Apple Stock Drops 3% Ahead of Earnings Report Pushed by China Worries. Again.

6:46 PM, Oct. 26th, 2015 · · iObserver

$AAPL Chart for October 26th, 2015

Shares of Apple Inc. dropped more than 3 percent on Monday, one day ahead of the company's fiscal 4th quarter earnings report. One of the primary sources of concern for Wall Street was China, a recurring theme for Apple, though the company has turned in excellent results in China every time the alarm bell has sounded.

Verizon Asks FCC for Wi-Fi Calling Waiver

11:14 AM, Oct. 26th, 2015 · · iObserver

Verizon asks FCC for Wi-Fi calling waiver

Now that AT&T has it's FCC waiver for Wi-Fi calling support, Verizon has followed suit and filed its petition. Once in place, Verizon will be able to use Wi-Fi networks for phone calls when cell signals are too weak.

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Verizon hasn't seemed all that interested in offering Wi-Fi calling support, but it is nice to see they're finally applying for an FCC waiver so they can. It's interesting that Verizon is taking this route even though the company doesn't think the waiver is necessary.

Game On! Apple TV gets Game Controllers

9:41 AM, Oct. 26th, 2015 · · iObserver

Apple offers game controllers as accessories for new Apple TV

If you plan on getting into multiplayer games with the new Apple TV you just ordered, or aren't into using the included remote as a game controller, Apple has an accessory for you: the SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller. It's available as an add-on option when you buy your Apple TV, and it's a lot cheaper than buying a second Apple Siri Remote.

Apple TV Available for Pre-order

9:02 AM, Oct. 26th, 2015 · · iObserver

Apple TV pre-orders start Monday

True to Apple CEO Tim Cook's promise, Apple TV pre-orders started on Monday morning. The new model is available in 32 GB and 64 GB sizes with a redesigned remote control and support for third-party apps. Mr. Cook also said it will ship at the end of the week.

Switzerland’s Low End Watch Sales Fall in 3rd Quarter, Apple Watch Might Have Played a Role

7:39 PM, Oct. 23rd, 2015 · · iObserver

A watchmaker at work

Swiss watch exports declined 8.5 percent in the third quarter, including a 9.9 percent drop in September and a 10 percent drop in July, according to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (via Reuters). While sales were down across the board, low-end timepieces in the Apple Watch price range took the biggest hit, and that could indicate Apple is having an impact on the industry.

Facebook Says iPhone Battery Drain Issue Fixed, Sort of

11:51 AM, Oct. 23rd, 2015 · · iObserver

Facebook says it fixed part of its iPhone battery drain problem

After the Internet went into a tizzy over Facebook's iOS app eating our iPhone batteries and leaving a trail of digital tears in its wake, the company said the fixes it told The Mac Observer were coming are starting to show up. The social network released an update yesterday that addressed an issue where the app's CPU usage took a hit on battery life, and more fixes are on the way.

iOS 9: Search Your Photos with Siri

9:14 AM, Oct. 23rd, 2015 · · iObserver

Use Siri to sort photos on your iPhone

Siri is the subject of today's Quick Tip, and boy, has Apple's voice assistant gotten smarter under iOS 9! We'll cover how you can use Siri to search through your photos quickly, so you don't have to go through and scroll past 8,531 images by hand to find the date or place you want to check out.

Apple to Developers: Submit Your Apple TV Apps

9:24 AM, Oct. 22nd, 2015 · · iObserver

Apple calls for Apple TV app submissions

Apple sent the call out to developers Wednesday evening to submit their Apple TV-native apps for approval. The notice comes just a few days ahead of Apple TV pre-orders, and a week ahead of the streaming TV device's October 30 launch.