Mac Help Scenarios I & II

3:00 PM, Jan. 30th, 2006 · · Computing with Bifocals

There are two things that I have observed over and over while at the Apple store.? Both are errors of omission by the computer user.? Had the computer user not committed the error of omission in the first place, they probably would not be waiting in a long line in the Apple store praying for help...

16 Days Without My Mac!?!

3:00 PM, Jan. 26th, 2006 · · Computing with Bifocals

As I am writing this I have been without my computer for 16 days. That is s.i.x.t.e.e.n. days. One six. Days. Without my computer...

Puzzles & Solitaire Forever!

3:00 PM, Dec. 29th, 2005 · · Computing with Bifocals

Nancy Carroll Gravley reviews two shareware games, Puzzles Forever and Solitaire Forever. In her review, she noted that both of these games have been around for awhile, but in their current versions they are dazzling.

Nancy’s (Alternate) Holiday Gift Guide

3:00 PM, Nov. 29th, 2005 · · Computing with Bifocals

It's easy to plan to give an iPod or a Shuffle or a Nano as a holiday gift, but what if you want to go in another direction, or can't afford something quite that expensive?? In this column I have a few alternate suggestions for computer related gifts that you might want to consider.

Teaching 400(+) People to Use a Mac

3:00 PM, Nov. 17th, 2005 · · Computing with Bifocals

Many of you reading this will be aware of the debacle that occurred in August when the Henrico County Virginia school system decided to sell off 1,000 4 year old, student used, iBooks for? US$50 each. Let me tell you how it should be done.? By that I mean how a school district can go about getting rid of older computers when replacing them with newer models while helping out some of the families and students of the district at the same time.

Review: iRemember Digital Scrapbooking

3:00 PM, Oct. 30th, 2005 · · Computing with Bifocals

Just in time for the holiday season, Nancy Carroll Gravley reviews iRemember, digital scrapbooking software for making modern, design-driven scrapbooks on your Mac

Nancy’s Guide to iChat (and Adium)

5:00 PM, Oct. 13th, 2005 · · Computing with Bifocals

Nancy Carroll Gravley offers a guide to using iChat, directions for using iChat to talk on MSN Messenger, and a look at Adium, another great Mac chat client

The Letter Bag

5:00 PM, Sep. 29th, 2005 · · Computing with Bifocals

Nancy Carroll Gravley dips into her mail bag to answer reader questions about two-button mice, and sending images through e-mail

More OS X System Preferences

5:00 PM, Sep. 22nd, 2005 · · Computing with Bifocals

In my August 12, 2005 column I reviewed several aspects of the systems preferences specifically associated with Tiger. I would like to again pick up that topic, but today's preferences discussion will be more general OS X related.

Tiger System Preferences

5:00 PM, Aug. 11th, 2005 · · Computing with Bifocals

As promised in my last column, this column is going to review the System Preferences of Tiger, reviewing one of the basics, but primarily focusing on the features that are new to Tiger