Get a 4G Mobile Hotspot with 1GB Per Month Data For a Year for $99

10:56 AM, Jan. 8th, 2014 · · TMO Deals

Need 4G Internet access on-the-go without breaking the bank? Our deals site is featuring the Photon-branded, Freedom Pop-based 4G HotSpot (think "MiFi") now with a data deal that includes 1GB per month for an entire year baked right into the price. Check your coverage area first, of course, then grab one of these and enjoy connecting up to eight devices simultaneously while on-the-go. These are super-handy when stuck in airports and also to avoid those costly hotel Internet fees. Even if you only travel a few times per year this unit can easily pay for itself (but, again, check coverage of places you visit first, though most common travel destinations we checked are well-covered). If you need more than 1GB of data in any given month, each additional GB is just $9.99, and there is no contract whatsoever. Just pay for what you use.

Support Privatized Droning and Get Your Own (Micro) Drone for Just $70

9:28 AM, Dec. 31st, 2013 · · TMO Deals

Sure, both Amazon and the US Government have their drones, but you can have your own, as well. Santa brought one of these to our house last week for Christmas, and as a remote-controlled helicopter enthusiast (i.e. the dude that always buys one of these things every year and then forgets about it), I can tell you that this one is the best I've ever used. So controllable, and pretty easy to fly, too. The video pretty much tells the story, and once you're finished watching and are ready to buy, head on over to our Deal store and enjoy!

Cobra iRadar Driving Bundle Just $99 (a $30 discount)

12:04 PM, Dec. 13th, 2013 · · TMO Deals

Cobra's driving bundle includes the Cobra iRadar, the iOS-linked radar (and more) detection device, the Cobra Tag to help you find your keys and the Cobra Universal Mini Mount to hold your iPhone in the car. The Cobra iRadar is something I checked out and mentioned back on Mac Geek Gab 374, and we still use it in the family car to this day. More than just protection from speed traps, the iRadar goes social. Using your iPhone as its wireless bridge, this alerts you to all sorts of things on the road and reports back (anonymously) to create a hive-mind base of knowledge to better inform all drivers, you included. Normally $129.99 at the Apple Store, we have it in our deals section for just $99.99 for the next 10 days.

Amazon Offers Kindle Fire HDX 7” for $183.20 - One Day Only

5:10 PM, Dec. 9th, 2013 · · TMO Deals

Kindle Fire HDX 7

Amazon is running a one-day only 20 percent discount sale on the Kindle Fire HDX 7" tablet for US$183.20. That's the company's new 7-inch Android-based tablet introduced for the holidays. While we suspect most of our readers are more interested in iPad Air and iPad mini, if you're thinking about a Kindle, this is the day to buy it.  The Kindle ereader is also on sale for $55.20, while last year's Kindle Fire HD is $135.20, all for one day only. Here's an affiliate link so that TMO gets a little something-something in our small-business stocking, too.

3 Days Left for the Black Friday Mac Bundle

2:30 PM, Dec. 5th, 2013 · · TMO Deals

The Black Friday Mac Bundle

There are three days left to get the Black Friday Mac Bundle, a collection of 11 apps for US$49.99, including one of my all-time favorite utilities, iStat Menus 4. You'll also get Star Wars:  Knights of the Old Republic, DiskAid, PopClip, Numi 2, Gemini, CrazyTalk7 Standard, a one-year subscription to Mac Internet Security, Data Backup 3, Pagico, and MotionComposer. The retail value of all that software is $419, making it a great deal even if you just want a few of them. We're offering this bundle through our friends at Stack Social, meaning that TMO gets a piece. Everyone wins!

Go Old School with a Corded Handset for Your iPhone

1:09 PM, Dec. 4th, 2013 · · TMO Deals

This certainly falls into the "gift for that special someone who already has everything" category, and is cool because of it. But... it also comes in handy freeing your phone up while you're talking. And if that's not enough, you get a great wooden iPhone case to go along with it! Just $64.99 for 8 more days (that's 38% off $105 normal price).

iRest iPad Stand 33% off for 3 More Days

10:45 AM, Nov. 29th, 2013 · · TMO Deals

The iRest iPad stand from Rain Design (recommended by TMO's own Nancy Gravley) is available for just 39.99 through this weekend from our new TMO Deals section in partnership with Stack Social. The iRest is a handy thing, especially for your favorite owner of a full-size iPad. With it you can read in bed without holding your iPad up with your hands, and you can even use the iRest as a tabletop stand. Check it out, this price is the best we've found.

Different at TMO: New TMO Deals with a Think Different T-Shirt

2:21 PM, Nov. 25th, 2013 · · TMO Deals

Today we here at TMO are announcing something new: Deals! Of course, long-time TMO readers know that deals are nothing really new – they are a part of our DNA. We just haven't been doing a lot of them lately, and the reason for that is we've been putting together a partnership with the folks over at StackSocial. With their help we now have an entire deals site for you to peruse – complete with its own specific Apple/Mac section – and we'll regularly be bringing you new deals to look at. With that in mind, we figured this "Think Different" T-Shirt was exactly the right way to start. Check it out, and enjoy. And let us know what you think!

Refurbished 27” Thunderbolt Display: $829

3:25 PM, Nov. 5th, 2012 · · TMO Deals

Thunderbolt Display

Apple is offering the refurbished 27-inch Thunderbolt Display for $829, 17-percent off the cost of a new one. This is the 2560 x 1440 LED-backlit display that works for every current shipping Mac except the one that needs it the most, the Mac Pro. We digress, however, as the point is that it ships for free with a one year limited warranty. If you want a companion display for your Thunderbolt-equipped Mac, this is the one to get.