Revogi Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb: $29.99

5:26 PM, Feb. 29th, 2016 · · iOS

Revogi Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb with Apple Watch

We have a deal today on the Revogi Smart Bluetooth LED bulb, a multi-hued LED bulb you can control from your iPhone, Apple Watch, and some Android devices. You can control timers, brightness, 16 million colors, preset scenes, on up to 10 bulbs from the app. You can get it through us for $29.99, a third off retail.

FBI Director Comey Admits Apple Case Could Set Precedent

6:02 PM, Feb. 26th, 2016 · · iOS

FBI Director James Comey

FBI Director James Comey acknowledged during a House hearing on Thursday that a court order forcing Apple to create software that bypasses security measures in iOS could establish a precedent. This, despite claims from the get-go that the court order was about one device and once device only.

Three Old Constitutional Arguments Apply Equally Well to Apple’s iPhone and the FBI

5:31 PM, Feb. 25th, 2016 · · iOS

If you love the constitution, the right to privacy, and America, you should support Apple against the government's push to destroy your civil liberties. Three tried and true Constitutional arguments against eroding our civil liberties apply to this case just as they have to many other civil liberty struggles of the past. John Kheit explains.

FBI Wants into our iPhones, so Apple is Making Them More Secure

9:41 AM, Feb. 25th, 2016 · · iOS

Apple working to make iOS, iCloud even more secure

Apple is already working on new ways to improve iPhone and iCloud encryption that would make government demands for tools to hack into our personal data worthless. Currently, the FBI is trying to force Apple to create a passcode hackable version of iOS, and that very likely was the incentive to accelerate security improvement efforts.

Reuters Poll Finds More People Support Apple in Fight Against FBI

10:02 PM, Feb. 24th, 2016 · · iOS

Reuters/Ipsos Graph

Reuters released Wednesday the results of a poll that found more people—just less than half—supported Apple in its decision to fight a government order to create a backdoor in iOS. Those results contrast sharply to a Pew poll released earlier in the week that found a majority of people wanted Apple to do the government's bidding. The differences in those results come down in part to the way the questions were phrased.

iKlips iOS 32GB Flash Drive: $65

4:25 PM, Feb. 24th, 2016 · · iOS

iKlips iOS 32GB Flash Drive

Check out the iKlips iOS Flash Drive, a flash drive with a Lightning port on one end and a USB port on the other. With a controlling app for iOS, you can use to transfer files between iOS devices or between your Mac/PC and your iOS device. We have a deal on a 32GB model for $65.

Pew Research Survey Finds Majority Side with FBI Against Apple (Using Wrong Question)

7:10 PM, Feb. 22nd, 2016 · · iOS

Pew Chart

The FBI is currently winning the battle of public opinion in its battle to force Apple to create a backdoor into iOS. The Pew Research Center published the results of a survey that found 51 percent of adults, 18 years of age or older, living in the continental United States, agreed with the FBI that Apple should unlock the iPhone used by a terrorist involved in an attack in San Bernardino, CA, in December of 2015. It's too bad that's not what Apple has been ordered to do. Bryan Chaffin explains.