How to Save a PDF Document From Safari on Your iPad

5:44 PM, Aug. 16th, 2013 · · How-To

Save PDF file on an iPad

You're reading a really cool document on your iPad that you found on the Internet.  It's in PDF format, and Safari downloads then displays it nicely. But how do you save it for all time? John Martellaro shows you how to save it in your iBooks library. Or other compatible apps.

How to Obtain the URL of any Given Tweet

4:45 PM, Aug. 15th, 2013 · · How-To

Obtain a Tweet's URL

When using Twitter, most of the time, it's sufficient to log a Favorite or RT a given tweet. But what if you want to publish a link to that tweet?  Every tweet has its own unique URL, and that's what you'll need. John Martellaro shows you how to find it.

How to Start Preparing for OS X Mavericks

10:30 AM, Aug. 10th, 2013 · · How-To

A surfer surfing.

OS X 10.9 Mavericks is about to be released. Is your Mac, your software and your peripheral gear ready for this sublime event? Sandro Cuccia shows you the steps you can take now to prepare for the upgrade.

Using Siri to Send and Reply To Emails on iPhone and iPad

4:11 PM, Aug. 9th, 2013 · · How-To

Siri Helps with Mail

Did you know you can use iOS's Siri to send and reply to emails? You can, and in this column Nancy Carroll Gravley will show you just how easy it is. Siri can fill in the recipient, the subject line, and take dictation for what you want to say.  If you have more than one email address, she'll even ask you which one you want to use.

How to Reclaim iCloud Storage Space

10:30 AM, Jul. 27th, 2013 · · How-To

Apple's iCloud data center.

You can avoid the needless spending of money on iCloud storage costs while making sure your critical iOS data is being properly backed up and maintained. Sandro Cuccia shows you some strategies you can adopt for optimizing your iCloud storage.

Set Up Apple’s FaceTime and Make it Always Work

4:23 PM, Jul. 24th, 2013 · · How-To

Ins and outs of FaceTime

A FaceTime conversation with Apple devices is terrific experience, once you get it set up.  However, configuring properly across multiple devices, Macs, iPads and iPhones, with different addresses, can be tricky.  John Martellaro explores some of the basic FaceTime addressing dos and don'ts so that the desired device answers the call.

iPhone: How to Use “Raise to Speak”

9:40 AM, Jul. 19th, 2013 · · How-To

Siri's an excellent personal assistant, and she's just a long home button press away. She can place a call for you, send a message, add items to your calendar, and more. And while I typically perform these actions for myself, there are times when it's more convenient for her to take care of a quick task for me while I give my attention to something else -- and you can make Siri do your bidding without pressing any buttons. Michael Johnston shows you how.

OS X: Working with Windows in the Background

8:50 AM, Jul. 18th, 2013 · · How-To

OS X is great at running lots apps at once, many of which can interact with one another. Of course we have Exposé to handle switching between windows, but what happens if you don't want to switch to another window, but rather maintain the focus of your current window while doing something in another. Michael Johnston has some tips on working with background windows, and he's happy to share.