Studios Need To Replace BitTorrent, Not Punish Its Users

9:07 AM, Mar. 1st, 2013 · · Dave Hamilton’s Blog

In response to the recent details of the movie studios and ISPs "Six Strikes" deal, Dave Hamilton posits that this isn't the right solution, saying, "It's not my job as the consumer to support the studios' business model, it's their job to change their business model to serve me." He says more than this, too, and you can read it all right here. 

My Sonos Setup at Home

3:52 PM, Feb. 13th, 2013 · · Dave Hamilton’s Blog

Dave Hamilton has long been a fan of Sonos and, let's face it, music in general. His discussions about Sonos on the Mac Geek Gab podcast have led several folks to ask him exactly what his Sonos setup looks like these days. Dave, as always, is here to answer!

What is Sonos?

3:50 PM, Feb. 13th, 2013 · · Dave Hamilton’s Blog

Dave Hamilton's been a long-time fan and user of Sonos's wireless hi-fi systems. And while he's explained what they are a few times in the Mac Geek Gab podcast, today marks the first time he does so for you in print. If you've ever wondered what Sonos is, wonder no more!

Announcing TMO Weekly Sponsorships

1:25 PM, Dec. 12th, 2012 · Dave Hamilton · Dave Hamilton’s Blog


Today we're announcing something new here on TMO: week-long site Sponsorships. These will be exclusive placements each week and are geared towards those companies and developers who desire a closer integration with the site while still maintaining clear distinction as a sponsor. 

Digging Into Apple’s Fusion Drive Details

4:11 PM, Oct. 23rd, 2012 · · Dave Hamilton’s Blog


Dave Hamilton had the chance to go in-depth with Apple on Fusion Drive and came up with some interesting information and conclusions. He likes it, and you can read here to find out why.

iOS 6: A Two Map App System, Same as it Ever Was

11:13 AM, Sep. 25th, 2012 · · Dave Hamilton’s Blog


Dave Hamilton takes a moment and works through the Apple vs. Google maps iOS 6 developments, offering some perspective on where we've come from with it and where we're going. As with iOS 5 and earlier, iOS 6 still requires users to have one built-in and one third-party maps app. But will that change in the future? Dave offers his thoughts.

Will Microsoft Neuter Skype’s Technological Advantage?

10:25 AM, May. 10th, 2011 · · Dave Hamilton’s Blog

This morning Microsoft and Skype made it official: the two companies approved the sale of Skype to Microsoft for $8.5 billion. And while they maintain that Skype will operate as a separate business unit, Dave Hamilton questions just how much Skype might be forced to change now that it’s under the umbrella of a company who makes a lot of its money catering to the enterprise.

Reading Into Apple’s Q&A on Location Data

12:16 PM, Apr. 27th, 2011 · · Dave Hamilton’s Blog

This morning Apple provided some answers to the questions surrounding the security of Location Services on the iPhone. Dave Hamilton takes a minute to read between the lines of Apple’s response, offering some color and perspective on what it looks like Apple’s intentions were — and weren’t — with regards to tracking your location using the iPhone.

Geek’s Survival Guide to SXSW Music 2011

5:33 PM, Mar. 15th, 2011 · · Dave Hamilton’s Blog


This marks the fourth year our own Dave Hamilton has attended both the South by Southwest Interactive and Music festivals. Dave, in true geek fashion, takes his experiences from previous years and has culled together some essential advice for any fellow geeks attending the music portion of the annual event. If you’re going, you won’t want to miss this!