder, Static Z Software

Mike Kulpa

I can already record sound with Quicktime. What does this app do that Quicktime doesn’t?

Static Z Software

It let’s you record the audio that your computer is playing. For example you can use it to record streaming audio from a website or to record audio from a video playing on YouTube.

The video above is demonstrating how to use it to record audio that iTunes is playing. This could be used to get a sound clip from a movie that you purchased to make a ringtone with.

—Dominic Feira
Founder, Static Z Software

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