David and Goliath on Paper: FiftyThree, Facebook, and Fighting for App Names

9:39 AM, Feb. 4th, 2014 · · App Store

Last week, Facebook announced it was introducing a new iPhone app called Paper. If the name sounds familiar, it's probably because you've already heard of Paper by FiftyThree -- a popular drawing app for the iPad. FiftyThree is asking Facebook to change the name of its app, but it doesn't look like the social networking service is interested, and that could make for a big headache for the drawing app company.

3 Free iOS Tools You’ll Want To Use

6:52 PM, Jan. 24th, 2014 · · App Store

Free on iTunes

Your iDevice is more than just external storage for your brain. This week in Free on iTunes Vern Seward takes a look at 3 tools that make you device really useful. Simbol, Real Simple: No Time To Cook, and Symple.

3 Free iOS Apps For Those Who Love To Read

9:59 AM, Jan. 19th, 2014 · · App Store

Free on iTunes

If you've got an iOS device then you've got a great ereader, but Vern Seward points out three freebies that might make your reading experience e=ven better in this week's Free on iTunes.  ReadMill, JukePop, and LibriVox.

5 Free iOS Apps to Get You Collaborating

9:59 AM, Jan. 11th, 2014 · · App Store

Free on iTunes

In this last article in a series to help kick off your New Year, Vern Seward takes a look at 5 free iOS apps that might help you collaborate with others: Dropbox, Documents by Readdle, DocuSign Ink, Quip, and JotNot Scanner.

Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts Promotion Wraps Up Today with The Rolling Stones

8:10 AM, Jan. 6th, 2014 · · App Store

Apple 12 Days of Gifts

Apple's 12 Days of Gifts promotion wraps up today. Available this year for the first time in the United States, the promo featured free music, books, TV episodes, movies, and apps, with the highlight being Day 5's inclusion of Hugo. Those looking for one more freebie this year can check out Day 12's live EP from the Rolling Stones.