iOS 8: New Mailbox Options

8:50 AM, Jan. 22nd, 2015 · · iOS

This Quick Tip is about the two new mailbox options we've got under iOS 8: "Thread Notifications" and "Today." If you want a quick place to look at all of the emails that fall under those categories, this article's for you!

Samsung May Be Trying to Buy BlackBerry

9:55 PM, Jan. 14th, 2015 · · iOS

The Future

Samsung is reportedly sniffing around BlackBerry, and may have even made an offer to buy the Ontario, Canadian company for US$7.5 billion. According to Reuters, Samsung offered some $13.35 to $15.49 per share to buy BlackBerry, but was rebuffed.

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Yeah, buying BlackBerry will finally let Samsung take it to Apple. ::snort:: That'll really change everything. ::choke:: Can't stand it anymore...LOL

Mammoth Interactive iOS and Swift Bootcamp: $99

6:00 PM, Jan. 14th, 2015 · · iOS

Mammoth Interactive iOS and Swift Bootcamp: $99

want to learn how to make apps for iOS? We have a deal for Interactive iOS & Swift Bootcamp that will lead you down that path for just $99. With these video tutorials you will build more than 70 apps using Swift and Xcode 6. These include social networking, alarm clock, calculator, media player, educational, and productivity apps. This course has more than 80 hours of video training covering 24 different courses. This package normally retails for $2,956, making our deal at $99 an outstanding value. Good luck!

Belkin to Add HomeKit to WeMo ‘in Very Near Future’

4:40 PM, Jan. 13th, 2015 · · iOS

One of the most popular home automation ecosystems is WeMo, an easy way to control things in your home using your mobile device. Belkin, makers of WeMo, have finally issued a statement about HomeKit compatibility: Much like winter, HomeKit compatibility is coming.

Lesbian Emojis for iPhone Shows Apple can do More for Diversity Acceptance

10:31 AM, Jan. 13th, 2015 · · iOS

Representation of gay and lesbian users in Apple's emoji set on the iPhone and iPad is limited to just two same sex couples holding hands, but that's changing thanks to the Lesbian Emojis app from Kimberly Linn. The app's collection of lesbian-themed emoji adds more choices to the little icons we include in our text messages, but also underscores the surprising lack of diversity in Apple's emoji set.