Tim Cook on Poor iPad Sales: ‘It is what it is’

4 hours, 30 minutes ago · · iObserver

During Apple's 2015 Q2 Financial Report, Tim Cook glossed over the poor state of iPad Sales with some interesting remarks. He doesn't appear to be very concerned about negative sales growth and remarked, "It is what it is."

Tim Cook: Apple Watch Coming to Other Countries in Late June

6 hours, 12 minutes ago · · iObserver

Apple Watch will likely be available in more countries by the end of June, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. He confirmed the obvious when he told investors and analysts Monday afternoon that demand is currently far exceeding demand, but added that production is ramping up.

Here’s the Airlines Supporting Apple Watch

11:31 AM, Apr. 27th, 2015 · · iObserver

The number of airlines with an Apple Watch app is growing, which means TMO's list tracking them is getting longer. Read on to see if your favorite airline us up to speed with Apple Watch support.

Discover Coming to Apple Pay this Fall

10:29 AM, Apr. 27th, 2015 · · iObserver

Discover card users are about to join Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit card users in the Apple Pay game. The company will be adding support for Apple's wireless payment system for the iPhone and Apple Watch this fall.

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Discover's announcement will no doubt make its card holders happy. OF course, they probably would've been happier if Discover had been on board when the iPhone 6 with Apple Pay support first launched.

Apple Not Allowing Fart Apps on Apple Watch

5:29 PM, Apr. 25th, 2015 · · iObserver

Plenty of Apps, but No Fart Apps

Bad news for fans of flatulence: Apple is not allowing fart apps on the Apple Watch. Good news for anyone with a sense of humor advanced past the age of 12: Apple isn't allowing fart apps on the Apple Watch.

Three Scenarios for Home Automation

10:30 AM, Apr. 25th, 2015 · · iObserver

Ever wondered what Home Automation is really all about? Juan Collao walks us through three scenarios where home automation made a real difference in his life. 

Sony and Samsung Both Offered to Pay James Bond to Use Their Phones

9:44 PM, Apr. 24th, 2015 · · iObserver

Sony and Samsung both offered to pay James Bond actor Daniel Craig to use their smartphones in the next installment of the series, Spectre. According to stolen Sony emails posted to Wikileaks, both companies offered Daniel Craig US$5 million to use their devices in the film. The negotiations fell apart over marketing fees and because the actor and Specter director Sam Mendes both felt, "James Bond only uses the 'best.'"

Four Things To Get You Started With Apple Watch

6:30 PM, Apr. 24th, 2015 · · iObserver

Waiting for your new Apple Watch to arrive? Waiting for it to charge? Waiting for version 2? Whatever your situation, Kelly has collected all manner of information to help you get up and running when it actually does show up.