The Shining Sequel Preview Available at Apple’s iBookstore

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Little Danny Torrance survived his terror-filled winter locked away with his parents in a mountain hotel and has since grown up. Now Stephen King has returned to the boy from The Shining, now a middle aged man, in Doctor Sleep to explore just how Danny's life has progressed in the wake of his father's alcoholism, violence, and depression -- and to toss him in the middle of a race to save a child that also has the shining. Doctor Sleep isn't available yet, but you can read a sample of the book now and preorder your full copy through Apple's iBookstore. The sample includes 83 pages, and the full book costs US$10.99. The Shining is considered one of Mr. King's greatest works, so we're excited to see what he gives us with Doctor Sleep.


Check It Out: The Shining Sequel Preview Available at Apple’s iBookstore

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