Google Play Music Launches ‘Free Music For Everything You Do’

4:46 PM, Jun. 23rd, 2015 · · iTunes

Google Play Music Launches 'Free Music For Everything You Do'

Google on Tuesday launched a free, ad-supported version of Play Music, the company's streaming music service. Using the tagline "Free Music For Everything You Do," the service adds a free service to complement the US$9.99 subscription service it has offered for the last two years—and in case it escaped your notice, the service was launched just one week before Apple launches Apple Music.

Eddy Cue Says Taylor Swift’s Letter Solidified Shift in Apple Music Policy

6:25 PM, Jun. 22nd, 2015 · · iTunes

Eddy Cue Says Taylor Swift's Letter Solidified Shift in Apple Music Policy

Apple Senior Vice President of Internet Services and Software Eddy Cue told Billboard magazine that Taylor Swift's open letter "solidified" the need to change Apple Music's artist compensation plan. He said that Apple had been discussing the issue for the last week, but that her letter helped push them to make the decision.

Indie Labels and Musicians Balk at Apple Music Terms, Apple Denies iTunes Threat

6:58 PM, Jun. 19th, 2015 · · iTunes

Indie Labels and Musicians Balk Against Apple Music Terms, Apple Denies iTunes Threat

Anton Newcombe of the band Brian Jonestown Massacre (BJM) recently took to Twitter complaining that Apple had threatened to pull his music from iTunes if he didn't sign up to be a part of Apple Music streaming. Mr. Newcombe's comments have circulated widely, but Apple issued a statement to Rolling Stone on Friday saying, "[Indie music] will not be taken off."

Apple’s Lack of Nostalgia Is Its Super Power

7:46 PM, Jun. 11th, 2015 · · iTunes

Apple Music

There is no company less inclined towards nostalgia than Apple. We got another example of that this week when the company pulled "iPod" from its main menu bar. In its place is "Music," a link to the company's newly announced Apple Music service. This may be Apple's most important super power.

Apple Music Lands Taylor Switft, But Beatles Are a No-Show

9:14 PM, Jun. 9th, 2015 · · iTunes

Apple Music Lands Taylor Switft, But Beatles Are a No-Show

Apple has managed to get Taylor Swift on board for Apple Music, but the company has yet to ink a deal with The Beatles, according to Bloomberg. Ms. Swift is a score for Apple, as she loudly pulled her catalog from Spotify, but the absence of The Beatles shows that not even Apple has been able to get everyone under one streaming roof. Yet.

Apple Introduces News App with ‘Apple News Format’ for Publishers

4:28 PM, Jun. 8th, 2015 · · iTunes

Apple Introduces News App with 'Apple News Format' for Publishers

SAN FRANCISCO - Apple has cast out Newsstand in favor a new app called simply "News" for iOS 9, which is scheduled for a fall release. News offers a Flipboard-like interface for browsing news, but Apple also announced the "Apple News Format" for publishers to deliver their content to the app with "rich typography," images, and "beautiful layouts."

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This could be a dynamite combination for everyone concerned.

Spotify to Add Video and Podcasts

11:57 AM, May. 20th, 2015 · · iTunes


Spotify announced on Wednesday that it will soon incorporate videos and podcasts into its streaming service. The service will be offering content from Comedy Central, Vice News, The Nerdist, and more as it seeks to become an all-purpose jukebox.

iTunes Needs To Break Up… With Itself

4:54 PM, May. 15th, 2015 · · iTunes

With each evolution of Apple, it seems a new section gets bolted on to iTunes, making it even more complex and complicated. This seems out of character for a company that built a reputation on clean straightforward design. Kelly proposes shelving the current version of iTunes, the Weasley's House of Apple software.