iOS Bug can Crash Your iPhone with a Text Message

3 hours, 39 minutes ago · · iObserver

Apple is working to fix an iOS bug that lets someone crash your iPhone via SMS

Thanks to a bug in the iOS Messages app it's possible to crash your iPhone with a text message. The bug requires a specific string of Unicode characters, and there are some workarounds while we wait for Apple to release a fix.

Texas BBQ and High Technology…

4 hours, 53 minutes ago · · iObserver

Texas BBQ Technology Remote Thermometer

Dr. Mac thought he'd try something completely different this week --  a column about Texas BBQ... What does Texas BBQ have to do with technology? You'll have to read Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves Episode #124 to find out. 

HiRise Apple Watch Stand is Beautiful, Well Engineered

3:40 PM, May. 26th, 2015 · · iObserver

The HiRise Apple Watch stand from Twelve South elevates the Apple Watch beautifully, integrates the inductive charger, and showcases the smartwatch for charging overnight. It works with any model Apple Watch and bands and is a step above the ordinary in design.

Apple Watch Course: Go from Newbie to Pro and Build 14 Apps for $25

2:02 PM, May. 26th, 2015 · · iObserver

Apple Watch Course: Go from Newbie to Pro and Build 14 Apps for $25

We have a deal on an Apple Watch developer course designed to take you from "newbie to pro." Over the course of 134 lectures and 12.5 hours of content, you'll build 14 different Apple Watch apps using Swift and WatchKit. It's a self-paced course that allows for new coders, while experienced developers can skip ahead as needed. This course retails for $199, but through our deal you can get it for $25.

Hold on to Your Pants, Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana is Coming to iPhone

10:25 AM, May. 26th, 2015 · · iObserver

Microsoft's Cortana coming to iPhone

Microsoft is making a big push for cross-device support in Windows 10, and part of that includes bringing its Siri-like Cortana voice control system to the iPhone. Just like Siri, Cortana lets you speak to perform tasks and retrieve information, and in some ways is considered more advanced than Apple's own system.

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I've spoken with several Windows and iPhone users who say Cortana is superior to Siri. Bringing that experience to the iPhone will force Apple to step up its voice recognition game, but it's also a shot across the company's bow. Make no mistake: Microsoft wants to eat Apple's pie.

Apple’s App Store Needs Cold Storage

10:10 AM, May. 22nd, 2015 · · iObserver

Apple's App Store Needs Cold Storage

There are over a million apps in the iTunes App Store. This is both great and terrible news. One thing that would help is if Apple added a "cold storage" section for apps that are no longer being updated. Kelly explains the issue and how she'd solve it. 

Apple Watch: Three Tips on Contacting Your Pals

8:30 AM, May. 22nd, 2015 · · iObserver

Want to use your Apple Watch to get in touch with folks, quickly and easily? Then boy, do we have a Quick Tip for you today! In this article, Melissa Holt will cover adding new colors to your Digital Touch palette, using Force Touch to assist with Messages, and sending dictated texts as fast as possible.

Google Reportedly Plans to Fingerprint ID to Android M

4:47 PM, May. 21st, 2015 · · iObserver

Google Reportedly Plans to Fingerprint ID to Android M

Google will be adding native fingerprint authentication to the next version of Android, Android M, according to Buzzfeed. Without citing sources, the publication said the feature would allow users to login to their many Google services with a fingerprint. The company will reportedly announce the feature during next week's Google I/O developer conference.