WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations Designed for iMac and MacBook

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Ergotron is offering two sit-stand workstations designed to work (and look good) with Apple's iMac and MacBook Pro and Air devices. WorkFit-A for iMac and WorkFit-B for MacBook are adjustable stands that allow you to raise them so you can work standing at your desk, or lower them for when you want to sit. They were designed for the growing movement of people looking to do more of their work standing up, and they work by clamping to the edge of your desk. The WorkFit-A for iMac (US$649) has a tray that holds your keyboard lower than the display, and it's also compatible with Apple's LED Cinema Display and Thunderbolt Display. WorkFit-B for MacBook ($329) serves as a platform for the laptop itself. Both have an Integrated cord management system for keeping everything straight.


Check It Out: WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations Designed for iMac and MacBook

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