Walgreens First with Apple Pay Loyalty Card Support

10:49 AM, Nov. 5th, 2015 · · iPhone

Walgreens adds Balance Rewards loyalty card support for Apple Pay

Apple added loyalty card support to Apple Pay in iOS 9, and now Walgreens is the first retailer to get on board. That means Walgreens customers can use their loyalty card in stores from their iPhone just like they do for credit card payments.

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An opportunity to ditch another card from my wallet? Yes, please.

iPhone 6s Plus: Best Camera and Battery Ever

4:50 PM, Nov. 4th, 2015 · · iPhone

Retina Flash improves selfies!

In September Dr. Mac reviewed the (then) new iPhone 6s (in rose gold). He loved 3D Touch and Live Photos but concluded that he wanted an iPhone with a larger screen, better camera, better battery, and one that wasn't so pink. He swapped for a space gray iPhone 6s Plus and says it offers two exclusive features that make all the difference in the world.

No, Apple Isn’t Releasing a New 4-inch iPhone

3:03 PM, Nov. 4th, 2015 · · iPhone

Apple isn't reviving the 4-inch iPhone

Apple is planning to release a new 4-inch iPhone in the first half of 2016, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He says demand for the smaller screen iPhone is high enough to warrant what amounts to an upgraded iPhone 5s, although that doesn't seem like a typical move for the company that looks to where the puck is going.

NomadPlus Smartphone Wall Charger and Battery Pack: $24.99

5:26 PM, Nov. 3rd, 2015 · · iPhone

NomadPlus Smartphone Wall Charger and Battery Pack

Check out the NomadPlus Smartphone Wall Charger and Battery Pack. This clever device houses your Apple USB wall plug, passing through a charge to your iPhone or other device (with the right charging cable on your end). What makes it nifty is that it's also an 1,800mAh battery pack. So it passes through a charge when plugged in and becomes a portable batter when you unplug it. Simple, clever, useful, and through our deal it's just $24.99. Buy one for yourself and then one for a fellow nerd you love.

Facebook Tells Employees to Ditch iPhones for Android

11:46 AM, Nov. 2nd, 2015 · · iPhone

Facebook tells some employees,

Have an iPhone and work for Facebook? If you're part of chief product officer Chris Cox's team, you may be switching to Android. He's forcing a substantial portion of his team to switch to Android so they can essentially eat their own dog food—and because it's the only way he can get them to not use an iPhone.

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The big takeaway is that you have to force people to give up their iPhones for Android.

Apple Experiments with iPhone, Apple Watch Bundle Pricing

9:05 AM, Nov. 2nd, 2015 · · iPhone

Apple experiments with iPhone and Apple Watch discount bundle

If you're planning on buying a new iPhone and an Apple Watch soon, some Apple retail stores will give you a US$50 discount for picking them up at the same time. The deal is available when you buy an Apple Watch Sport or stainless steel Apple Watch with an iPhone, and the offer ends on November 15th, 2015.

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If Apple Watch sales were tanking, a $50 discount at a handfull of stores when also buying an iPhone isn't going to make a difference. This is Apple experimenting to see how customers react to Apple Watch presented as an iPhone accessory, which is exactly what it is.

ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20,000mAh Battery: $49.99

2:44 PM, Oct. 29th, 2015 · · iPhone

ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20,000mAh Battery

Here's a deal on a gadget called ZeroLemon SolarJuice—it's a 20,000mAh portable charger for your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, and you can charge it using the on-board 1.2W solar panels. I think that's cool. 20,000mAh is a ton of power, enough to charge your iPhone 6 or 6s more than seven times. If that's not enough, it has a built-in LED flashlight. This thing retails for $100, which is a good price, but through our deal you can get it for $49.99. 

iTunes: Delete Old Device Backups to Save Space

8:57 AM, Oct. 28th, 2015 · · iPhone

How to remove old iOS device backups from your Mac

If you're running out of space on your Mac, you should definitely check to see if you've got old or unneeded iPhone/iPad backups within iTunes. They're easy to delete! Within today's Quick Tip, Melissa Holt will show us how to clean those out, and she'll also go over a few more handy ways to use those device backups, too.

What Tim Cook Really Said about Android Switchers

9:37 PM, Oct. 27th, 2015 · · iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook

The Mac Web and mainstream news outlets alike are reporting that 30 percent of Apple's iPhone customers in the September quarter switched from Android. If true, that would mean some 14.4 million Android users switched to iOS, but that's not what Apple CEO Tim Cook actually said.

Apple Stock Drops 3% Ahead of Earnings Report Pushed by China Worries. Again.

6:46 PM, Oct. 26th, 2015 · · iPhone

$AAPL Chart for October 26th, 2015

Shares of Apple Inc. dropped more than 3 percent on Monday, one day ahead of the company's fiscal 4th quarter earnings report. One of the primary sources of concern for Wall Street was China, a recurring theme for Apple, though the company has turned in excellent results in China every time the alarm bell has sounded.