How to Make That Last AT&T Next Payment to Upgrade to iPhone 6s Right Away

6:09 PM, Sep. 10th, 2015 · · How-To

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with AT&T Logo

With the proliferation of leasing programs for smartphones from U.S. carriers, many people are able to upgrade their iPhone every year. There can be a snag, however, because all of those plans require at least 12 payments. Here's how to check your AT&T Next plan for eligibility and make a payment if needed.

4 Ways to Upgrade to Apple’s New iPhone 6s

3:40 PM, Sep. 10th, 2015 · · How-To

4 Ways to Upgrade to Apple's New iPhone 6s

Now that Apple has launched its own iPhone Upgrade Program, Apple customers have several different options when it comes to upgrading to a new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. It can get confusing, so John Martellaro sorts out four scenarios.

How to Lock the Dock Size, Position, and Contents in OS X

2:40 PM, Aug. 28th, 2015 · · How-To

os x lock dock jail

We've recently written some tips on how you can have more freedom when working with your OS X Dock. But what if you need the opposite: to lock it down? Here are some easy Terminal commands to lock the Dock's size, position, and contents in OS X, and how to change it back when you realize you've gone too far.

How To Use Your iPhone’s Barometer to Crowdsource Weather

11:45 AM, Aug. 28th, 2015 · · How-To

The iPhone's barometer can help track the weather

If you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you've been carrying a barometer around with you this whole time. There's a couple of things you can do with it besides track flights of stairs, and Kelly has some examples of other ways you can put it to work.

How to Delete Flash From Windows Running on Your Mac

3:00 PM, Aug. 20th, 2015 · · How-To

How to delete Flash from Windows

Mac users are fairly familiar with their OS X and how to delete Adobe Flash. However, the occasional user of Windows as a virtual machine in OS X may not have that information handy. Here's a quick how-to that deletes Flash from Windows.

How To Reset A HomeKit Device

8:57 AM, Aug. 13th, 2015 · · How-To

How to reset HomeKit from our iPhone or iPad

If you're lucky you have some HomeKit compatible hardware in your home. If you're less lucky, you might need to troubleshoot it. Kelly helps you reset your devices and get back to living in The Future.

How to Schedule Do Not Disturb Times on iPhone

3:03 PM, Aug. 12th, 2015 · · How-To

Do Not Disturb can come in really handy when you need your iPhone to be quiet for a little while. It gets even more useful when you can also schedule periods of full ninja. Kelly explains how to set things up.