Microsoft’s Total Surface Revenue to Date: $853 Million

10:18 PM, Jul. 30th, 2013 · · Editorial

The Surface Trainwreck

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it's total haul to date on Surface, the company's iPad-killer, is a whopping $853 million. That's how much the company reported in its annual 10-K SEC filing, which includes all three quarters the Surface has been available.

Steve Jobs Looked at ‘Mac Phones’ in 1984 According to John Sculley

6:42 PM, Jul. 30th, 2013 · · Editorial

John Sculley

Steve Jobs was interested in the phone industry as early as 1984, according to his former boss, John Sculley. In an interview at the Young Turks conclave (reported by YourStory), Mr. Sculley said that even then Mr. Jobs was focused on the importance of saying no more often than you say yes.

Samsung Announced Its Own Developer Conference, But Why?

5:28 PM, Jul. 22nd, 2013 · · Editorial


Samsung announced its own developer conference for the end of October. The company said it will hold the event at the Westin St. Francis Union Square in San Francisco, though it's not yet clear what the conference will focus on. My question is, why?

Microsoft’s Desperate Plea for Tablet Acceptance

4:12 PM, Jul. 19th, 2013 · · Editorial

Surface RT vs. iPad

You have to hand it to Microsoft. The company isn't tucking its tablet tail between its legs or even bowing out of the tablet market gracefully. The day after Microsoft announced a US$900 million write down on unsold Surface inventory, the company released an iPad attack ad to hawk yet another price cut on the Surface RT.

Apple’s Big Omission: Women on the Board

10:29 AM, Jul. 17th, 2013 · · Editorial

Apple likes simplicity and uniformity, but it is not so good and board or executive level. The business case for Apple getting women on their board is a strong one. Charlotte Henry explains why.

Man Sues Apple for Not Protecting Him from Porn

8:36 PM, Jul. 12th, 2013 · · Editorial

Man Accidentally Discovering Porn

A lawsuit has been filed against Apple asking for damages because Apple didn't protect an idiot from porn. AboveTheLaw reported that a Nashville man named Chris Sevier is suing Apple for not installing filters on the company's Macs that would prevent him from accessing porn.

The Most Bizarre Steve Ballmerism Ever is a Doozy

2:25 PM, Jul. 2nd, 2013 · · Editorial

A Zany Ballmerism

Every once in awhile, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer outdoes himself with a doozy of a Ballmerism. That's when he makes a statement that departs so far from known facts that we just shake our head and wonder who buys the nonsense. John Martellaro takes a look.

Connect the Dots from Apple’s Rainbow Logo and iOS 7’s Color Scheme

4:46 PM, Jun. 28th, 2013 · · Editorial

iOS 7 Inspiration?

Much has been made of the color palette in Apple's new iOS 7. It's been called girly in a misogynist rant, ugly, beautiful, striking, and designed with Asia in mind. Some pieces have even covered most of the full gamut in one go. Reddit user Matt-Irwin, however, has done some thinking and sleuthing on the topic, and we like his thoughts.