Apple’s Australia Bond Sale Hits a Record Breaking $3B

10:43 AM, Aug. 21st, 2015 · · News

Apple's Australia bond sale tops AU$3 billion

Apple's kangaroo bond blew past Australia's biggest bond sale to date topping AU$3 billion. The company took in $1.2 billion in orders for the bond sale during its first two hours, and didn't slow down.

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Sure looks like Australian investors want a piece of Apple's success.

Jeff Gamet Discusses Apple’s Next iPad on MacVoices

9:09 AM, Aug. 21st, 2015 · · TMO Appearances

TMO's Jeff Gamet on MacVoices

The Mac Observer's Jeff Gamet teamed up with MacVoices this week for a special MacJury panel to look at what could be in store for Apple's next iPad. The panel also offered up their thoughts on the rumored September iPhone launch event, the future of the iPad mini, how they use their iPads, and more.

Swatch Scores One More Thing in Switzerland, not Apple

7:15 PM, Aug. 20th, 2015 · · News

Swatch trademarks Apple's

Swatch can get away with trotting out Steve Jobs's "one more thing" catch phrase in Switzerland, but Apple can't. The watch maker scored a trademark on the line and linked it to tech gear along with software and many tech-related services, which means Tim Cook and other Apple representatives can't use the very line they rely on to unveil surprise produce—or, at least they can't in Europe.

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Apple hasn't hosted a big product unveiling in Switzerland, so trademarking the... um... trademark line from Steve Jobs isn't going to stop Tim Cook and company from using it. Maybe Swiss watchmakers are a little concerned about the Apple Watch's potential success.

Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Gorgeous Pendant or Pocket Watch

5:15 PM, Aug. 20th, 2015 · · Cool Stuff Found

A Kickstarter project aims to turn your ordinary Apple Watch into an extraordinary pendant or pocket watch. Bucardo premium jewelry explains the pocket watch: "Inspired by the original way that men wore their timepieces, our patent-pending technology transforms your 42 mm Apple Watch into a classic, vintage-inspired pocket watch. Engineered to interface directly with the band slots of your Apple Watch, simply slide your wristbands out and slide your Bucardo accessory in. Our Pocket Watch protects your Apple Watch, and opens to give you easy access to the Apple Watch face." Regarding the need for constant authentication, the developer told TMO "...the password authentication can be turned off/disabled for the Apple Watch, thus not affecting the continuity of using your Apple Watch with one of our Pendulum Accessories. The only features that are compromised with our accessories are the activity tracking features as well as Apple Pay, which needs to sense the wrist as a security measure." There are are also some gorgeous pendant options. Shipping is scheduled for December 1—if funded. Support options for basic versions start at US$100.


Apple Appears to Be Asleep at the Wheel

4:55 PM, Aug. 20th, 2015 · · Hidden Dimensions

Apple asleep at the wheel

It's been a steady-state phenomena of Apple for years. A small executive team of senior vice presidents has presided over Apple ever since Steve Jobs returned to power. As the company has grown from $8B in annual revenues in 2004 to $182B in 2014, the size of the core executive team, where all the real power is, has not changed significantly. Today, Apple is suffering for it.

Soundfreaq’s Sound Step Lightning 2 Speaker: $59

3:07 PM, Aug. 20th, 2015 · · TMO Deals

Soundfreaq's Sound Step Lightning 2 Speaker

Soundfreaq's Sound Step Lightning 2 Bluetooth speaker packs stereo speakers and a subwoofer in a case that fits easily on your desktop and includes its's own special spacial sound enhancement system. It recharges via USB, so you don't need to worry about keeping extra batteries on hand, sports a Lightning dock, line-in jack, and an FM radio receiver. It's usually priced at US$150, but thanks to TMO's deal you can pick it up for 60% off at $59.

Flash gets Another Death Sentence, this Time from Amazon

11:57 AM, Aug. 20th, 2015 · · News

Amazon joins the list of companies chipping away at Adobe Flash

Flash's coffin is quickly running out of room for nails, but Amazon still managed to find a place for a new one. The online retailer won't accept Flash-based ads starting in September for and the Amazon Advertising Platform.

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Advertisers using Flash today is like booking a ticket on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.