iPad mini Retina Display Fuss: Shoppers Won’t Even Blink

1:30 PM, Nov. 19th, 2013 · · Editorial

iPad mini Retina Display Kerfuffle

A kerfuffle has been artificially created about how the iPad mini Retina doesn't have the full sRGB color gamut of the iPad Air. Think of it as a group nerdgasm, another chance to criticize Apple. The fact is, shoppers aren't even going to blink. The iPad mini Retina will fly off the shelves -- given what supply there is.

iPad Air Refutes the Claim That Apple Can’t Innovate

12:14 PM, Nov. 6th, 2013 · · Editorial

Innovation in Apple's iPad Air

For a long time in 2013, as we waited for the presumptively labeled iPad 5, many observers bitched about Apple's tardiness and presumed inability to innovate.  The iPad Air refutes all that silliness in spades. John Martellaro explains what innovation is really all about.

Tim Cook’s Breath of Fresh Air: Stop Sexual Discrimination

10:00 AM, Nov. 4th, 2013 · · Editorial

Apple CEO Tim Cook took an open and very public stance on gay, lesbian, and transgender rights over the weekend in a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece. Setting aside the fact that it's unusual for Apple as a company to take a stance on political issues, its leadership rarely talks openly and Mr. Cook's candid comments are a welcome change in a world where far too many people are quick to discriminate against people with different political, religious, or sexual views.

Steve Jobs’s Childhood Home Named ‘Historic Resource’

6:57 PM, Oct. 29th, 2013 · · Editorial

Steve Jobs Garage

The Los Altos Historical Commission voted unanimously on Monday to designate the childhood home of Steve Jobs an "historic resource." The house, whose garage famously saw the birth of Apple Computer, Inc. (now Apple, Inc.), will now be preserved.

Taiwan Fines Samsung for Paying People to Praise Samsung and Bash Competitors

7:05 PM, Oct. 24th, 2013 · · Editorial

Samsun Astroturfing

Taiwan has fined Samsung TWD10 million (that's New Taiwan dollars, or US$340,131) for mounting a fake campaign to praise Samsung's Android devices and criticize unspecified in article comments and forums. Taiwan's Federal Trade Commission began an investigation of Samsung in April and concluded the South Korean giant paid people to talk up its products and bash competitors, a violation of local regulations.

iPad Airs and Minis Look Set to Top UK Shopping Lists

8:38 PM, Oct. 22nd, 2013 · · Editorial

Apple in the UK

LONDON - The Apple keynote was a mixture of the free and the very expensive, and that wasn't lost on the UK fan base who were looking closely at the goings on in California.  Of all the products Apple announced, it was the iPads that generated the most excitement at the London Mac User Group.

Insights Into Apple’s Vision for the New Mac Pro

3:41 PM, Oct. 22nd, 2013 · · Editorial

Sizing up the new Mac Pro

Over the years, Apple slipped into the idea that there is not much separation between the iMac and the Mac Pro in terms of overall performance. Now, with the new Mac Pro, we're seeing a renewed commitment to the pro philosophy for professionals in video, photography, music and even science.  It truly is the super Mac in the style of Lamborghini super cars.  But it will also cost you.