One Year of Unlimited BackBlaze Backup: $24.99 (ends today)

8:00 AM, Jun. 5th, 2014 · · Link

Our deal partners at StackSocial and friends at BackBlaze have teamed up to offer this killer deal. $25 for a full year of unlimited online backup is pretty darned hard to beat (tomorrow this deal expires and that price doubles back up to $50). I've used BackBlaze over the years and they truly are a Mac-first type of shop. Their Mac interface is a first-class, native Mac application and it works every time. Configuration is as easy or complex as you want it to be, and you'll be backing online up in no time. All of this, of course, is seated on top of BackBlaze's own, secure data center, and your data is encrypted in transit, too. If you don't already have BackBlaze, go grab this deal. $25 for one year isn't a price you'll get tomorrow for anything this good.

Get Free Bitcoins with 29 Website Faucets that Really Pay [Update]

9:01 PM, May. 30th, 2014 · · Link

Bitcoin Faucets

I've gathered 29 different Bitcoin "faucets"—websites that pay out free Bitcoins just for loading up a page full of ads—and tested them to make sure they actually pay out. I started off with eight sites, but this update adds several more and removes some faucets that have gone dark for a total of 29 different faucets that really pay.

The Name Your Own Price Designer Bundle 3.0

7:18 PM, May. 30th, 2014 · · Link

Name Your Own Price Designer Bundle 3.0

Today's deal is a nifty bundle of designer assets that will cost whatever you want to pay. That's right, you can name your own price, and that's what 2,017 people have done. Even better, 10 percent of your purchase price will be donated to one of three charities—Child's Play Charity, World Wildlife Fund, and Creative Commons—and you get to pick. Here's how it works: there are six sets of professionally designed assets, including user interface sets, Photoshop actions, infographic sets, patterns, fonts, responsive WordPress themes, logos, and more than 1,600 icons. Pay whatever you want for two of them, R-Graphics and Victoricon Assets, and if you pay more than the average price (currently $8.28), you get four more collections for free. The retail price for all this is $1,582, and this deal ends in four days.

Three Years of Hacker Monthly for $29 - Ends Today

6:02 PM, May. 29th, 2014 · · Link

Hacker Monthly

We have a deal for you today on Hacker Monthly, but you'll need to act fast because it expires today (Thursday). Hacker Monthly is a magazine version of the Hacker News site, and it features content aimed at developers, startup entrepreneurs, and the technerati. With today's deal, you can get a three year subscription to the magazine for the price of one year, which is US$29. It's delivered in electronic form and is designed to be read on any tablet, including the iPad. Check it out.

The Essential iPhoneography Lens Kit for $69 Ending Soon

11:19 PM, May. 28th, 2014 · · Link

The Essential iPhoneography Lens Kit

The Essential iPhoneography Lens Kit has been one of our most popular TMO Deals, and we wanted to let you know that it ends on Thursday. This is a kit with an 8x Telephoto Lens, Fisheye Lens, Wide and Macro Lens, 2x Telephoto Lens, 60x Magnifying Microscope, Lens Wallet, Tripod for 8x Telephoto Lens, Hard-back case for 8x Telephoto Lens and 60x Magnifying Microscope, and a Cleaning Cloth, all for $69. It's designed for iPhone 5 and 5s, and the Deal listing has a video showing you the lenses and several example photos. Check it out.

Learn to Be a Web Developer With This Training Bundle, Only $49

6:15 PM, May. 27th, 2014 · · Link

Looking to learn or hone your skills to be a web developer? This bundle includes courses on becoming Amazon Web Services certified, using version control with GitHub, learning programming with Python, HTML5 fundamentals, PHP & MySQL classes, and more. There's even a MongoDB course in here! All this and more for just $49.

Register to Win Doxie Go, Soundstep, and OUYA through TMO Deals

5:54 PM, May. 23rd, 2014 · · Link

GoGo Gadget Giveaway

This has been the week of giveaways at TMO Deals, and today's is called the GoGo Gadget Giveaway. With this giveaway you're registering to win a Doxie Go portable scanner, the Soundstep portable Bluetooth speaker dock for Lightning iOS devices, and the OUYA gaming console. That's $448 worth of stuff, and it will be free to one lucky winner, who will be chosen on May 30th, 2014. Registering to win requires you to subscribe to our deal emails, which is something you should so anyway; and, you can unsubscribe at any time. There are details on the giveaway page, so check it out.

One Day Left to Name Your Own Price for 9 Apps and iOS Dev Course

10:16 AM, May. 22nd, 2014 · · Link

Today in our deals section you will find our latest Name Your Own Price Bundle. Inside the bundle are 8 great Mac apps (plus one defunct app that seems to have curiously risen from the ashes in a corporate switcheroo move... you can decide about that one!) and an iOS development course. Highlights include CrossOver 13 for Mac, RapidWeaver 5 and Snapheal Pro (one of my all-time favorites!). You literally can name your own price. ANY price you name (yes, any!) gets you two pre-selected apps and the iOS development course! But if you offer more than the average price you get all nine plus the dev course. At the time of this post that average price is just US$9.28, so act quickly and get yourself a heckuva deal. Or you can choose to pay more and put yourself on the leaderboard to get entered into a contest for an 11" MacBook Air. Several ways to win, and they're all cheaper the sooner you act! 

Register for Xbox One Titanfall Giveaway through TMO Deals

4:20 PM, May. 21st, 2014 · · Link

XBox One Titanfall Giveaway

We have another giveaway through The Mac Observer Deals for you, an Xbox One Titanfall affair. Register to win (which means subscribing to receive notices about our deals), and you might win a free Xbox One gaming console and a copy o Titanfall, a mega smash-hit game that people rave about. You can unsubscribe any time, but why would you? The deals that we offer through our friends at  StackSocial are terrific. Plus, when you buy something through our deals, you're helping to support content at The Mac Observer. Someone has to win, and I hope it's you. smile